Are we the only people for whom this week has just flown by? Hopefully you felt that way too, especially if the weekend is time off for you. If it’s not flying by and you’re counting the minutes until 5pm, we have a little something we hope speeds things right along. Today we’re thrilled to share Kimberly & Mike’s intimate wedding in Wilmington, North Carolina, and who were married on what had to have been the most sultry, steamy day of the year in the South. Definitely did not feel like September, but they and their guests didn’t seem to mind a bit. And why should they have? Just look at where they married–those church ruins are so incredibly cool and beautiful–and the happy couple’s smiles (and those of their guests) made just about everyone in attendance forget the humidity. Except the mosquitos. They were not swayed by the beauty and love surrounding them and made their unwelcome presence known to many of us. Not that it mattered though. Having had a very intimate wedding in the South ourselves, we might have a soft spot for them, but there is something so meaningful about celebrating your union with only your very nearest and dearest in attendance.

Have fun looking through everything and of course, if you’d like to see more, just click through to their complete gallery. The password is Kimberly’s maiden name. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Church: St. Philips Church
Reception venue: Circa 1922
Officiant:  Holli Saperstein
Florist: Fiore Fine Flowers
Dress: Bespoke for Kimberly by Laura DiMarcantonio of iClothing Co.
Stationery: Anista Designs 

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:


Some lovely details:

Dear k&m,

You both epitomize sweetness, love, and caring, starting your wedding weekend by driving a half-hour out of your way to show us your ceremony location the day before your wedding so we’d be sufficiently oriented. We loved how, in your invitations, you put simply St. Philips church, without further explaining it was a former church, now a beautiful ruin without a roof, letting your families and close friends discover it on their own as they drove up. It was a great way to begin the afternoon’s festivities with an irreverent grin or two.

Kimberly, the broad smile you had on your face never faded all day. As soon as we saw you at the B&B where you got ready and eventually saw each other for the first time, it was clear no sticky weather could put the slightest damper on the day. It was so sweet to watch the two of you being so playful with each other, tickling each other during portraits and then during your ceremony when you poured colored sand from each of your carafes into your joint cylinder. Mike, we didn’t think you would ever finish pouring yours, so intent you were on having the last word.  😉

Back at the restaurant for dinner, it was fun watching all of the other dining room guests on the perimeter hoot and holler during your dad’s emotional toast, Kimberly, a fitting ending to a day filled with childlike abandon and love. It’s clear that you both greet each and every day with a sense of  humor and as a team. We love that you didn’t feel bound by tradition and chose to have the wedding you both wanted to have –one that reflected you both and your personalities. Big weddings certainly have their place, but being small-group people ourselves, yours felt like the perfect day to us. Your joy for life was truly inspiring and reminded us again how lucky we are that we get to spend such a special day in a couple’s life, with them.

Thank you so much for your trust and having us out to document your day. We couldn’t be happier for you both and wish you many joy-filled years together. Congratulations!

With Love,

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