Good morning and happy hump day! Today we wrap up our contest based all our old high school senior superlatives. As a reminder, the couple whose wedding features the winning image will receive a free 8×10 of their choice, so vote early and get your friends to vote too. Voting will be done on our fan page on Facebook. Register your vote by going to the appropriate category and clicking the “Like” button next to the image(s) you like the most (you’ll need to first “Like” Holland Photo Arts, but you already do, right?). Again, the couple whose image gets the most “Likes” wins.

Our last category today: Kids Will Be Kids

Bubbles are the best at weddings. From Jenny & Andrew’s wedding

Who knew the door knob could double as a mini-amusement park ride? From Ali & Ken’s wedding.

Are we done with family portraits yet?

A bouquet sacrifice to the boxwood gods.

Yup! The roses still smell nice. From Carly & Chris’s wedding.

Gosh, do I have to dance with Uncle George?

You try to corral a bunch of kids for a portrait without their parents. From Caren & Ed’s wedding.

Everyone claps at the end of the ceremony. Well, most everyone.

This little girl, undeterred by the lack of champagne in her, raised her hand in a toast.

Have hat will dance.

I chose you! No, you! Well, maybe you too! From Cristina & Sid’s wedding.

Love her expression! From Emily & Jonathan’s wedding.

Waiting to walk down the aisle at Hillary & Jeremy’s wedding.

I’m not at all saying toasts went a little long at Kelly & Matt’s wedding, but these two might have a differing opinion.

Maya and her flower girl get together for a fantastic moment.

This little boy, it seemed, would rather have been anywhere else than sitting next to these girls at Nikki & Josh’s wedding.

I’m ready for bed now! From Sara & Michael’s wedding.

You may dance. I have Facebook.


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  1. Ellen Mavuli

    The best photo for sure.

    I love the photo at carly & chris wedding with the little girl, Gabriella dancing with Uncle George, her dad.

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