What a party for Spring and Chris! Congratulations to this easy-going couple who returned to the DC area from their home in New York to be with close family and friends who traveled from near and far themselves to celebrate their wedding with them. We started out the day in the couple’s suite at the historic Willard Hotel near the White House, just as Spring’s lovely Amsale gown arrived and as the fabulous team of  Kim Giammaria (recently featured as one of the People We Love!) and Beverly Leuterio were finishing up her hair and make-up in preparation for her and Chris seeing each other prior to the ceremony.

The air in the bridal suite was relaxed and easy-going, thanks in no small part to Spring’s mellow personality. Thanks to Christina at the hotel, we secured the spacious Jenny Linde suite for the couple’s first sight and, following a few quick portraits with them both, returned downstairs to the decorative Crystal Room to take care of the family photos prior to the ceremony. The rain from earlier in the day had already cleared by the time we started that afternoon, but it was a bit warm and typically Potomac-humid so everyone was happy to stay indoors and its air conditioning for as long as possible.

Once at Epiphany Catholic Church, the ceremony soon started once the guests all arrived via shuttle, with Chris and his groomsmen entering the sanctuary. Their guests got a good chuckle when his groomsmen did an about-face in unison and bowed toward the altar, while Chris momentarily remained motionless facing those seated in the pews. He quickly realized what he had forgotten though and garnered a few muffled chuckles as he completely his bow. The couple had asked some of Chris’ family members do readings from both Testaments as well as Prayers of the Faithful. Once the ceremony finished, they recessed outside in beautiful afternoon light to celebrate with members of their wedding party before sliding into the limo for the ride back to the Willard.

The party really got started back at the hotel. While cocktail hour was held out on the terrace, finishing touches were made in the ballroom, with decor designed by the ever-talented Michele Hodges (and her fabulous assistant, Diane) with Michele Hodges Events, with floral arrangements by another one of our creative favorites, Dragonfly (two weddings in a row now we’ve gotten to photograph their fabulous work). Following the couple’s announcement to enthusiastic applause and energetic first dance, Spring’s grandfather offered up grace for a delicious dinner served by the hotel’s staff. Between courses the couple also danced with their parents and generally opened up the dance floor for anyone who wanted to get their groove on, which was, judging by the room’s energy, just about everybody.

Later in the evening, their best man Frank offered up a very amusing toast to the couple and in the process renamed Chris to something he liked better, Og’s (which, admittedly, has a certain ring to it), while a couple of other groomsmen reclined on the floor or sat cross-legged in rapt mock attention. It was hilarious. Guests couldn’t wait to get back on the dance floor to groove the sounds of the lively Highway Star band, which went well past midnight still going strong. It was a wonderful wedding and we were thrilled to have been a part of it. Thank you so much, Spring and Chris, for having us out and congratulations on your marriage! We had a great time with you both, as well as your family and friends!















While Anne got this scene setter of their friends, um, dancing with Spring and her reaction…


Bill got in close for the pair’s reactions.


The ever-popular conga line lives on…


Gotta love a make-shift playground.



Bill set the scene during the best mans’ toast – LOVE the guy reclining and clapping!


While Anne captured this great moment of Chris reacting to Frank’s toast.


Chris’ sister Stephanie and her fiancé Ryan will be marrying this fall. Guess who’s shooting the wedding? 🙂


Getting a little air time…



More air, this time with Chris with his feet off the ground.


Perhaps one of Bill’s favorite shots of the day caught by Anne.


And of course, some fantastic eye candy from the day!


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