Happy Friday everyone! Friday’s FAB Finds will return very soon (we can’t wait, too!), but today we’re absolutely delighted to announce that Weddings Unveiled, a prominent (and gorgeous!) wedding magazine along the Eastern Seaboard, featured our dear friends Mary and Shawn and their lovely Fall wedding in the latest issue on newsstands now. It was wonderful news when we got a call from Brooke, Unveiled’s co-editor saying they wanted to run the wedding as a feature. We couldn’t wait to see which images they had chosen for the magazine, as well as read Shawn and Mary’s beautiful love story. We were thrilled that they chose the shot of Mary and Shawn about to kiss under the canopy of trees. That is one of our favorite images from the day and is Shawn & Mary’s fave, as well! How perfect is that? 🙂

Here is a little sneak peek, but go to your local newsstand or bookstore to see the entire issue, chock full of great ideas for your own wedding. Congratulations on your feature, Mary and Shawn! It couldn’t have happened for nicer, more considerate people. We’re so happy for you.






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  1. Congrats. Beautiful place to shoot. Beautiful work!

  2. Hey, you two!
    Just wanted to thank you both again for being so patient and just plain good…all on top of your raw talent. How do you stand it? 😉 We love you!

    Mary and Shawn

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