Tammy & Andrew’s Feature Wedding Album

It’s album time of the year – one of our favorite times of year! We been getting several big boxes full of goodness delivered and it’s still like Christmas morning opening them and seeing and feeling the stunning hand-crafted finished product in our hands.

We recently delivered a magnificent, classic matted album to Tammy & Andrew with soft white matting, white frame liner around the photos and a tasteful yet strong silver bengaline cover. It has just just the right amount of sparkle.

They picked so many great images and it’s alway fun to flip through as we do our QA check before sending it off. As you can imagine, seeing the layouts digitally just can’t do it justice. They are quite literally a piece of art. But even better is that’s a family archive which will passed down for generations to come. In this digital world, it’s still so important to print your favorite photos where the power of a wedding album is, well, powerful.







Tammy-Andrew_album_K7B8787 Tammy-Andrew_album_K7B8785 Tammy-Andrew_album_K7B8782


Kaitlyn & Mark’s Mellon Auditorium Wedding Featured on ModWedding!

Kaitlyn & Mark’s Mellon Auditorium Wedding Featured on ModWedding!


Kaitlyn and Mark married two Autumns ago in Washington, DC and it’s still one of our favorite weddings to date. We aren’t alone – Mod Weddings is currently featuring their big day on their blog! The Mellon is one of the quintessential landmarks in DC and we love getting to shoot there. Evoke pulled out absolutely all the stops for this one once again and we had a fantastic time getting some fun portraits of K&M in and around The Park Hyatt and of course, the stunning Mellon and it’s hidden gem of a courtyard.

Congratulations, K&M and thanks so much for the love Mod Wedding!

Kate and Andrew’s Clifton Inn Wedding Featured on Borrowed and Blue Blog!

Kate and Andrew’s Clifton Inn Wedding Featured on Borrowed and Blue Blog!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 12.16.06 PM

Kate and Andrew’s sweet Summer wedding last year one of our all-time favorite venues –  Charlottesville’s beautiful Clifton Inn is being featured on Borrowed and Blue. Dancing under the stars on the back lawn, cocktail hour featuring a tv at the outside bar so guests could catch the last Triple Crown race, and dining al fresco on the back terrace after the happy couple ran through a shower of lavender.  Everyone wanted to attend this wedding – even a local butterfly!

Congratulations, Kate & Andrew!

Happy 11th Anniversary: Christy & Dave

We recently so thrilled to check in with Christy & Dave who were celebrated 11 years of marriage. They married at Wintergreen Resort the same year and month that Sunny & Erik did. C&D chose the Blue Ridge Terrace as the site for their I Do’s, though and it’s probably a good thing. After Christy walked down the aisle, a windy front blew in and it dropped about 20 degrees during the ceremony! And since it was October, there was already a little chill in the air. We remember during the prayers and everyone had the head bowed, Christy would take the opportunity to huddle close to Dave. So cute! Having their guests close to the resort was we’re sure very welcome so everyone could run inside as soon as the ceremony was over. We also felt for her brother who played with frozen fingers a song on this guitar.

We’ve been lucky enough to keep in touch with Christy and Dave over the years and even got to visit with them when we were in NYC several years ago. We’re absolutely thrilled for them and their new addition to their family. Could she be any cuter?


– What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them?

We have learned a lot over the past eleven years. Some of the challenges we have faced felt insurmountable at the time. In retrospect, though, it seems clear that each challenge was specially designed to teach us something about what it means to believe that God really does care and really does have a plan that includes us. It seems counter-intuitive to two “type-A,” busy, driven people that there is freedom in knowing we do not have ultimate control over our health, our careers, or our families. In times when we had no choice other than to fearfully admit we were out of answers or solutions, God has been there. We’re still learning to trust that.

– Have you had any unexpected joys?

Absolutely! A crazy U-turn in life took us from New York City, where we’d spent ten wonderful years, to Raleigh, NC, where we had absolutely no connection. When we moved here, Dave was launching a new business, we knew no one, and we were struggling with infertility issues. Two years later, the business is thriving, we have incredible friends, and our daughter just turned six months old.

– Where has life found you since your wedding day? (career, home location, family status, etc.)

