Shraddha and Samir’s Riverfront Indian Wedding, Part 2

Shraddha and Samir’s Riverfront Indian Wedding, Part 2

Welcome back! We hope you enjoyed our earlier entry with some of our favorite photos from S&S’s pre-ceremony festivities. Thanks to these two, it was so incredibly hard to narrow them down, but certainly, that’s not a bad problem to have, is it? ūüėČ On to their wedding day!

Oh, and when you’re done you’re most certainly going to want to visit their complete gallery. The password is Shraddha’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The (very enduring) pro team:
Venue: Berkeley Plantation
Catering: Rajbhog
Cake baker: Cakes by Graham
Make-up and hair: Khalood Sultana
Gown designer: Sapana Amin
Videography: Upendra Patel
Event coordination: Le Reve Creations
DJ: Nashaa Productions

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:

This photo in particular Bill loves! It clearly shows how much Shraddha means to her friends.

This is the part of the wedding where the bride officially “leaves her home” to make a new life with her groom. As you can see, it’s an incredibly emotional time for everyone.

Early that evening, everyone returned to the plantation for dinner, and we started out with a few relaxed portraits with S&S.

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

Shraddha’s brother Shreyas gave an incredibly touching and highly emotional toast. Sensing a trend here?

We could say Shreyas was drinking water here, but we’d be lying. Let’s just say it was a very “spirited” evening!

And of course some incredibly beautiful and intensely colorful wedding day details:

Dear s&s,

Tenderness. Joyousness. Family. That’s what we think of when we remember your wedding weekend.¬†When we met your family Thursday afternoon to begin our weekend’s with you, Shraddha, it was clear from the very beginning how close you were to them, and how much they adored you. There was playfulness and seriousness within moments of one another during your mendhi and especially during the pithi the next day at your parents home. The way your families and seemingly entire community came together to support you and your marriage impressed upon us what an meaningful¬†transition¬†your wedding was, as it would any witness to the celebration.

Your weekend was full of so many purposeful traditions, but we especially loved the fun opening prior to the garba dance on Friday night, Samir, when Shraddha’s mom tried (eventually successfully) to “feed” you while your cohorts only temporarily fended her off (and you playfully tugged at her sari to “ask” for gifts and family blessings). Such fun, and smiles all around. It was clear too how much preparation went into the talent dances your families performed for the two of you that evening as well after such a deliciously seasoned dinner! That was some insanely good food, and your brother did such a great job of hosting the evening’s festivities, Shraddha, whipping the crowd into full excitement in preparation for the garba.

By the time Saturday morning rolled around and our cameras’ shutters began opening at 6am, (not gonna lie, never thought we’d be ever typing that starting time on the blog!) we were fully immersed and so excited to celebrate your wedding with you both and your families. Since you had told us beforehand that Samir had designed and hand-crafted your mandap we were especially eager to see it standing beautifully on the banks of the James River. Since summer was still in force, your guests availed themselves (as did we) to the best idea ever–a shaved ice machine–during your ceremony. Passing ice cream and cold water to your guests, many ¬†of whom decided to move their chairs to the shade of the trees, was also a very nice and much appreciated touch. When the ceremony ended, we loved watching and capturing the back-and-forth between your brother and bridesmaids, Shraddha, and Samir for the¬†joota chupai. We always thought it was a fun tradition to steal and hide the groom’s shoes for small ransom. Why not?

The incredibly close ties you have to your families was in full display as you prepared for your¬†vidaai. We could not hold back our own sniffles as we watched you with your parents, Shraddha, before leaving with Samir as the official start of your new life with him. ¬†That moment was one of the most concrete in our memories and one we’ll hold close in our hearts for a long time to come.

Finally that evening, when things cooled slightly, it was the first time we had seen a toast from bridesmaids turn right into a dance routine with participation from not only you but the rest of your wedding party. It really set the mood for the non-stop party in store for the evening, and we’re pretty sure we hadn’t seen that kind of¬†ebullience¬†on the dance floor in quite some time. After midnight, as the party slowly faded, we held broad smiles on our faces, having witnessed one of the most fun, endearing, and touching weddings we’ve ever seen. Then we returned to the hotel, where we were asleep before our heads even hit the pillows! Whew. What an incredible weekend we shared and we’re so excited to share your photos with you this week.

Thank you so much for inviting us into celebration and for your trust in us, s&s. Congratulations!

With love,

Shraddha and Samir’s Riverfront Indian Wedding, Part 1

Shraddha and Samir’s Riverfront Indian Wedding, Part 1

It’s been a while since we’ve done a two-part wedding journal post for you, but boy do we have a phenomenal, three-day wedding to share with you today! This Friday’s going to kick off a long series of simply fantastic celebrations we’ve been able to witness and document this late Summer and Fall on behalf of, well, we don’t want to boast, but seriously some of the most wonderful, caring, and lovely people around. We’ve been so lucky to share in their love and document this new adventure of theirs. Enjoy the very first part of Shraddha & Samir’s Indian wedding, covering the first two days. This afternoon we’ll be posting images from their third day’s¬†wedding ceremony as well as a link to view their complete wedding.

