Oh, we can’t wait to show you more! We so loved our time with Julie and Andrew, whose recent wedding was held at the ornate National Cathedral. It was so hard to narrow down our choices to just these few, but we promise to share lots more soon. Enjoy!

The dress!


Just after seeing each other for the first time that day…




Julie celebrates!


Although it rained nearly all day long, just as the ceremony ended the skies cleared and we got this amazingly beautiful afternoon light, just in time for some portraits. Rockin’.


Yes, that’s a ninja hidden among the cupcakes. Want to make a guess as to why it’s there? Just add your comment above, and have a great weekend!


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  1. Mirko Herzner

    This cathedral is just amazing. I really love this wide-angle shot.

  2. Julie


    Amazing work. I love you guys.

  3. andy

    beautiful work. i love the lighting in there.

  4. Joan

    Um…the ninja is there to fend off the kids who try to lick off the icing?? =P

    Beautiful pictures and great setting!

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