We spent ten years in New York City (shout out to the Upper West Side). Dave worked as an investment banker with Morgan Stanley, and Christy worked – and still works – for ESPN in Marketing. We’re in Raleigh, NC now. Dave founded an opportunistic agricultural investment firm, and Christy works for ESPN from home. We have a fabulous five-year-old French Bulldog named Penny, and we gave birth to our daughter Harper in May.

– What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

The photos bring all of our fondest memories flooding back. We had so, so, so much fun on our wedding day, despite the fact that it was absolutely FREEZING during the outdoor ceremony! Anne and Bill captured all of the best moments, from the look on Dave’s face when he saw Christy walking down the aisle to our friend Danny performing “Ice, Ice Baby” and doing “the worm” on the dance floor.


Thanks for the update, C&D! Now when do you see a trip out to the beautiful rocky mountains in your future? 🙂


Elizabeth & John’s Colorado Wedding in Leadville

Elizabeth & John’s Colorado Wedding in Leadville

Back in late Summer we had a kinda crazy weekend. Crazy scary and crazy awesome. We photographed Lisa and Elaine’s wedding in North Carolina on Saturday and then attended, as well as photographed, our dear friends Elizabeth & John’s wedding on Sunday back here in Colorado! Normally we would not attempt such a feat, lest we tempt the travel gods, but we just couldn’t miss either one. And that’s what planes are for anyway, right? Well, our journey involved not only planes, but trains and automobiles (if you count DEN’s monorail).

We really thought it through…to speed things up, we parked in daily parking right next to the terminal (no economy lot for us this time!), charged batteries after Saturday’s wedding, already had our wedding clothes hanging in said automobile and changed in a hotel lobby on the way up through the Colorado Rockies. Thanks to our good karma, said travel gods smiled upon us and we made it to J&E’s wedding in plenty of time, ahead of both the bride and groom in fact! And we’re so glad we did.

Talk about a perfect day for these two. We loved every minute of it and since John’s a fellow photographer, we were especially honored to be asked to photograph it, even though there would be other photographer friends in attendance with their cameras. Perhaps one of the craziest parts involved the weather. On Saturday we were ahem, “glowing” in hot, steamy North Carolina and on Sunday, shivering at 10,000 feet where it didn’t make it much past 50 degrees! After some early clouds though, the sun came out just in time for their ceremony and bathed us all in some sweet, warm sunlight reflecting off the mountain lake behind the couple. Guests were asked to bring their camp chairs for the lake side ceremony and lots of other friends volunteered for various jobs, like catering and reception music playlist. E&J met each other among the trees, each with one of their pups and walked to meet their guests together hand in hand. The intimate ceremony they designed was officiated by Elizabeth’s Mom and included readings from several family and friends, as well as a serenade from John to his bride. At one point, they asked their guests to say and share a “word of the day”, which is a tradition E&J started where they share a word each day with one another that is meaningful in some way. Such a cool idea! Needless to say, we love these two and are tickled pink (do the kids say that anymore these days?) to have been a part of it. We also can’t thank them enough for the patience in understanding our crazy travel schedule! With that, on to the photos!

Venue: Leadville National Fish Hatchery

colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1710-03x colorado-rocky-mountain-first-site colorado-rocky-mountain-processional colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1710-59y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1711-45y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1714-57y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1715-36x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1717-54y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1722-37y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1723-33x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1726-49x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1730-18x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1730-54x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1733-37y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1738-16y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1741-12y colorado-rocky-mountain-recessional   colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1746-40x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1747-26y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1832-20y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1749-34x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1750-31x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1756-42x colorado-rocky-mountain-sneak-peek colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_western-attire colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1809-53y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1801-39x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1827-37y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1824-28x And then he turned the camera on us. Not everyday we wear jeans to a wedding! colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1833-24y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_jenga-guest-book colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-2054-31y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1848-36y

Oh, those Colorado skies…

colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1836-36x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-1933-08x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_dessert colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-2017-29x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_cake colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-2025-45y colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-2048-07x colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-2049-58y We wouldn’t mind if more weddings ended with a campfire. colorado-rocky-mountain-wedding_JE-2203-15y

Congratulations, E&J and thank you so much for your faith and trust in us. We love you guys!