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:

There was some serious talent present during the mendhi, with just the merest beginnings of an ornate design shown above. Below are some images from the pithi at Shraddha’s house (Samir’s was being held concurrently in Philadelphia, so sadly we couldn’t be there, as well.)

Here Shraddha’s mom tries over and over to “feed” Samir, while he did his best to playfully decline. He eventually relented, but not without a good fight. ūüôā

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

The garba shown above was an amazingly energetic (and as you can see, colorful) component of their wedding. What a great way to end the night!

Again, be sure to return this afternoon to see Saturday’s fantastically colorful and emotional wedding!

Jessi & Joey’s Wedding at Monumental Church and Virginia Historical Society

Jessi & Joey’s Wedding at Monumental Church and Virginia Historical Society

Today we get to celebrate the wedding of the casually lovely and totally relaxed high school sweethearts, Jessi & Joey. You probably remember them from their engagement portraits we did with them earlier this Summer. As luck would have it, their wedding day fell on one of the hottest,¬†stickiest¬†days yet this summer – actual temp was something like 104(!), but we had a blast with these two. Granted it was like the hot blast you get when you open your oven door and it’s set to 500, but it was a blast none the less.

Enjoy a few of our favorites from the day, and when you’re ready, check out all their wedding images found here. The password is Jessi’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The Talent:
Ceremony venue: Monumental Church
Reception venue: Virginia Historical Society
Planner: Events by Elizabeth Palmer
Videographer: Alzuro Video Productions
Catering: Pick Ups Plus Catering
Baker: Katherine’s Confections
Florist: Flowers by Zoie
DJ: Choice Entertainment
Make-up: Karen Bowman
Hair styling: Lori Carrasco
Lighting: Blue Steel Lighting
Stationery: Paper on the Avenue
Calligraphy: Ginny Rogan

Bill’s fave photos of Anne’s:

(We’ve documented hundreds of weddings, and if there’s one thing that will choke us up to this day, it’s watching a father and his daughter on her wedding day. Gets. Us. Everytime.)

Bill actually took this one below, but it was Anne’s idea, so I gotta give her the props!

Anne’s fave photos of Bill’s:

Nothing beats good light! And we had it in spades.

Call me maybe?

And of course some lovely details from the day:

Goes to show that tequila and weddings do indeed mix…

Dear j&j,

There’s something to be said for wearing the ring that’s been worn in your family for five generations. That’s a commitment not only to the person you love deeply, but to the tradition surrounding the ring. That the two of you took all of this in stride, with respect, honor, and of course humor on your wedding day was emblematic of your relationship. As for the relationships with your families. Joey, we absolutely adored that fact that you had your little brother serve as your best man. His toast that night to his big brother and sister-in-law was one of the sweetest we’ve ever witnessed. Jessi, including lost loved ones photo charms on your bouquet showed just how deep your family ties are. We’re glad they could be with you that day in spirit.

We loved how you both seamlessly bonded together your respective heritages and faiths in an artifact of a church near your homes, followed by your reception at (where else?) the Virginia Historical Society. It signified how much you value your roots here in Virginia. And the U.S. Constitution¬†groom’s cake was the perfect touch. We heard several guess commenting on how that was so you guys.

The day was most certainly not all seriousness, however. Throughout there was this undercurrent of humor peeking around the corner periodically throughout until it just literally exploded at your reception. The toasts you had surrounding your cake were filled with so much laughter over past stories of your adventures separately and together. And certainly that wasn’t enough, as you enjoyed serenades (well, maybe that’s not such a precise term, but you were sang to with gusto) separately by your bridesmaids and groomsmen. It was such a sweet ending to such a fun evening, and we couldn’t be happier for you both. Congratulations!

Much love…

Evan & Ashleigh’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Farmington Country Club

Evan & Ashleigh’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Farmington Country Club

We don’t often get a chance to hand-deliver clients’ wedding images as most everyone it seems lives hours away from Charlottesville, but there are a few lucky ones who get to call our little ‘burb home. So, over a beer at their favorite local watering hole, we recently met up with Evan and Ashleigh (you undoubtedly remember their super fun¬†Love Session from last fall), and got to give them their wedding photos in person. What a treat!

As you’ll see from even just a few of our favorites below, this is one couple who is not short on emotion and thankfully for us, aren’t afraid to show it. ¬†Not only are they sweeter than sugar, but quite honestly are one of the most fun loving, genuine and uh, crazy good looking couples we’ve had the¬†privilege¬†of getting to know and getting to hang with! And don’t just take it from us–ask any of their talent team listed below, the consensus on just how awesome they are is unanimous. We’re all just a little bummed now that the wedding is actually over for us, but so happy for them, as their fun adventure is just beginning. ¬†And with that, we’d love to share just a few of our faves from their wedding day. You can of course see everything, including moments from their rehearsal dinner, on the personal gallery. The password is Ashleigh’s maiden name.

