Karen & Michael: Happy Anniversary!

We couldn’t be happier today to celebrate the one-year anniversary of our dear friends Karen and Michael! In addition to Karen coming on as our assistant (in addition to her more-than-full-time grade-school teaching job), we recently chatted with them about this past year of their lives together, and what images from their wedding day they love the most. Here’s what they had to say:

We have had the most wonderful year of celebrations, both our own and others. Experiencing every emotion on our wedding day, laughing and dancing together at the weddings of our close friends and exploring the world together, starting with the honeymoon in Italy and continuing this year with Munich and South Africa!  Every mile is a memory and we can’t believe what a ride we have had the past 12 years! From high school dances to toasting our one year anniversary with beer and good friends in Munich, we count our blessings in the millions.  We appreciate every moment spent together, be it Friday night take-out on the couch or sitting on the beach in Cabo, our lives just fit together perfectly. But above all, it feels so good and so right to finally call each other husband and wife.

Michael’s faves:

Sums up Karen to a T, lots of fun and spontaneous. Why would she think twice to a chocolate cupcake even if she’s in her wedding dress?

This one shows how stunning she looked that day.

Karen’s faves:

This picture brings me back to one of my favorite moments of the day–Our first dance was so incredibly emotional, just the two of us lost in our own world together.  I couldn’t keep myself from crying with happiness.

I absolutely love the expression on Michael’s face.  I look at this and I can hear his big, wonderful laugh and it puts a smile on my face every time.

Both faves:

What more is there to say? This completely captured our pure, absolute joy on our wedding day.  We couldn’t believe after 11 years in the making, it was our wedding day! Incredible.
We love this picture for many reasons.  First, Jefferson is our fave D.C. monument, the site of our engagement, and this just seems like the quintessential D.C. wedding pic.  Love it!
Thanks so much, you two, for allowing us to share your first anniversary with you and we look forward to many more. We loved seeing some of your favorite pics from that incredible day and we love you both to pieces.

Caren & Ed: Happy Anniversary!

Happy Monday everyone! We hope your weekend was as fun as ours was. Today we’re celebrating Caren & Ed’s one year wedding anniversary, with some thoughts from the happy couple about their past year together as well as of course several of their favorite images from the day. Enjoy!

We can’t believe that it has been a whole year since the wedding.  We have had a wonderful time with travels including a honeymoon in Greece, trips to Barcelona and Rome, the Grand Prix in Montreal, as well as visits with family in North Carolina, Utah, Illinois, and Florida.  We have experienced our first home renovation project, a work retirement, and the buying and selling of assorted cars.  In all, marriage has exceeded expectations!  We will be in Napa to celebrate our anniversary and the fact that being together just continues to get better!

Ed’s choices:

Caren’s choices:

The “Just Married” decoration left on the door, a tribute to our kittens from close friends.

Both: This picture always makes me smile.  When we first thought about which photos we would want taken, I knew that I wanted a picture of us with all of the children.  I had in mind a vision of beauty and peace — sweet angelic children gazing up at the camera with perfect smiles.  Of course, photographing small children has never worked that way!  I have no idea why I thought our wedding day would be any different!  The reality of trying to wrestle all of the little ones into a picture was a riot, and this picture never fails to make us laugh.

Both: This picture is simply amazing.  The day was beautiful and it was fun to take pictures in front of the museum.  However, I had no idea that we would end up with a picture like this.  It seems like a poster — and yet — there we are in it!  It ended up being one of our favorite photos and it hangs on our wall now.  It is a magical picture of a magical moment on a magical day.

Erin & Bryan: Happy Anniversary!

We’re delighted this morning to celebrate the first anniversary of our dear friends Erin & Bryan. We touched based with them recently to ask about their wedding and their experiences as a couple since, as well as to share with us some of their favorite images from their celebration. Enjoy!