Happy 11th Anniversary: Gracie & Aaron

Today we’re wishing the happiest of anniversary wishes to Gracie and Aaron who married back in the Spring of 2003! We recently chatted with Gracie on FB and she shared the following update with us:

You and Bill were able to capture so many great moments of our wedding, but I’d have to say the most memorable part for me was the traditional Filipino money dance. Our daughter Lia is almost 9 now and I’ve observed her looking thru our photos. No questions, just slowly paging thru with a smile on her face. The photos say it all, no questions need asking – joy, love, and a damn good time!


The most recent photo I have is from Christmas 2013.


Thanks you, two! It’s always great to hear from you and best wishes for a very happy 12th anniversary soon!



New Feature Wedding Album for Kaitlyn & Mark

Kaitlyn and Mark, married on a gorgeous Fall day in Washington, DC recently celebrated their first year anniversary with a gorgeous and incredibly meaningful gift to each other–a new feature wedding album! They received it, along with two copy albums for their parents, just before Christmas so now we’re excited to share a little peek of it with you.

K&M chose our contemporary digital coffee table album and chose some fantastic images, along with our photo suggestions, to go inside. If you’re a Holland Photo Arts client and are interested in getting the digital coffee table album for yourselves, drop us a note. Now is a great time of year to order one, as we can get them out to you much faster during the off season!







Best of 2014: Color Wedding Photography

Best of 2014: Color Wedding Photography

Welcome back, ya’ll! You probably already saw some of our favorite B&W wedding photography from 2014, but if not, go get yourself some of that timeless goodness, and then enjoy some of our favorite moments and portraits from 2014. This time in color.

Anne’s favorites of Bill’s:

From Annie & Adam’s Devil’s Thumb Ranch wedding:



From Alison & Jasper’s Farmington Country Club wedding (they were also featured on Washingtonian Bride & Groom magazine’s cover):


From our friends’ John & Elizabeth’s Leadville, Colorado wedding.


From Kate & Andrew’s Clifton Inn wedding:



From Laura & Gavin’s Lionscrest Manor wedding:




From Lindsey & Rob’s Steamboat Springs wedding:

Some folks are all about that bass. Bill was all about the silhouettes that day.




Also from their engagement session here in Boulder:


From Ingrid & Oscar’s Salamander Resort wedding:



From Sarah & Max’s Newseum wedding:



From Sara & Marc’s St. Regis Hotel wedding:


From Tori & Skyler’s Fat Cat Farm wedding: (also hope to blog soon!)


PBJ&D, is how this could be described.


Bill’s favorites of Anne’s:

From Annie & Adam’s Devil’s Thumb Ranch wedding:


From Alison & Jasper’s Farmington Country Club wedding:




From Joe & Rick’s Lake Geneva wedding:



From Kate & Andrew’s Clifton Inn wedding:



From Lisa & Elaine’s Umstead Resort wedding:


From Laura & Gavin’s Lionscrest Manor wedding:



From Lindsey & Rob’s Steamboat Springs wedding:

This was an moving target in the opposite direction, perhaps not readily apparent in the photo…


From Ingrid & Oscar’s Salamander Resort wedding:


From Sarah & Max’s Newseum wedding:




From Sara & Marc’s St. Regis Hotel wedding:


I love this look! It’s so, “Come to papa!”


From Tori & Skyler’s Fat Cat Farm wedding:



Thanks once again to all our couples this past year who gave us such wonderful, genuine moments to photograph. Your sweet and kind personalities and warm hearts helped make 2014 fulfilling for us.


Happy 11th Anniversary: Marianne & Erik

Today we’re celebrating Marianne & Erik who celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary a few months ago! M&E married back in Fall of 2003 in Washington, DC. We love getting to follow all their adventures on Facebook and they were kind enough allow us to share some of those adventures with us here. Here’s a sneak peek at a few of their wedding images from back in 2003…


Where has life found you since your wedding day?

