We just received the nicest note from one of our bride’s moms, with whom we’ve kept in touch over the past year after their wedding. It touched us so much, and just wanted to share.

I was just looking at the bride who wore her Mom’s dress, it was gorgeous. We were away this weekend for a wedding, the couple and his parents were at [bride’s] wedding last summer and we were thinking of both of you at the wedding. We mentioned how we barely knew someone was photographing everything, you did such a great job.

We noticed this past weekend how the photographer was in the middle of everything, even walked down the center aisle of the church during the ceremony at an awkward time.  You both are so talented, so sweet and a pleasure to work with. I know we will cherish our photos and memories even more as the years go by.  I show them to everyone and everyone says they have never seen such gorgeous photos.  I can’t believe it is just about a year. Being in the islands with all the kids at a fun wedding reminded us all of the special day last July.  Thanks again for the beautiful photos and I love seeing the photos and weddings you are doing this season.

We can’t thank you enough for your note and for your timing! In the middle of wedding season, when it can be too easy to feel bogged down with all the non-wedding day tasks that fill our days, receiving a love note like this brings us such joy and reinvigorates our spirits as much as a Bermuda vacation. We’re reminded just how lucky we are that we get to be a part of family history and that our work can touch in ways we can’t even imagine. But we shouldn’t be surprised; we’re touched each and every weekend bearing witness to one of sweetest days in a couple’s lives and the mix of emotions flowing through their parents’ hearts as they watch them enter this new chapter in their lives. If we can capture even just one of those fleeting moments for posterity, we’ve done our job. Thank you for reminding us what’s really important.

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