We’re absolutely thrilled and humbled this morning to announce over the weekend we were named ISPWP’s Photographer of the Quarter, based on the most recent contest of photographers around the world. There was some amazing work by some very talented photographers, many of whom we’re happy to call our friends, so the placement of our images among this work really meant a lot. And a huge, huge thank you to our recent clients this past fall and winter whose weddings and incredible emotional moments served as the best possible subjects for us. It is you, our clients, that have offered up a piece of yourselves–that moment–to us to document for you. And for that we are eternally grateful. Oh, and if you’re a client and have one of your wedding’s images shown here–congrats–you’re the recipients of a $50 Holland Photo Arts gift card for each of your images that appear!

Additionally, if you post a comment with your favorite image here, both you and the couple highlighted have a chance to win a $25 Amazon gift certificate! We’ll choose a winner randomly on Monday, May 19, so be sure to leave your email address when you make your comment. Thanks!

Anne nailed First and Second place in the emotional impact category with these images from Lora & Eric’s wedding:



And then she scored Second place in the first dance category with this shot from Jennifer & Bill’s wedding:


All of the images below scored in the top ten in their respective categories.

Bill captured this shot of David and his best man in the limo.


There was some wonderful light shooting through Jennifer’s dress in this shot by Bill, during dancing at her’s and Jim’s reception.


More images from Eric & Lora’s wedding. The first three were by Bill and the last shot in the limo was by Anne.





Anne captured this fun moment with Jennifer’s relatives during her wedding celebration with her husband Bill.


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  1. Liz Jarmel

    Breath-taking as always, my friends! Congratulations — you very much deserve it.

  2. Cramer

    Awesome! CONGRATS! 🙂

  3. Andrew Stitt

    muy awesome-o!

  4. Hunter

    Great shots, man. Y’all are excellent.

  5. Dick Kelley

    CONGRATS for a job WELL DONE!

  6. Nicole

    Congrats. I was standing there when Anne took the photo of Lora kneeling with her father looking out the window. It was a breathtaking moment in reality and Anne captured it perfectly.

    Thanks for capturing the memories for all of us. Your work is beautiful.

  7. Tem

    Anne, you are the bomb! Lovely work!
    Bill, you are not too bad yourself 😛
    Congrats guys! Very well deserved!!!

  8. Barb Kelley

    Wow- Congratulations!
    What beautiful shots and memories you’ve captured…You are such a blessing!
    Thanks for sharing your gifts and making an already magical occasion even more special!

  9. Chris Keels

    Congratulations from your Jeffery & Julia woods classmate!

  10. WOW! That’s all I can say…wow! You deserve the honor!

  11. Hunter

    My favorite image by far is Lora praying, but my second favorite is the picture of the light shining through the dress. 🙂

  12. Sally-Anne

    Congrats! My favorite of these has to be the limo-ceiling one. You guys already know me well enough to know I’m a sucker for COLOR COLOR COLOR!! 🙂

  13. Miranda

    Your photography is stunning. The first photo of Lora and Eric together is beyond lovely. We can’t wait until it’s our turn 😉

  14. Dick Kelley

    The photo of Eric & Lora nose to nose really captured the intimate moment and their mutual love and respect for each other.

    The light through the dress/veil captured the beauty and play of light.

    All of your work is superb. Thanks for being such a part of their lives.

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