We hope everyone’s been having a wonderful, yet very memorable, holiday weekend. We offer a thank you too large to put into words to those who have served our country in years and decades past, and those who continue to do so, many offering up the ultimate sacrifice.

Today we’d love to also celebrate Stacy and Craig, who tied the knot a year ago today at the beautiful historic Homestead Resort and whose wedding was also featured by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. The couple, who originated their marriage at their home in New York City, have since relocated with their two dogs to a slightly quieter realm in North Carolina, each capturing new careers in the process. In fact, Stacy is now the resident wedding planner for her own event’s designer, Caroline LaRocca and is loving the change of pace.

We asked them just before they took off to celebrate their anniversary about a few of their favorite images from the weekend’s festivities. Here are their selections.

Stacy’s favorites:

This is by far my number 1 favorite picture —  I love how you guys captured my ear to ear smile and craig’s look of anticipation, which no one else saw in the moment it was happening.

One of my favorites because it’s the first picture of us officially married). 

Craig’s favorites:

None of Craig’s friends knew how to tie a tie correctly, so he loves how this picture captures this.

Reflection in the floor is so cool & looks like a picture out of a magazine.

Their joint favorites:

This picture is a reflection of our wedding style vision brought to life.

Everyone getting on the stage was not planned, but was such a fun way to end the wedding, and we love how this photo captures it.

We hope the two of you are having a wonderful time this weekend!

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