Our party of two has expanded to a party of four – Ryan, 9; Anna 8 (plus Nacho the fish and Rocky the dog). We moved to South Carolina … and back. Now we are settled into our “forever” home in Gainesville, VA. Erik retired as a Lt. Col. in April 2014 and has joined the ranks of government contractors. Marianne is a freelance writer/editor for some local publications. And chauffer.

What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them?

About three years after we got married, the Air Force sent us to Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, SC. Marianne was (very) pregnant and lived in Pennsylvania with her parents while Erik set up the house and finished some required training in Florida. He missed Anna’s birth by a day. We realized just how important family is – our maid of honor, Danielle, and Marianne’s mom were in the delivery room … sort of. Her mom was there reluctantly, so she stood in the hall, arm stretched into the room with the phone receiver so the doctor could keep Erik updated.

It was a long four-year assignment, which included a deployment. Although we made some life-long friends, it was hard being so far away from our families.

Erik’s mom died about two years ago. Your picture of them dancing captures their love perfectly.


(Editor’s note: We’re especially humbled when family members pass away, but continue to live on through photos. Sometimes we’re the ones who take their last picture. It’s a huge honor and not one we take lightly.)

Have you had any unexpected joys?

Marianne laughs about being the “world’s worst military spouse,” but in 2013 was named the Pentagon Spouse of the Year by Military Spouse magazine. We’ve toured the White House (Anna even decorated cookies with the First Lady), marched in the DC Fourth of July parade, and danced to Katy Perry at the Inaugural Kids concert.

Erik rejoined his band – Soul Kitty 6 – and plays at bars throughout Prince William county and Fredericksburg.

What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

Marianne was late. Forty-five minutes late. We both laugh at the photo of Erik and our priest waiting (somewhat) patiently. She claims it wasn’t her fault – lots of roads were closed for the Taste of DC, which was just a few blocks from the church.


Our reception was fun and the bar was busy – our guests drank all of the Jameson in the National Press Club and danced until the lights came on. The party moved next door, and they closed down the J.W. Marriott bar.

We, however, escaped to take some night pictures in DC (thank you, by the way for that suggestion). That was the nicest, most romantic, relaxing part of the day. Marianne’s favorite picture is the shot in front of the Lincoln Memorial, where Erik proposed a year prior. He likes the photo taken there earlier in the day, with lots of tourists who couldn’t care less about the wedding party.

Have your little ones seen your wedding photos and if so, have they had any comments you don’t mind sharing?

EVERYONE has seen our pictures. We love our pictures, and the album is set out in our living room. Every time we have a party, we find folks flipping through the album.

Ryan likes the pre-wedding pictures, especially the one of the groomsmen walking through DC – and finds it hysterical that KISS is on a billboard in the background because Erik is a HUGE KISS fan.


Anna said she likes Marianne’s dress, “because it’s pretty and poufy.” She’s planning to wear the veil for her First Communion this spring. She’s also trying to convince us to let her wear the tiara to a feis (Irish dancing competition). That’s probably not going to happen.

They both like looking at their cousins – our ring bearer and flower girls – who were about the ages they are now. And they laugh at the pictures of little Miranda sleeping on the bus and still looking a little dazed and confused walking down the aisle.

We’re including a recent picture of us. This was taken in July, at the promotion of our Best Man, Col. Arnold Nash III.


M&E, we’re so thrilled that one of your favorite moments from your wedding day was when we went and did some nighttime shots at the Lincoln Memorial. It’s one of ours, too. Thanks so much and we wish you much continued happiness!


Alison & Jasper on the COVER of Washingtonian Bride and Groom magazine!

Alison & Jasper on the COVER of Washingtonian Bride and Groom magazine!

We were so excited when the editors at Washingtonian Bride and Groom reached out to us recently after selecting an image of Alison & Jasper for the cover of their latest issue–Winter & Spring 2015!  A&J were married this past Spring at Farmington Country Club in Charlottesville, Virginia and we knew even then their wedding was unique. We’re so grateful, too to be one of their top photography studios on their Best Of list again! Other top area wedding professionals and couples recently tying the knot vote for the DC area’s best.

Thank you so much, Washingtonian Bride & Groom and thank you, A&J!




Happy 2015 from Holland Photo Arts!