The fab team:
Venue, catering, and baker: Farmington Country Club
Officiant: Dave Johnson with Christ Episcopal Church
Planning:  Iris with Barb Wired
Florist: Blue Ridge Floral Designs
Band: Adrian Duke Project
Ceremony musicians: Encore String Quartet
Stationery: Rock Paper Scissors
Calligraphy: If So Inklined
Lighting: Blue Ridge Lightforms
Hair styling: Moxie
Make-up Artist: Lauren Carroll
Groom’s cake: ¬†Maliha Creations

Anne’s favorites:

Bill’s favorites:

Taking a moment out to relax before being announced for the first time as husband and wife.

First dance! Too bad no one was having a good time.

How cool is it Evan serenaded his bride on her wedding day?

Some lovely details…

Dear e&a,

Oh my gosh, where do we start? We knew from the moment we first met for tea many, many afternoons ago, that we’d be a perfect match for one another. (Yea, we should have had custom matches made: “E&A and A&B – A Perfect Match”. Hee hee. Okay, please don’t tell anyone we said that.) Your love and pride for UVa and Charlottesville is only matched by your love for each other and your easy, infectious smiles can’t help but touch anyone and everyone who comes in contact with you. Especially after your Love Session, we simply couldn’t wait to spend your wedding weekend with you. We knew if your family and friends were even half as considerate, warm, and compassionate as you guys, we were in for a joyous weekend. We weren’t disappointed.

Ashleigh, the wedding day card you had delivered to Evan with the opening words “Batshit crazy for you” and the way you “snuck” up on him during your first look still makes us laugh. Evan, your many faces that day were priceless – from your “wincing” ring exchange, to your surprise at seeing the first of the rose petals being tossed by your guests just following your ceremony on the back lawn of Farmington.

It really set the mood and watching the two of you laugh and tease each other that day–well–you just couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces as we captured it all. (Did anyone capture us for proof?) ūüėȬ†It may have been a black tie affair, but deep down, you knew it was going to be a party-on-the-beach vibe among your friends who got down on that dance floor like their lives depended on it.

The range of emotions we witnessed was like packing a year’s worth of weddings into one too-short day. The energetic thumbs ups, the tears, the laughter and broad smiles were all there, particularly when Ashleigh, you watched as Evan sang solo to you as if ¬†no one else was in the room; and Even, when you were watching Ashleigh dance with her dad. These are among the moments we won’t soon forget. We know you won’t either.

We couldn’t have been more honored to be there for you on your wedding day. Thank you for your trust and your friendship. Cheers, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Much love…


Mary Pat & Jon’s Wedding at the McDonough School and Carr Center

Mary Pat & Jon’s Wedding at the McDonough School and Carr Center

Today we’re so happy to share with you photos from Mary Pat and Jon’s wedding. While it was pretty warm that day for their wedding as well, at least there were cupcakes and champagne for all after the ceremony, so all was most definitely well in the world. While we wish we could say that there are cupcakes & champagne waiting for you at the end of this post, hopefully you’ll be enjoying the photos so much you won’t hear that stomach of yours growling. ūüėČ So enjoy, and when you’re ready for more, you can view their complete wedding¬†(the password is Mary Pat’s maiden name).

Have a great weekend, everyone!¬†We hope you’re enjoying whatever cool weather you can muster and in lieu of that, at least some chilled adult beverages to carry you along. We know we’ll be doing just that!

The fab team:
Ceremony venue: McDonough School chapel
Reception venue: Carr Event Center at The Willard Hotel
Planner: Peggy Marilley with Team Precision
Florist: Helen Olivia
Catering: Occasions
Cake: Fancy Cakes by Leslie
Cupcakes: IcedGems
Gown: Vera Wang
Video: Ernest with Dolce Studio Films

Anne’s favorites:

LOVE this series she captured of their little boy playing with MP’s veil just following the ceremony.

Bill’s favorites:

Jon braves the heat while awaiting the start of the ceremony.

Who’s going to turn down getting a sign with “yay!” on it when married? Nope, us neither.

Last, but not least, a few lovely details from the day:



Dear mp&j+d,

We had to laugh when we saw Jon’s ring after you said your I Do’s last month. More specifically, what was written inside of it, “Put Me Back On”. As if he’d need a reminder. The two of you were so natural and relaxed with one another. Jon, we don’t think we ever saw you without a huge grin on your face that day and why wouldn’t you–your bride was absolutely glowing and your sweet little boy made everyone smile everywhere he went that day. Especially when he joined his parents up at the alter after your first kiss as husband and wife¬†with a flag exclaiming “yay!” Yay, indeed!

