Ok, so apparently we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to selecting images for your blog enjoyment. We have too many favorites! We’re splitting up the post for Caitlin and Adair into two, starting with cocktails with part two here. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy some of the sweet moments from the first part of their day. Gorgeous portraits and some lovely eye candy coming your way later today! Oh, and C&A, there’s a little note down below, just for you. 🙂 (You can click on each picture to make it larger, too!)

And if you’re interested, please check out the complete set of wedding images from Caitlin & Adair’s celebration. The password is Caitlin’s maiden name. Enjoy!

We love this moment of their priest sitting by himself near the back of the church before the ceremony, contemplative while their guests begin filing in.

Dear c&a,

Rustic elegance. That’s what we think of when we think of the two of you and your wedding celebration. It was great seeing the personal touches you incorporated into your wedding, from your family church and hosting the event on your families horse farm, Adair, to the sweet and romantic touches you incorporated into cocktails and the dinner tent, Caitlin. The adorable burlap LOVE pillow completely summed up your celebration – soft, sweet and romantic. We were so happy for you when the brief rain shower passed and you were able to have your dancing outside, completely under the stars as intended. It truly lent an air of fun reverie for your friends, who readily got out on the dance floor and stayed there! The Virginia summer has been unusually warm this year, but that never stopped anyone from having a great time that night, with even a few members of your family and friends jumping into the pond at evening’s end for a quick cooling off. We were, admittedly, a little envious even, until Anne heard about the possibility of snakes in the pond that is! 😉

Although we had only gotten the chance to meet you the day before, you and your families welcomed us with open arms.Thank you so much for inviting us to document your beautiful celebration and we wish you nothing but the best in your years together to come.


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  2. Marianne

    Anne and Bill,
    Amazing, amazing work as always. When I see how gorgeous everything looks in the photos, I think to myself, “Did I really create that?” You make everything look so romantic, full of life and shall we say “picturesque.” True art. You two are the best!!!

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