Happy 2015 from Holland Photo Arts!

Happy, happy new year!! We hope you’ve all recovered from your celebrating and are looking forward to an amazing 2015! We celebrated in true Holland fashion–on the couch, in our PJ’s chuckling over Kathy Griffin dying Anderson Cooper’s hair. Of course, we also had to enjoy a little champagne (Does the new year really happen if no champagne is involved? We don’t think so but aren’t willing to find out), homemade kettle corn and this year, some truly decadent Gooey Butter Cake.

Seriously–if you haven’t yet had the pleasure of this delicious concoction, you simply must. It’s worth making from scratch (no yellow cake mix, Paula Deen!). Anne used this one from Smitten Kitchen and it turned out wonderfully. Take it from Bill and his happy tummy. Or if you’re in the Denver metro area, get your behinds over to Sassafras American Eatery. While we only have one in-kitchen attempt under our belts, we have to admit their version knocks it out the park and is definitely something to aspire to. If you’re not in the Denver metro area, well, you wanted to come visit us in Boulder anyway, right? Happy hour’s on us! (If you follow us on Instagram, you saw that we got each other the same book for Christmas. The SAME book! And of course, it’s about food. If you don’t follow us on Instagram, do consider it. It’s divine!)

Even though we’re having a little trouble believing it’s already 2015 when New Year’s 2014 only feels like a few months ago, we’re excited for the new start and the known–and unknown–adventures yet to come. We know we’ve said it before, but we continue to be amazed, grateful, and sure occasionally overwhelmed, that we get to photograph couples starting their marriage adventure. In 2014 we racked up another 25k frequent flier miles (hello, vacation miles!) and photographed couples saying I Do (getting married) or saying I Will (getting engaged) in New York, North Carolina, Washington DC, Virginia, and of course, our beautiful home of Colorado. Twenty fifteen already holds similar promise and we couldn’t be more hapy.

Thank you to all of our fabulous couples–past, present and future! We know we wouldn’t be here without you and the fact that we get to continue to be welcomed into your lives, at such an intimately personal time in your lives, well, we just get all sniffly thinking about how lucky we are (although we probably shouldn’t be writing this while chopping an onion). The lifelong friendships we’ve made in shooting 350+ weddings were somewhat unexpected, but truly cherished.

On to the pictures! We had so much fun coming with a 2014 New Year’s card design and wanted to share it with you as we do each year. In fact, we gathered all of the ones we’ve done since 2005 and put them in this one post. We love seeing all the years together and hope you enjoy seeing what we’ve been up to, as well. Big hugs and thanks to the fantabulous (that is seriously a word!) duo of Heather and Dani over at rock,paper, scissors in Charlottesville. We continue to be blown away by their talent and highly recommend them for any custom work, including, hint, hint…wedding invitations!

PS – Check out this space in the coming weeks to see some of our absolute favorite moments and couples captured while they were getting lost in 2014.

It’s hard to see online, but these were letterpressed on 110# paper in copper foil, as well as having some debossed bubbles, which is what the gray circles are and fit in lovely #10 size teal envelopes. Anne came up with the idea of having our years’ adventures form the shape of a champagne bottle, we both wrote down some 2014 highlights and RPS made it happen. Photo is an Instagram (seriously, you should follow us) from Anne’s birthday in Winter Park, Colorado. We then had them printed locally in Denver through Flaming Hot Foil. Huge thank you to all these talented folks. We love them!

frontofcard backofcard




2012 (design also by RPS):




See the funny, sweet and sometimes strange responses we received back!




2011 card:



01111414 01111401 01111400a


card front






2008 (pardon the horrible scan):

01111410  01111412 01111412a 01111413

2007 (another questionable scan):



01111409a 01111409 01111408a







Wild seeing all the different hairstyles Anne had when she feels like she’s had the same hair since high school!

So do you have a favorite? Card, not hairstyle. Unless you’d like to share that opinion!

Wishing you all a truly sparkling 2015!


Merry Christmas from The Hollands (& Callie the Cat)!

Merry Christmas from The Hollands (& Callie the Cat)!

