It’s hard to believe it’s been a year already since we celebrated Laura and Scott’s wedding with them, at the University of Virginia Chapel and reception at Veritas Vineyards. We’ve grown close to the two of them and are so happy to call them friends. We’re absolutely delighted to celebrate their anniversary with them today, and they recently shared with us a few of their favorite images below. Enjoy!


Our romance shot! (This photo also ended up as the cover image for their album.)


We were so excited to be married! (This is also my favorite moment Anne captured that day.)


This reminds us of the beautiful fall day-our favorite season.


A nice couple shot.


Fun with the caddy!


A little moment amidst the merriment. (This is also Anne’s favorite image from their wedding.)


After all the effort in putting together the wedding, we could finally kick our shoes off and dance. (This is Bill’s personal fave from the wedding).

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  1. Joy Kerin

    That first shot is simply amazing! The architecture, the romance, the angles, wow!

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