It was nice to see you select a spot for your vows with such personal significance, since you attended school and practically grew up at McDonough, Mary Pat. And the fact that your officiant was a dear friend who got ordained for this very special occasion was one of those sweet and personal touches we just love.¬†We overheard several guests exclaiming, “Awwww…” after reading the note that Dixon “wrote” for your wedding favor of the Old Glory & Union Jack pin¬†that your sister and event planner(!) had made for you as a surprise, too. What fun having him & Peggy handing those to guests as they entered the chapel. Little did they know they’d be the recipients of another sweet (literally!) surprise when the chapel doors opened after the ceremony to reveal a cute cupcake truck and servers waiting with chilled champagne. Champagne + cupcakes + shaded lawn on a warm day = heaven. Well, maybe that would be our heaven since we’re suckers for both of those things, but such whimsical touches really set the mood that day. Especially for what was to come that evening!

With you selection of the Carr Center at the Willard for your reception, you gave your guests some killer views of the Washington Monument and downtown DC. No one wanted to leave the glorious, shaded balcony surrounded by so much historical beauty, and we certainly don’t blame them. But with cocktails in hand, headed inside to witness your dear friend in Ireland live Skyping her toast when circumstances prevented her from joining the party in person. A gorgeous and delicious dinner from one of our faves, Occasions Catering, gave guests just the right amount of energy to hit the dance floor later that evening. How cool was it to have your mom’s boyfriend, Jon, perform several songs for you and your guests! He was a hoot to talk with and incredibly talented to boot.

All in all, it was a wonderful day filled with many very unique and personalized touches. We got to experience so many fun firsts that day and that likely says a lot in itself given how many different weddings we’ve photographed! It’s been such a joy getting to know you both over the past couple of months. We are always¬†honored when we get to document such an important day for our clients and their families, but especially when they’re as kind, warm and trusting as you both were from the moment we first chatted on the phone. It means more than you know. Thank you so much, and congratulations!

“May your wedding day be the worst day of your lives.”



Happy anniversary: Ben & Deena

Happy anniversary: Ben & Deena

How cool is it chatting up clients from a year ago to see how they’ve been doing and of course find out their favorite moments from their wedding that we captured for them? One year ago, DC-based Ben and Deena returned to Charlottesville, site of their alma mater at the University of Virginia, to tie the knot at the historic University’s chapel with follow-on reception at picturesque Veritas Vineyard. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year sometimes, and we always love hearing how much fun our clients have been having over the past year, and Ben & Deena were no exception.

Ben’s favorites:

This is kind of one of¬†Deena’s favorites too (she was terrible at picking just 2). That 20 minutes or so before the wedding party showed up for pictures was a nice relaxing break from the craziness of the day and it gave us some time to calm down and just be with each other…which is kind of the point of marriage. ¬†This picture really sums up those 20 min.

I just think this is an awesome photo. We were a little confused as to why we had to go outside for another photo (since it was dark…and Deena¬†was “gross” from dancing) but after seeing the result, I don’t know why we ever doubted you guys…you know, since you are professionals and everything.

[Editor’s note: Professionals, yes. Just like that valet in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off ;-)]

Deena’s favorites:

I like this picture for 2 reasons: 1) It is just a gorgeous picture! ¬†and 2) This was taken during those precious moments of quiet that Ben and I had at Veritas, before all of our guests arrived. I don’t even think we talked very much, just enjoyed the dawning comprehension that we were there, and really married, and about to get to celebrate with everyone we love!

[Editor’s note #2: Deena, it’s one of our fave shots from your wedding as well! In fact, Veritas decided to use this among the hundreds, if not thousands, of wedding photos they had available to them to serve as the cover of their wedding guide. Congrats!]

Ok, so this picture was a little bit staged (the whole wedding party made us freeze, back up, and “stand like you were!”) but I think it’s such a great representation of the relationship I have with my dad. I guess “Dad and daughter” pictures are sort of a wedding staple, but I just love that he and I had little moments like this that happened so naturally throughout the day and were able to be captured.

[Editor’s note #3: Ok, so while we’d never, ever stage a moment (ever!), we’re not about to turn down an opportunity, nay, a command(!), presented by an adoring wedding party.]

Their joint favorites:

This is possibly our favorite picture of the bunch, and a lot of the reason why we picked Veritas as our location for the reception. We both love Charlottesville for its natural beauty, and we were really excited to have such a great picture to remember not only our wedding day, but also all of the fun times that we’ve had (and will hopefully continue to have) in the Charlottesville area over the years.

Without our knowledge, several of our close friends had decided to paint Beta Bridge for us the night before. ¬†Ben got a sneak peak before the ceremony, but¬†Deena¬†didn’t see it until this moment. ¬†There were a lot of wonderful surprises that weekend, but this was definitely one of our favorites. ¬†We were really touched by our friends’ thoughtfulness, and apparently we missed out on quite the painting party!

Congratulations, you two!

