Welcome back from what was hopefully a fantastic weekend for you! When Tim first called us about his and Kristi’s wedding some months ago, we thought, “What a sweet couple!” We were immediately smitten, with them and their story. They wanted to marry in the Fall ,just after dark, where they met as teenagers; Tim’s family’s day camp, Antietam Recreation. Tim, a videographer and performer, proposed to Kristi on the beach and unbeknownst to her at the time, captured the poignent moment on video.  When their wedding weekend finally came around, it was just a continuation of our relaxed conversations with the them over the phone and Skype. While we didn’t actually get to meet them until their rehearsal, we felt as if we had known these kindred spirits for years.  Enjoy a few of our favorites from their wonderfully family-centric wedding, and then check out their complete wedding gallery. The password is Kristi’s maiden name.

The talented team:
Venue: Antietam Recreation
Gown: Maggie Sotero
Videography: Epic Media

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:


Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

Some lovely details:

Dear k&t,

I know we may say it a lot (but, it’s so true) that we were so honored to not only be present at your wedding, but that we got to document it all for you and your families. Especially when the bride or groom is a videographer/photographer themselves! And we have to admit, when you first told us you were planning an outdoor ceremony…at night, we were thinking, “Ummmmm….what?” But Tim, your experience with production lighting made all the difference, creating a dramatic backdrop for your vows and offering your guests an experience they wouldn’t have at most weddings.

We so enjoy when we can collaborate with couples regarding certain aspects of their day and the trust they place in us and our advice/ideas. Kristi, you were such a trooper to walk from one end of the property to the other (or so it seemed in those heels, we’re sure) for a fun first look “in town”.  We appreciated that because portraits were important to you both, you scheduled time in your day that ensured a large variety from fun and silly to simple and romantic.

We’ve gotten to see many bride and groom videos that show them as children and then throughout the ensuring years, with family and friends, ending with photos of the couple together. However, we don’t think we’ve ever seen a video that not only was unique in it’s production, but shown at such a special time–just before Kristi made her way down the aisle with her Dad, after the rest of the wedding party had already processed. We won’t soon forget the short film narrated by Kristi reading from her journal about your tentative early days together and ending with your ocean side proposal. Wow. What a great way to start your wedding ceremony!

Your dramatic flair continued into the night with your choreographed first dance as husband and wife that had everyone rapt with attention. That, combined the fruit stand you designed and built, Tim, showed the dedication you placed on your preparation for this day. The heartfelt and tearful toasts offered by those who knew you best, oftentimes friends since childhood, reminded everyone again just how much you are loved. Lastly, the fireworks going off as you sped off into the cool fall evening was an apropos finale to your weekend’s wedding celebration, and we were thrilled to have been a part of it. Thank you and congratulations!