One thing we’ve noticed after wrapping up the last of the three Watch Me Grow sessions is that the series seems to be over too quickly. We recommend the last session usually be around the time a client’s baby is walking without assistance, which makes sense, but a year goes by awfully quick. Such was the case with Rebecca & Erik, clients whose wedding was in 2005 and who have had me over to document Grace’s first year of life at their cabin. I’ve been able to watch not only Grace grow, but the addition they made to the cabin to support their growing family. It’s been a fun ride, and each time I came over I was increasingly happy to be there. That personal connection you get with a client that grows stronger with time is an intangible benefit of our careers, and is something for which we’re very grateful.

We made sure while there to do some family portraits of everyone outside, but since it was a bit humid, we decided playtime would best be spent inside, where there was air conditioning. So that’s where we went, including Opie the family dog. Grace is the kind of child who is content to occupy her own time without much other human interaction, but if you add mom or dad to the mix then it’s easy to see her eyes light up and playtime really begin.  It was a great session and I look forward to watching their family change and grow in the coming years.

We tried to get Opie the dog in a few family portraits, but this is about as still (for mere milliseconds) as he could contain himself, he was so happy to just be hanging out with us all. But I think he looks pretty good here.

Hey, I recognize those people!

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  1. Rebecca

    I do have the most precious child in the world (dog’s pretty handsome, too:)

  2. Linda Dixon

    My granddaughter is beautiful! My grandson, Opie, is quite handsome…he sat still??

  3. JC

    What great photos – what a beautiful child and family!

  4. Tiffany Reynolds

    absoulutely adorable- she is such a pretty baby

  5. Suzanne

    The photos are gorgeous! Grace is so precious!

  6. Karen White

    Darling little girl! Fantastic Pictures! Karen & Wally

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