This time of year we’re all grateful to be able to spend quality, even raucous and perhaps occasionally stressful, time with family. And for those who aren’t with us anymore, to feel the love and remember the relationship we had with them.

One of the most rewarding aspects of our profession is capturing the essence of family members when photographing weddings. Just yesterday morning we received an email from the mother of a 2012 bride, telling us the groom’s granddad had just passed away. It’s an honor to often have created the last professional images of many our clients’ families, as it was with this groom’s grandfather (in his Army uniform on his grandson’s wedding day, just beaming with pride). Similarly, given that our respective parents and grandparents are now gone, this time of year can be bittersweet. We’re especially grateful to have items and photographs that remind us of the love we shared with them and to be able to celebrate with our siblings.

Anne reflects…

Just hearing Johnny Mathis singing O Holy Night, one of my mom’s favorites during the holiday season can bring tears to my eyes as a flood of memories from Christmas’s past swirl around in my head. I often find myself avoiding listening to Christmas carols until well into December lest melancholy hit too often, because it is such a fun & festive season. Simply getting to spend some much needed downtime with family is sweeter than any material gift I could receive. While I wish our parents could be with us physically to watch their grandson’s face (our nephew) light up when Santa brings him something he wished for, I know they are indeed with us. Keeping them in our hearts and minds during the holidays is important to us and one way we do that is with our Christmas tree ornaments.

From before I was born, when my parents were first married, to the early 90’s when my father passed away, my Mom hand made a Christmas tree ornament each December, often over a hundred, to give to family and friends along with our card. A different ornament every year. To say people looked forward to seeing what she came up with and their excitement when receiving it would be an understatement. The time, love, and care she put into them let all the recipients know just how much she loved and cared for them. While I don’t think I inherited the crafty, DIY gene from her, I definitely inherited the obsession of putting together something important for our family, friends and colleagues–hence our holiday cards, but more on those later.

Some of our favorite ornaments that make our tree every year….

These were some snowflake photo ornaments we found at Pottery Barn several yeas ago. Love them and wish we had gotten more. We have more photos we need to add!

snowflake photos

Our two kitties who are no longer with us, but are definitely not forgotten.


Anne at 5 years old with the ornament (complete with glitter and lace) that she made in kindergarten.

anne at 5

Gotta get some A&B love on there, of course!


Do lawyers put ornaments of briefs and summons on their holiday trees? Well….

felt camera


Ornament Anne gave to Bill our first Christmas as Mr. & Mrs. in 2001.

first christmas

Photo from our first ski trip together. Back in the late 90’s. Whoa.

first ski trip

Ceramic ornament from Paloma’s Nest commemorating our marriage in New Orleans

new orleans wedding

…one of our favorite cities and where we bought this Fleur de Lis wooden ornament on a return trip a few years ago.

fleur de lis

And some of Anne’s Mom’s ornaments…gingerbread house (S is for Stitt!) with a door and windows that open to reveal…


…our holiday greeting and photos of Anne and her brother Andy from that year. Love seeing my Mom’s handwriting.

gingerbread house     mom's 1 mom's 2

mom's santa

And since 2014 was apparently the year for selfies (does anyone else pretty much loathe that word, btw?)….


Our little Charlie Brown tree.

christmas tree


And a few of our other holiday decorations because, well, why not?


mirror greenery

snowflake snowflakes

These sweet little carolers have lights that blink on and off. It was one of my Mom’s favorite decorations and it came out every year. The caroler’s light on the right burned out years ago, but the other two are still keeping it going. Apparently you can’t change them so when those go, it’ll be a sad day, but for now they make us smile and who doesn’t need some carolers on their bar cart? So far they haven’t snuck any of the tequila, but we’re keeping a close eye on them.


Can we just say how much we love getting cards from friends and clients that have our photos on them? Love this, Joe & Rick!

holiday card j and r

For those of you that celebrate Christmas, we’d love to see some of the favorite ornaments on your tree!

Whatever holiday you happen to celebrate this season, we hope it’s with those you love the most. As for our wedding couples, our family and our friends — we love and cherish you all and are so happy to have you in our lives. You make them so much richer.


