Happy Friday everybody! You haven’t seen much on the blog of late because we’ve been so darn busy and right about now we’re wondering how we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a studio renovation, website & blog redesign in the middle of wedding season…hmmmm, not sure what we were thinking there, but we’re about to unleash a whole mess of fun times and great imagery. Today we start off with Ben & Deena’s all-smiles celebration.

Are you ready to see more? Check out the entire wedding here. The password is Deena’s maiden name.

The FAB team:
Catering and lighting: Veritas Vineyard
Florist: Blue Ridge Floral Design
Gown designer: Liancarlo
Reception entertainment: Gonzo’s Nose (via Sam Hill Entrainment)
Cake Artist: Cakes by Rachel

Their friends painted Beta Bridge in honor of their celebration and it lasted more than 30 minutes!

Dear d&b,

All smiles. That’s pretty much how you and your wedding could be summed up. We loved how, moments after you saw each other for the first time that day, you held hands and walked over to a nearby bench to sit and chat for a spell. Deena, when your dad saw you in your gown a short bit later, we reveled in the emotion of the moment and were thrilled to capture more tender moments between you and your families. It was abundantly clear not only how much you cared for each other, but your families as well. It wasn’t just your wedding, but the coming together of two loving, faith filled families and if that isn’t cause for celebration, we don’t know what is. Both of your parents’ long marriages have provided such a solid foundation for you both as you begin this new life together.

Deena, even though it was a very warm day, we got goosebumps when you and your parents took a quite moment together to embrace and pray prior to entering the chapel and we love that both of them walked you down the aisle to meet your groom.  Oh, and wasn’t that afternoon light in the Chapel beautiful? You know we’re suckers for good light. And, Ben, we couldn’t help but laugh at how excited your Mom was before and after the ceremony. We adore that shot of you both celebrating with her just afterward. Your wedding day was the perfect blend of touching seriousness combined with laugh-out-loud, fun.

It was especially evident when you and your wedding party ran into the Veritas ballroom NBA-style, complete with official arm and sweat bands. The energy continued though to the dancing–at the end of last year we ran various contests for 2010 Superlatives. One category was the best alternative use of a necktie, and we think there were a couple of contenders for next year’s contest alone from that evening!

Good light. Touching moments. Ebullient joy. Yup, those might just be all your wedding photographers need to feed them. Our souls anyway. ;-D

Such fun. Thank you so much for having us out to document your Summer celebration and congratulations on your marriage!

Peace & love…

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  1. Andrea Hubbell

    Beautiful images you two! Love the shot of Deena checking out the reception table…just lovely. xoxo

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