Saturday morning blueberry pancakes with our bulldog, Sukie, crossing the finish line after running a half-marathon together, flipping through wedding photos late at night,  fitting into each other perfectly, driving to Harris Teeter at 1 AM just to get eggs so that we could satisfy our toll-house cookie craving,  snorkeling through the baths in The British Virgin Islands, laughing about our idiosyncrasies, biting into a cupcake on the street corner in NYC, roaming the streets of Beacon Hill, dancing to bluegrass music in Asheville, playing frisbee in the park on Sunday afternoons, starting our book collection, figuring out “our” side of the bed, discovering bacon lollipops at Founding Farmers in DC,  watching Sukie take her first steps in the ocean at St. Simons Island, and knowing that we’ll wake up next to each other in 70 years…still in love, still learning about each other, and still as excited about the future together as we are today.

Here are some of their favorite images:

Erin: This was the first time that I was walking into the Veritas on the wedding day & I was able to see everything all together.  My mom strung all those origami cranes by hand, and it took her forever!  I couldn’t believe how amazing everything looked. I loved how you captured my reaction – I was in awe.

Erin: I love this photo of my grandmother.  My grandmother is French and always gives me the best advice on marriage.  She once told me that when you’re married, the most important thing is to never take one another for granted…I remember that everyday. (erin)

Bryan: This guy was one of our football teammates and was always the life of the party. This is one of his standard moves at each wedding. We always said that if anyone of us had one million dollars, we’d pay him an annual salary to hang out with us.

Both: This photo is our all-time favorite.  I remember Bryan just whispered in my ear, “forever, babe…just me and you.” We were completely lost in this moment. (It’s one of our all-time favorites too!)

Mandy & Laurence: Happy Anniversary!

We’re happy today to celebrate the anniversary of Mandy & Laurence, who married one year ago today in an intimate ceremony with twenty or so family members at the beautiful Clifton Inn. Congratulations, you two! Following are several of their personal favorite images from the day.

Plus a couple of our personal faves from the day. This celebratory moment is immediately following their ceremony.

Their escort cards were cutouts of birds which, if you balanced them just so, could sit atop wine glasses. 🙂

Happy Anniversary…To Us

I have found the one whom my soul loves.
-Song of Solomon

Nine years ago today (yes, five days after 9/11) we gathered with twenty family members and friends, half of what was planned, in a courtyard in New Orleans’ French Quarter to marry each other after three years of dating. There were the expected as well as the humorously unexpected (such as when our officiant mistakenly asked Anne if she would take me as her “wife”), but overall it was exactly as it should be. We were thrilled to be surrounded by so many very close friends, all of whom traveled and many of whom jumped through incredible hoops to make it to the city so they could participate in the celebration. One old navy friend drove 30 hours straight from Los Angeles to make it, only to be asked upon his arrival if he might be interested in reading a passage at the ceremony the next afternoon. Such was life that weekend.

After the reception, we hopped into a horse-drawn carriage (well, in New Orleans it’s usually a mule-drawn carriage) for a short ride around the French Quarter. Even in the fun-lovin’ Crescent City, there was a pall cast from the all-too-recent terrorist attacks, and people there were looking for an excuse–any excuse–to smile. We felt as if we were riding in our own Mardi Gras parade with the mule, the driver, and the two of us rounding the Quarter’s corners to cheers and passing the Lucky Dog carts.  It was, once again, exactly how it should be.

Today, as we note the ninth time the Earth has revolved around the sun since we made a commitment to each other, we’re reminded that it’s not all about the wedding. The wedding is wonderful idea and great excuse to get two families together for one heckofa party. And, of course, makes for some great photo opportunities that will capture the moments so that they can live on forever. But in the end, it’s the day-to-day renewal of one’s commitment to another that makes the journey what it is. We can all live life by ourselves, unattached and unadorned, but when we have an opportunity to open ourselves, to share, to listen, to commit, we experience rewards that are unimaginable the day of the wedding.

As we awaken this morning to commit ourselves to each other and to our relationship for another day, it’s fun to remember what we’ve experienced together as a couple this past nine years. One day at a time, we’re looking forward to many, many more. And if you’re in a committed relationship, we wish for the same reward for you. Given our profession, we’re blessed enough to see that spark in our couples many, many times each year. It is our wish for that spark, your spark, to remain vibrantly alive for each of you.

Photo by Johnny Chauvin

Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened.
Happiness never decreases by being shared.
-the Buddha