While we love our Colorado breweries, we totally dig wineries, particularly those among the rolling hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains back in Virginia where we once lived and where Cristin & Nima married one year ago. We’ve seen them since, both here in sunny Colorado as well as just running into one another at a restaurant in Arlington, Virginia, where we were dining with friends. Small world, right? So it was nice reconnecting to ask about their favorite moments from their wedding day. Here’s what they had to say.

Their joint faves:



The first one really captures how excited and genuinely pumped we were to be getting married. After being engaged for more than a year and looking forward to starting married life together, our wedding really felt like an occasion to high five and celebrate! The second one is a favorite because it captures one of our favorites moments from the evening. The wish lanterns were so special and it was great to have all of our guests surrounding us as the lanterns lifted off. 

Cristin’s faves:


Another first look picture! Looking at this image brings back the same feelings from a year ago. I remember how genuinely excited I was to be able to hug Nima after waiting all day and this picture captures it perfectly.


I absolutely love this picture because the first look was such a special part of the day. I was so excited to see Nima and this picture really captures the moments of peace we had to enjoy with each other before everything started. I love that it is a candid shot with the Veritas scenery!

Nima’s faves:



I love how both of these capture super happy moments from a distance. 

Congratulations, you two!