Why We Do This

We’re a husband-and-wife team, specializing in documentary-style wedding photography. What turns us on? Seamlessly, artfully, and unobtrusively capturing the big and small moments, and relationships you share with your new spouse and your families.

We’re big on authenticity.
We’re big on love.
We’re also big on exceeding your every expectation.

The wedding is but a day (maybe a weekend). Yet a marriage can last a lifetime. All the decisions made preparing for our wedding have paled compared with what we’ve experienced in our nearly 14 years of marriage. We’re pretty sure we’re not unique in that regard–what you share together as a husband and wife in the coming decades define not only who you are as individuals, but who you are as a couple.

We are, in short, love junkies. We love witnessing that first look you’ll quietly share on your wedding day. We love watching everyone clap as your Aunt With The Crazy Dance gets down to the groove of your band. We love the way he meets your eyes when he gently slides that ring on your finger. And we love capturing it all.

Taking a portrait with your entire family is important. But what we really love doing–our specific responsibility to you–is to capture your loved ones in all their beauty, as they really are. It’s how you’ll remember them and how your heart will fill with warmth when you think of them.

Feel similarly? Like what you hear and what you see? Let’s talk!