Event Photography at The Broadmoor Hotel

Event Photography at The Broadmoor Hotel

While most of our work is in wedding photography (now in Colorado and of course still in our old haunts of Washington, DC and Virginia), we welcome the occasional change of pace with commercial event photography. Our dear friend Jessica from Design Foundry called a while back and inquired about photography for a corporate event at the elegant Broadmoor Hotel. It’s always nice working with people you know, and we loved getting to work with her incredible team, especially on this side of the country! These colorful images are from a closing night party for a association conference group and the British-inspired time-traveling fashion show, along with all the amazing London “neighborhoods” were so much fun to photograph. Seriously, that fashion show was so, so cool. Loads of fun, and we can’t wait to photograph more events and of course, some gorgeous weddings back at the Broadmoor soon!




Jess even found a mini-cooper for rent so she knew she had to drive it in.

mini    suit_7


Complete with a Broadmoor food truck!





The below art and frames are all chocolate!




Live performance artist!





The runway!


umbrella sass_8








The association president takes a victory lap.




Thanks so much, Annie & Jessica for having us out to capture such an incredible party. What a treat and we look forward to working with you all again soon!


Happy 11th Anniversary: Sunny & Erik

We were so thrilled to check in with Sunny & Erik who were married way back in October of 2013 so they just very recently celebrated 11 years of marriage! We have very fond memories of their wedding so it was such a treat to get to revisit their photos, as well as hear how married life has been treating them. They were our first and only couple who married at Blue Ridge Overlook on Wintergreen Mountain! Even though we now get to photograph weddings on slightly bigger mountains, this Virginia overlook is truly spectacular with some of the best views of those famed Blue Ridge peaks. We were so happy to see that Sunny, a former model is racing stock cars again which she was doing at the time of their wedding, too. How cool is that?!


What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them? Have you had any unexpected joys?

Our challenges and unexpected joys are actually the same – we were surprised and blessed with identical twin girls after 4 years of marriage, and what a roller coaster of a few years that was! The girls are beautiful and wonderful, and luckily I went what is considered “full-term” with them, so they were born healthy. Our son was born not long after – they are only 18 months apart, so we felt like we had triplets for a while, which logistically and emotionally can be a huge challenge, but the silver lining is not only the immense love we have for our children but the strength it created in our marriage. Erik and I were simply “teammates” for a while, with diapers, feedings, and all the juggling that goes with the development of three little ones and that was ok, because our focus was on the kids, and now we have come out the other side of it stronger and able to focus on ourselves as well as our children.

Where has life found you since your wedding day?

We moved outside of Richmond to a rural county and we enjoy living in the country. My parents moved to the same county, so we luckily have them close by! I have resumed my love of motorsports by working for a sports car race team as well a picking up my own stock car racing again, which is my passion. Erik has been able to get back into fishing and we take the kids out on the boat alot.

What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

Erik says he remembers how happy our parents were. You can see the smile on my moms face and feel it. They were happy and proud. I remember how perfect it was. The day was just what I wished for a as a little girl, all my family and friends, on the side of a mountain, Puccini, in my mother’s fur stole, the leaves turned bright and beautiful for autumn, my dress, dancing with my father, my brother and my girlfriends! it was all perfect!

Have your little ones seen your wedding photos and if so, did they have any comments you wouldn’t mind sharing?

Yes, they have looked at the book, and it’s funny because the little white gloves that came with the album fit them perfectly! Finally, someone can wear those gloves! They don the gloves, turn the pages and point out all the people they know, that are still in our lives.They want to eat up the chocolate cake (one of the best we’ve ever had! -Ed.)! And they ask why people are throwing stuff at us? (birdseed was thrown instead of rice). We plan to vacation at the same resort this year.

I just wanted to let you know that Erik and I have commented often over the years that the money we spent with you and Bill was money well spent, it was the best decision we made about our wedding, it was the largest percentage of our budget, and it was SO worth it. We look at those photos every anniversary, and more with the kids now, but I can’t thank you enough for capturing those moments for us. It means a lot to me. Still.


Happiest of anniversaries to you S&E! You have such a beautiful family and we’re tickled pink that you and your kiddos love looking at your wedding photos so often! :)