Susan & Rob’s Elopement at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

Susan & Rob’s Elopement at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

It’s sometimes nice to simply cut to the chase, expressing the love you have for another, making a formal commitment to the other in the presence of just one witness. What a beautiful and intimate way to begin your married life together. Such are elopements, and Bill was lucky enough to photograph Susan and Rob’s recently on a very warm Summer day at the picturesque Clifton Inn. They enjoyed a brief ceremony and we set off to do a few portraits around the grounds before they returned inside for drinks and to cool down in preparation for a delicious four-course meal at the Inn. Congratulations, you two! You can view the complete gallery here, and the password is Susan’s last name. Meanwhile, here are a few faves from the afternoon. Enjoy!

Saying their I Do’s…

Enjoying their first few moments as husband and wife in the sweet, sweet air conditioning.

Congratulations, you two! I’m so happy to have met and spent the afternoon with you.


Megan and Jack’s Wedding at Washington DC’s APhA

Megan and Jack’s Wedding at Washington DC’s APhA

Ah, sweet, ya’ll, it’s Friday and we’ve got another fantastic wedding to share with you before you head off to the beach this weekend! Megan & Jack recently married at the American Pharmacists Association, an incredible historic stone mansion right off Constitution Avenue. We didn’t even know that they held weddings there! Now that we do, you can bet we’ll be singing their praises. They held their ceremony out on the expansive front steps that afternoon (& thoughtfully provided free sunglasses and lime-aid to their lucky guests), cocktails were on the sweet shaded side terrace and dinner up on the APhA’s roof top deck that boasts stunning expansive views of the Lincoln memorial, the Washington memorial, the Potomac and oh, man, we could go on and on so instead why don’t we just show you. ūüôā Afterward, check out their complete gallery, including some fun SnapHappy photobooth shots. The password is Megan’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The fab team:
Venue: American Pharmacists Association
Planner: Kate Harlan of Simply Chic Events
DJ: DJ D-Mac
Florist: Philippa Tarrant
Make-up: Nour Kazoun
Gown: Monique Lhuillier
Hair stylist: Subairi
Lighting: Frost Lighting

Bill’s faves:

Anne’s faves:


While we were outside capturing their First Look, our talented assistant Karen rocked it from a different angle with Megan’s bridesmaids watching.

Some favorite fab details:



Dear m&j,

You know you’ve set the tone for end-of-evening comments like, “Best wedding ever” when, following cocktail hour, your guests bypass their seats altogether in favor of the incredible views of the Capitol, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial! But we get ahead of ourselves…

You were the second in line of our high-school sweetheart wedding blitz this Summer, but you were the first to have your first have your First Look at the front door of your childhood home where Jack would come and pick you up for dates, Megan! So sweet. And sexy, we have to admit. Especially with those killer Jimmy Choo’s and your gorgeous side slit dress. Doing your portraits at Constitution Gardens caused quit the stir we’re sure!

Your ring bearer Graydon nearly stole the show during your ceremony being about as cute as a little boy just hanging out in the middle of a wedding could be. It was so neat watching him alternately watch you intently and completely ignore the scene around him as he huddled closely to his mom’s legs, just a feet from where you were standing.¬†You probably realized there was a chance of drive-by “encouragement” from those traveling along Constitution with a full view of your ceremony, but we doubt you thought you’d hear, “Don’t do it!” Yet you laughed while continuing with your vows.

What touching toasts you enjoyed, before with your parents Megan, and after dinner with your “best sisters” (a choice we personally applaud) offering joyfully tearful recollections of you both to help get your marriage off to the perfect start. We’re pretty sure DJ D-Mac had his hands full keeping the dance floor moving afterward given such incredibly mild weather that evening and that lounge you set up for your guests with views of downtown (not to mention the SnapHappy photo booth – more pics to come of that in another post!). Your wedding was sweet, joyous, crazy, sexy and sultry all rolled together. ¬†All in all, a wonderful evening, and we couldn’t be happier for you both. Congratulations!


Happy Anniversary: Jennifer & Greg

Happy Anniversary: Jennifer & Greg

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! We have a special treat for you today…¬†effervescence¬†personified in Jennifer & Greg, and celebrating their first anniversary. We enjoyed documenting their wedding a year ago at the historic Willard Hotel. We had been looking forward to it especially since their engagement session when we photographed them “painting” their walls as part of their portraits. We caught up with them to see how life’s been treating them lately, and it sounds like they’re having a blast:

Our first year of married life has been wonderful.¬† We’ve continued working on our house and have enjoyed watching empty rooms start to fill with furniture! For our anniversary we are going back to the Willard for dinner at Cafe du Parc and a taste of our scrumptious cake. Then in two weeks we’re off to St. Kitt’s for some R&R.¬† We cannot wait!¬† It’s so funny how a year has flown by so fast.¬† Every time we talk about the events of the weekend it does not seem like it happened that long ago!¬† You spend so much time and effort on the little details (like backing the menus, finding the perfect shade of rose ribbon and constructing¬†those layered pockets on the backs of the chairs) but in the end what you really remember is the feeling.¬† The whole weekend was just filled with love.¬† Love from our family, friends and especially for one another.¬† Every time we look at our pictures we reconnect with those moments. Our goal is to keep that feeling with us for the rest of our married lives, and your stunning photographs will certainly make that goal come true!

