We’re back with another huge anniversary to celebrate – Rebecca & Erik were married at the incomparable Hope and Glory Inn in Tidewater, Virginia in late May 2005. We get to stay in touch with them via Facebook and they were recently kind enough to share some of what the past 10 years have brought their way.


What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them?

Our biggest challenge is getting real time together. Both with busy careers and a very busy soon-to-be 8 year old leaves us asking, where did the day go? We’ve recently started waking up extra early to work in a sunrise coffee on the back patio. Most connected 20 minutes of the day!


Where has life found you since your wedding day? (career, home location, since your wedding day? (career, home location, family status, etc.)

We’re both still in new home sales (Rebecca) and construction (Erik). We still live in Charlottesville and have a very only child, Miss Ella Grace White. We were so lucky to have you all still in Charlottesville when she was born and really enjoyed the Watch Me Grow sessions (1 month, 6 months and 1 year). Not only is it fun to see her growth in the first year, it’s quite amusing to see the pics of us (love some of the facial expressions). We still have Opie (our german shorthair pointer). I think Bill nabbed a beautiful photo of him during one of these visits. He’s now an old man, but very loved.

First Watch Me Grow Session:



Second Watch Me Grow Session:



Third Watch Me Grow Session:



What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

Two very warm memories that stand out for me. The first is the pre-ceremony prayer led by my grandmother on speaker phone because she couldn’t make it to the service. The other happened just before I was about to walk down the aisle with my father. I don’t love being in front of crowds, so was more than a little bit nervous. My dad, who could sense my anxiety, grabbed my hand with his big sandpapery rough hand and rubbed my palm with his thumb which said, “you’ve got this”. My father passed away 7 years ago, and those big sandpapery rough hands are so terribly missed.


Has your little one seen your wedding photos and if so, have they had any comments you don’t mind sharing?

Grace comments most on the dresses. She also loves seeing the pics of her older cousins when they were so young. She was able to wear her cousin’s flower girl dress last year which was a favorite for quite some time.


Family photo by Aaron Watson

Thank you so much for sharing, R&E! We are in love with your sunrise coffee date idea! What a wonderful way to start a busy day. We miss seeing you both and sweet Grace. We’re actually having some serious trouble that this adorable little girl from her third Watch Me Grow session is already 8!? Wow. Your family may be small, but it’s a truly beautiful one.