Happy Monday everybody! We hope it was wonderful for you, and it was nice seeing the extreme heat grab a seat and some Gatorade. Today we’re so happy celebrating Tori & Nick’s first anniversary (you may have remembered their Keswick Hall wedding and subsequent feature in Southern Living magazine). We caught up with them between adventures for a brief chat and to see how things have been and of course to inquire about their favorite images from their wedding day. Here’s what they had to share:

Our first year of marriage has been wonderful.  We are so lucky and thankful to have one another.  After an amazing wedding weekend, we took off to New Zealand and the Cook Islands for a 2 week honeymoon, which was unbelievable.  We got to spend a few days hiking and sightseeing in New Zealand before spending a week relaxing on the secluded beaches of Aitutaki (C.I).  Back in DC, we have spent the last few months house hunting on the weekends, feeling like a couple on House Hounters, and we are actually closing on our first home on our first wedding anniversary!  Six days after we close on our house, we are off to Amsterdam and Copenhagen for vacation.  Needless to say, we are really looking forward to our busy summer!

Tori’s favorites:

The moment of seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle with my Dad.

Enjoying the speeches.

Nick’s favorites:

Joint favorites:

Displays the beautiful location where we got married – we couldn’t have asked for more.

A year later and I still can’t believe how amazingly Lynn and Pat took our vision and put it into reality!

Congratulations, you two!