And here are a selection of a few of their favorites from the weekend’s festivities:

Jennifer’s brother here took to the stage in a surprise performance for his sister and her new husband.

Happy anniversary, you two!

Jess and Mark’s Wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

Jess and Mark’s Wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

How was everyone’s weekend? What with the storms on the east coast, the flooding in the south and the wild fires out west, we hope everyone and their loved ones, are safe and (hopefully) have power. Thankfully, we didn’t lose any tree limbs and our power only flickered, but many of our neighbors were not so lucky. Our wedding couple this weekend, while certainly hotter than they would have liked, were also very lucky and all of their venues had blessed a/c, as well. They handled it with aplomb and we can’t wait to share their southern Richmond wedding with you soon!

To help you ease into your holiday week, we’re sharing a sweet¬†recent wedding, on a Monday for a change. Please join us in congratulating high school sweethearts Jess and Mark (the first of three couples in a row who met in high school and married this Summer – that has got to be a record for us), who tied the knot at the beautiful National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. One of our favorite wedding planners, Jodi Moraru and her team created such a magical event, from the warm romantic lighting to the special notecards the couple wrote to each of their guests. And of course, the day went off without a hitch.

Below are a selection of each our favorites, and when you’re ready to see more, you can click through to view the entire wedding. The password is Mark’s last name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy and stay cool!

The talented team:
Planner: Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC
Venue: National Museum for Women in the Arts
Catering: Occasions
Makeup Artist: Kim Giammaria of Beauty Mark
Rabbi: Stephanie Bernstein
Hairstylist: Sanaz Zab
Band: Sound Nation
Baker: Kendall’s Cakes
Florist: Tierra Floral Design
Lighting: John Farr Lighting
Stationer:  Dandelion Patch

Anne’s Faves:

This one was actually from their rehearsal dinner, where Leigh their flower girl was not only in charge of the petals, but had a clear grip on that frisbee.

Bill’s Faves:

And of course some fab details:


Dear j&m,

Any couple whose first public act as husband and wife is to cut the cake gets a gold star in our book! We love that you twisted tradition just enough to personalize it for your¬†ebullient¬†family and friends and really make your entire wedding weekend your own. What a fun idea to host your rehearsal dinner at your high school (complete with flower arrangements set on your old school textbooks, lawn games on the fields for big kids and little kids alike, and the pi√®ce de r√©sistance, the school’s IN.CRED.ABLE acapella group who serenaded you with several love songs) where it all started. Or attempted to start. ūüėČ

In fact, we loved the story of how you first met well over a decade ago, when Mark’s mom sat on the admissions committee to Georgetown Day School, admitting a very young Jess to the 7th grade and not at all realizing at the time she was admitting to the school her son’s future wife. Having your invitations (and cake!) feature a floating heart on a string to symbolize your journey to the altar was especially cool.

As was often the case this Spring, your wedding day started out a little on the sizzling-eggs-on-a-sidewalk side, keeping us all inside, but that didn’t slow you down as we traversed the historic and very photogenic Hotel Monaco for your First Look and some fun, creative portraits. We can’t decide what touched us more that day–your palpable excitement to see your groom, Jess, and how it immediately calmed any nerves you were feeling, or the looks your respective parents traded with each other as they watched you sign your ketubah and become a married couple. What an inspiration their long standing marriages have been for you both, too. And Jess, your sister’s toast especially tugged at our heart strings that evening.

Toward evening’s end, as the band was wrapping up and we watched you hold each other as your friends all surrounded you in a dancing blanket of love, it was clear to us that each other’s arms was the most comfortable place in the world for you both. And it was perfect. Many, many congratulations to you both!


Happy Anniversary: Tori & Nick

Happy Anniversary: Tori & Nick

Happy Monday everybody! We hope it was wonderful for you, and it was nice seeing the extreme heat grab a seat and some Gatorade. Today we’re so happy celebrating Tori & Nick’s first anniversary (you may have remembered their Keswick Hall wedding and subsequent feature in Southern Living magazine). We caught up with them between adventures for a brief chat and to see how things have been and of course to inquire about their favorite images from their wedding day. Here’s what they had to share:

Our first year of marriage has been wonderful.  We are so lucky and thankful to have one another.  After an amazing wedding weekend, we took off to New Zealand and the Cook Islands for a 2 week honeymoon, which was unbelievable.  We got to spend a few days hiking and sightseeing in New Zealand before spending a week relaxing on the secluded beaches of Aitutaki (C.I).  Back in DC, we have spent the last few months house hunting on the weekends, feeling like a couple on House Hounters, and we are actually closing on our first home on our first wedding anniversary!  Six days after we close on our house, we are off to Amsterdam and Copenhagen for vacation.  Needless to say, we are really looking forward to our busy summer!

Tori’s favorites:

The moment of seeing each other for the first time as I walked down the aisle with my Dad.

Enjoying the speeches.

