We’re wrapping up celebrating the last of our 2012 weddings, and Rebecca & Kandi’s wedding is next. Rebecca, you might remember, was Ruth & Steve’s maid of honor, and we seriously couldn’t contain our excitement when she called us to document her own nuptials. We absolutely love these two and the feeling they created not only for themselves (which was them to a “T”) but, also for those they love., including “their kids”. Read on, and when you’re done, of course there’s always their complete wedding here.

Venue and catering: Blackwell Hotel, Ohio State University
Florist: All in Bloom
DJ: Steve Fazzini
Make-up: Make-up By Kelli
Hair stylist: Goode Hair

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

Lydia (another of Ruth’s bridesmaids) covers her eyes in mock terror of the hair spray. She kept us in stitches the entire weekend!

Love everything going on in this one!

This is perhaps the sweetest moment we’ve seen of any set of parents this year. Still gives us goosebumps.

You gotta love the little girl in the background. Totally looks like she’s about the put the smack-down on the girl in front. Luckily, no one resorted to violence and all ended well.

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:

And of coures, Ruth had to pay Rebecca back by decorating R&K’s room that night

Of course a few details:




And lastly, how about a few from their day-after portraits? We won’t say these are some of the tamer ones, but they’re some of the tamer ones. 😉

Dear r&k,

It’s said that weddings are all about the families. Well, maybe it’s not “said”, but we’re saying it. Yours was among the most easy-going, low-key, family-centric weddings we’ve been honored to document. Having so many of your “kids” there from your center and placing the emphasis of the day on your family’s comfort and the playfulness of your kids, worrying not at all about typical wedding protocol really set the mood for everyone to sit back, relax, and have fun with you. It was completely without pretense, stripped of all but your absolute essence–that of love for for each other and those around you.

The way your sweet grandma was looking at you with such love in her eyes throughout the day, Rebecca, reminded us yet again of how strong our family bonds are and how important we are to one another. And especially how important those moments are to document. We also thought it was so sweet that several children wanted to sing to you during your reception and sweet too having that oh-so-tasty ice cream bar (a perfect temporary spot for your rings to “indulge”) followed by a full coffee bar. It was a nice break from get-down vibes on the dance floor to load up on sugar and caffeine and then hit it again. And hit it they did!

It was so cool the next, ahem, morning, getting together for a beer to laugh about your wedding and walk around Short North to create a few irreverent and fun portraits of you both. We love that you incorporated not only your collegiate rivalry, but also a few choice props from your room’s decoration the night before. It was such a great way to end our weekend in Columbus. Oh, except maybe that trip to Graeter’s in Cincinnati that night on the way home. That might have also been a great way to end it. We can’t thank you both enough for having us out to document, as you called it in your inquiry to us, your “big fat gay wedding”. It did not disappoint. 🙂 Congratulations to two of the sweetest, funny & most compassionate people we know!


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