We hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend! We’re happy today celebrating the one year anniversary of Celina & Kevin (album here), who married last year at beautiful Woodend Sanctuary. We reached out to them recently to ask about their first year together and about some of their favorite moments from the day. Here’s what they had to say.

Married life is good (I know it’s trite). We are continuing to travel and explore new places with each other (Dublin and Edinburgh were on our anniversary trip). We are both looking forward to many more years.

Kevin’s favorite:

This picture captures Celina’s beauty but also her amazing smile. That smile lights up an entire room and reminds of the joy that Celina brings to my life.

Celina’s favorites:

Kevin turns his ring, even today. It’s just a little gesture, but he does it so unconsciously. I always smile when he does it.

This was one of the first pictures taken just after we had seen each other. After I stopped shaking, I could finally collect my thoughts. I remember thinking how lucky I was to be getting married to Kevin. It really just captured the moment.

Collective favorites:

This is the anti-wedding picture. I am adamant about there being no cake smooshing. However, Ian got into the act, and was the one who ended up with cake on his face. It captures the light-hearted, fun reception we were going for.

This picture is just gorgeous. We are moving on to the celebration part of the evening, moving on to married life, and the light is perfect.

Thanks so much for sharing and congratulations on your first year together as Mr. & Mrs., C&K!!!

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