Clients often ask for not only our opinion on who we recommend for makeup, but also what it should look like. Myths about what kind of makeup should be applied for photos abound, so it’s important to know the facts and, like the Boy Scouts, be prepared.

Consider some examples from our brides (and their respective makeup artists) from the past year or two, and read on for more tips!

Alison’s wedding at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, VA
Hair & Makeup: Studio FBJ



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General guidelines

If you’re not used to wearing much on a daily basis, even what others would consider minimal can feel very “heavy” to you. Like art, makeup can be highly subjective and we work with an array of artists each with different styles. (Like all photographers have a different “eye”, makeup artists and stylists all have a different “hand.”) If you’re happy with your makeup and hair and you like your chosen photographers’ work, you’ll be happy with how you look in photos.

Misty’s wedding at Mellon Auditorium
Makeup: Nikki Fraser of Beauty n’ the Bride






For best results

Ask friends and other wedding professionals for their hair and makeup recommendations, then after reviewing their work, narrow it down to just a few that you want to talk with further.

Out of those couple, select one with whom you’d like to do a trial and schedule it well in advance of your wedding day. (Some artists may have a separate charge for this.) You can also schedule it the day you’re having your engagement or bridal photos taken, but make sure you allow plenty of time before your session in case it takes longer than expected.

If you’re having anything added to your hair (i.e., flower(s), jewelry, etc.) you’ll want a friend to take some photos of you from all angles so can see if you like the way it was done, the size of the flower, etc. Also, make sure your hair stylist knows if you’ll be wearing a veil or not and how high or low you want to wear it.

Alicia’s wedding at The Hay Adams
Hair Stylist: Martha of Alison Harper & Co.
Makeup Artist: Kim Giammaria of Beauty Mark



Liz’s wedding at The Hay Adams
Hairstylist: Remona Soleimani of Bridal Hair by Remona
Makeup Artists: Nour Kazoun of Made Up Art


wedding_hairstyle_hay adams_la_157



Sometimes, even your best efforts still cause consternation, but it’s important to know what you want on your wedding day. For example, our wedding was the weekend following 9/11 in New Orleans. Given the travel restrictions, Anne’s stylist (with whom she had previously done a trial and had photos) wasn’t able to join us. So she used someone based on the hotel’s recommendation, despite never having met the artist prior. Despite having those trial photos, he didn’t follow her wishes and in fact said that he didn’t need to see those because he was going to make her more beautiful than that! Ha! He did not (in her opinion) and there was no time then to fix it. While Bill thought she looked gorgeous that day (thanks, baby!), Anne cringes every time she looks at herself in our wedding photos, especially color ones, through no fault of our photographer. So barring any major national catastrophes, makeup is typically such an easy thing to plan for, it’s really a no-brainer.

Sarah’s wedding at The Newseum
Makeup Artist: Erwin Gomez
Hairstylist: Nikki Fraser of Beauty n’ the Bride




You’ll know you found the right match when you look and feel like yourself, but even more beautiful. Good luck & above all, have fun! This is your time to be pampered. Take advantage of it!