Nick’s favorites:

Joint favorites:

Displays the beautiful location where we got married – we couldn’t have asked for more.

A year later and I still can’t believe how amazingly Lynn and Pat took our vision and put it into reality!

Congratulations, you two!


Lauren & Erik’s Wedding at the Newseum

Lauren & Erik’s Wedding at the Newseum

Hey everybody! We’re happy you’re here today. How is it to be mid-June already? Seems like April was just yesterday, but time flies when you’re having a blast, so they say. Today we’ve got Lauren & Erik, such a fun and passionate couple’s wedding, to share with you. Enjoy, and when you’re ready for more, view their complete online gallery. The password is Lauren’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The awesome team:
Venue: Newseum
Planner: Claire Ward | Simply Chic Events
Florist: Philippa Tarrant
Catering: Wolfgang Puck Catering
Decor: AFR Furniture Rental | DC Rental
Lighting: John Farr Lighting
DJ: Chris | DJ Phlipz
Officiant: Joyce Cochran | Say I Do Your Way

Bill’s Faves:

Anne’s Faves:

A few favorite chic details:

Dear l&e,

Passion, thy name was Lauren & Erik’s wedding. Wow, you two! We’re pretty sure we hadn’t heard that much um, encouragement, from friends and family during a first dance before, and it was awesome! You know of course how well the day started out, despite the little accidents (Lola?), recalcitrant¬†boutonnieres, and missing shoes, but it all worked out in the end as Lauren, you elegantly walked with your dad down the aisle atop the Newseum’s rooftop deck overlooking the nation’s Capitol on one of the most beautiful days we’ve had this Spring. It was hard holding our cameras steady and not laughing along with as you read your personally written vows to each other¬†during¬†your ceremony yet somehow we managed.¬†Later that evening, the sun settled in behind the sheerest of clouds, as if to put a celestial stamp of approval on your vows.

The decor on your cocktail hour’s terrace as well as inside was so you. Hot pink accents everywhere it should be, along with a cake topper with a couple high-fiving it. And, Eric, we loved that you included a sour candy bar (so that others could join in on your candy obsession) and a cigar bar. Priceless. And how apropos was it when you took a ribbon of sour candy ribbon between your mouths, 101 Dalmations-style, slowly devouring it until your lips met, and again to much laughter and applause. Everything was so bright and fun, just like the two of you. We love that you didn’t stop smiling all day. Your cheeks must have hurt at the end of the night!

You had such an energetic and passionate cheering section, of family and friends, it was immediately evident you two were so meant for each other and every single person in attendance that day agreed. Congratulations, you both, and thank you so much for including us in your celebration! We had so much fun and are so excited to share your photos with you!


Whitney & Chris’s Wedding at Sunset Crest Manor

Whitney & Chris’s Wedding at Sunset Crest Manor

Hey everyone! We hope you’re enjoying a fantastic Friday. Today we’re happy sharing a fun celebration with Whitney & Chris. We’ve been looking forward to this one for a while – Whitney & Chris booked us for our first 2012 wedding date! Enjoy all the moments and details below, and when you want, you can view their entire gallery. The password is Whitney’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The fabulous team:
Venue: Sunset Crest Manor
Event design and flowers: Beehive Events
Caterer: R&R Catering
Officiant: Bill Cochran with Say I Do Your Way
DJ: Jake with Dream Day DJs
Baker: Red Velvet Cupcakery
Ceremony music: Lace Music Group

Anne’s favorites:

Bill’s favorites:

Some wonderful and cute details:

Dear w&c,

This spring has sprung with the most fickle of weather, but it was clear from the start none of that was going to bother you (family photos outside, then under the tent, then back outside again, for example? ūüôā throughout your relaxed and elegantly DIY wedding celebration. But let’s back up a bit to some years ago when we worked with your sister at The Homestead. How could we have known way back then she’d be calling on your behalf last year to check our availability for you? So many couples become clients through personal connections of others, and your connection to Lindsay as well as Amanda and seeing them both again made the day all that more special.

Given your expansive family tree (ask Bill about his someday!), it was so touching watching you come down the aisle escorted by each of your dads, Whitney, and the tears they both let escape while Chris watched with a big smile on his face. How could he not? You looked so beautiful, despite the rain and humidity. (Okay, just between us girls, what’s your secret??) And after you danced with your mom, Chris, watching the bagpiper (surprise!) stroll into the carriage house to escort all of your guests upstairs to the lovingly decorated long farm tables overlooking the Blue Ridge mountains as the rain subsided and fog settled in over the valley below. Everything from your fun welcome bag (baby Corona’s & chips & salsa for Cinco de Mayo – perfect for Anne’s birthday, too!) to your rustic pretty invitation to the delightful stories Bill Cochran shared during your vows to your signature cocktails was perfectly thought out and felt so much like you guys.

