Much like life, you form stronger relationships with some people you meet than others. With Jess & Mark, their disarming personalities and simple generosity of spirit has made us cherish every conversation we have with them. This week we celebrate their first anniversary with them, and of course reached out to ask them to name their favorite moments and images from their wedding day. Here’s what they had to say.

Joint favorites:


Some people start their marriage with a first dance, but given how much we love dessert, we thought the appropriate way to start our marriage was with a bite of cake–so we cut the cake before our first dance. This picture perfectly encapsulates our happiness, our playfulness and our shared experience that night.


This picture does a great job capturing how happy and content we were that day (and still are!).  Plus, the background is awesome – on one side, Mark’s sister and brother-in-law talking and with funny expression on their faces, and on the other side a guy using a BlackBerry.  Perfect!

Jess’s favorites:


It was so hot and this picture was so brutal to take–but I’m glad I trusted Anne and Bill on this one because they came out beautiful.


I love how this picture is both about tradition, the bedecken is an ancient Jewish tradition where the groom confirms he is actually marrying the right person (and he was), and also just how happy and lighthearted we both felt, his hand gesture in this picture always makes me laugh.

(Bill added: Jess, this is my favorite image from the entire day, precisely for the reasons you give. Anne took it, of course.)

Mark’s favorites:


The sunglasses were a last-minute acquisition by my Best Man as we went to get ready.  It was just a ton of fun walking a few blocks across downtown DC to my first sighting of Jess as we were all wearing glasses and Bill was taking pictures.  Lots of looks from tourists – a few of whom realized what was going on and offered their congratulations.  This picture perfectly captures the experience – and it looks like it could be an album cover.  So if I miraculously develop some musical talent, I now know what the cover art will be…


We love dessert.  We love our wedding rings.  Love how this picture pulls those two things together and in a beautiful way.

Congratulations, you two!