Wow, is it Friday already? Well, you know what that means, another fabulous wedding to share with you all. So enjoy every bit of Amy & Tim’s sweet (and incredibly fun) wedding, and have a fantastic (and safe) holiday weekend. We’ll see you next week!

Ready to see more? View the complete wedding here. The password is Amy’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

Ceremony Venue: St. Paul’s Memorial Church
Reception Venue, Catering & Cake: Farmington Country Club
Officiant: Rev. William Neal
Event Coordinator: Barb Wired
Videographer: Shaking Hands Productions
Florist: Beehive Events
Gown designer: Paloma Blanca
Reception entertainment: DJ Rick Haggard
Invitations: The Lime Tree
Calligraphy: Janis Freeland

Should there be a Where’s the Dress book like Where’s Waldo? 😉 Love, love this shot Anne got of the dress reflected in one of the club’s framed prints!

If you can make faces at your ring bearer waiting to process, you really should.

Their ring bearer was more enthusiastic about his walk down the aisle the day prior, but he made it in the end, as Tim and his dad react below.

LOVE everything about this image that Bill got as Amy hugged her Dad at the alter.

Married! Love this shot by Anne.

It was hot. Damn hot! Thankfully, their limo had strategically-placed air-conditioning vents just for times like this.

More fun with reflections! Love it!

Alright, time for a quick nap. For some.

Certainly not for others…

This is Joe (carrying unnamed young woman). He’s not only one of the groomsmen but also the brother of Tony, whose marriage to Sara we just shot up in Delaware and can’t wait to share with you! Below is Emily, his wife. It was awesome seeing them twice in three weeks! Such a fun couple.

Tim’s mom was completely taken by surprise by the groomsmen picking her up for a quick aerial lap around the dance floor.

Yea, really love this one, too. 🙂

Dear a&t,

We usually get a good feel for how important family is to a couple, especially when a couple’s choice of clergy is the person who married the bride’s parents 37 years prior. That kind of legacy and dedication to family roots demonstrates such strength and help to provide such a strong foundation as you start your married life together. And that strength, love, laughter and faith was in ample evidence at your wedding.

People will naturally assume photographers have to keep a keep eye on their subjects to capture the decisive moment. And that’s true. But it’s just as important to keep an ear on them as well for those audible cues for emotional reactions. We got those in spades at your wedding. Amy, your Dad’s welcome was so touching and gracious and we loved how he went and stood by the people he was talking about and thanking. Your best man and maid of honor toasts were sweet and funny, and finally, to the toasts you offered to each other; truly heartfelt. You spoke of how a match you were for one another, and everyone listening could feel it in their heart. Hardly a dry eye in the house.

All of that of course was balanced by the incredibly hot dance floor you hosted! There were more people lifted up in the air than at any wedding we’ve seen, and you know you had a party that refused to end when so many of your friends awaited the train of taxis to take them to the Corner to continue the night’s festivities. It was so much fun and we’d have not had it any other way. Congrats again, and thanks so much for having us out to document your wedding!

Peace & love…

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