It was a so fun to see your sorority sisters serenade you by candlelight, too–a clearly touching and meaningful break in the crazyfantastic dancing. But how could we forget that race through the sparklers to your car, waiting for you to take you off into the night and the start of your marriage together. It means so much to us that you included us in your day in such a meaningful fashion and a special shout out to Lindsey for telling your sister she just had to work with us. It was a perfect match. Just like you both. Congratulations!



Happy Anniversary: Holly & Mitch

Happy Anniversary: Holly & Mitch

We love it when our friends (and children of our friends) marry so we get to be a part of it. Sometimes we celebrate as a guest, and sometimes we celebrate by documenting the event for them. We’ve been longtime friends with Peggy & Dudley who run the amazingly romantic and whimsical Hope and Glory Inn, and were so thrilled to be able to document Dudley’s daughter Holly and Mitch’s wedding this past Summer. So today we celebrate their anniversary with them, and of course they helped catch us up with things and shared with us a select few of their favorite moments from the day.

As for our first year, it’s been awesome.¬† We’ve done a lot of really cool things,¬†and most of our adventures surround travel.¬† We¬†went¬†to San Antonio for a weekend and participated in a half day Indian cuisine¬†cooking class at the Culinary Institute of America, saw the Alamo, and spent time exploring the Riverwalk area.¬† Mitch had never been to DC, so when our friends got married there, it was a perfect time for me to help him¬†explore my former home.¬† We ran along the Potomac, saw the monuments, and even spent some time in the Smithsonians.¬† We recently went to San Jose del Cabo in Mexico, a trip we had wanted to¬†take for a long time.¬† It was amazing, and due to other travels already scheduled, we ended up making that a bit of a first year anniversary celebration, early.¬† Twice (it was so good!) we ate the freshest, most flavorful¬†food at a farm to table restaurant called Flora’s Field Kitchen in a desert valley, relaxed in the spa, explored the coast and The Arch on a glass-bottom boat tour, and were amazed by the artwork exhibited during the town’s open gallery night.¬†¬†

Our goal is to travel as much as possible, and do the things that we love as much as possible before jumping on the baby train (which is still a couple of years away).¬† This weekend, we’re going to enjoy a romantic dinner at Brennan’s (a Houston staple) before we head to Galveston on Sunday to support Mitch’s little brother Jonathan at his last day of camp! ¬†I’ve been told that I’m much too excited about my first trip to Galveston (our closest “beach”), and Mitch continues to try to manage my expectations.

This is the traditional photo of the wedding party, but so much better!

This picture shows the behind the scenes “drama” – no bus, Jarrott in charge, Mitch and me wondering if there will be any witnesses to the wedding – where’s the bus?!

Our Town and Country paparazzi shot – it’s us in the moment – rushing from one spot to the next.¬† We love it.

It’s where the wedding ends, but the journey begins.

Holly’s favorite:

I love this photo, because it’s filled with irony.¬† It looks like I’m taking care of my dad.¬† What people can’t see is the 5 minutes prior to this photo, when my dad ran back to the church reception room to grab my bouquet of flowers – what bride can’t remember her own bouquet?!

Mitch’s favorite:

We’re both so happy.¬† You can clearly see the proud mother, with her equally proud and grateful son.¬† It was a truly happy moment.¬†

Congratulations, on your adventurous first year, you two! We’re so happy you found each other and are enjoying your first wedding anniversary. We know there will be many more to come!


Isabelle & Andy’s Intimate Wedding at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

Isabelle & Andy’s Intimate Wedding at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

While many of the gorgeously planned events we shoot are great fun, we also like intimate weddings for a number of reasons–not the least of which is that things are often stripped bare to the most important parts of a wedding ceremony, leaving lots of room for spontaneity and emotion. Such was the case with Isabelle and Andy, who recently married before their closest family members, including Isabelle’s dog Abby, at picturesque Clifton Inn.

Both of us have covered even smaller weddings in the past, but this day it was documented by only Bill. Enjoy a few highlights! And when you’re ready, please enjoy their complete wedding gallery. The password is Isabelle’s maiden name.

At last, Abby came bounding out of the house at Colina Farm to greet her “mom”. It was awesome!

Dear i&a,

It was so nice walking in to the kitchen at Colina Farm to see you, Isabelle, hanging out with your family while getting your hair and make-up done. Everyone was just all smiles, relaxed, and helpful. It really set the mood for the ceremony an hour later out on the lawn in front of the old farmhouse. Andy, when I stepped off the front porch to see you just prior to the start of the ceremony, you were about as nervous as most men are (usually starting about a half-hour before their wedding), but all that visibly melted away as soon as you saw your Isabelle escorted down the porch by her dad, toward you.

After your ceremony ended, it was sweet just staying at a discrete distance and capturing your natural emotions toward each other while you both enjoyed some moments by yourselves. All of that of course culminated in Abby bounding out of the house (I totally see now why you needed to get in “catcher’s position” for that, Isabelle, lest you be knocked to the ground from her boundless energy.) In all, again such fun. Thank you so much for having me out that Thursday afternoon and enabling me to document the beginning of your marriage!