Happy Anniversary: Stacy & Craig

Happy Anniversary: Stacy & Craig

We hope everyone’s been having a wonderful, yet very memorable, holiday weekend. We offer a thank you too large to put into words to those who have served our country in years and decades past, and those who continue to do so, many offering up the ultimate sacrifice.

Today we’d love to also celebrate Stacy and Craig, who tied the knot a year ago today at the beautiful historic Homestead Resort and whose wedding was also featured by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. The couple, who originated their marriage at their home in New York City, have since relocated with their two dogs to a slightly quieter realm in North Carolina, each capturing new careers in the process. In fact, Stacy is now the resident wedding planner for her own event’s designer, Caroline LaRocca and is loving the change of pace.

We asked them just before they took off to celebrate their anniversary about a few of their favorite images from the weekend’s festivities. Here are their selections.

Stacy’s favorites:

This is by far my number 1 favorite picture —  I love how you guys captured my ear to ear smile and craig’s look of anticipation, which no one else saw in the moment it was happening.

One of my favorites because it’s the first picture of us officially married). 

Craig’s favorites:

None of Craig’s friends knew how to tie a tie correctly, so he loves how this picture captures this.

Reflection in the floor is so cool & looks like a picture out of a magazine.

Their joint favorites:

This picture is a reflection of our wedding style vision brought to life.

Everyone getting on the stage was not planned, but was such a fun way to end the wedding, and we love how this photo captures it.

We hope the two of you are having a wonderful time this weekend!

Lisa & Ian’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

Lisa & Ian’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

We’re so excited for Memorial Day weekend, although true to history, Mother Nature’s really kicking off summer with temps in the 90s. Won’t slow us down, though. What are you guys planning? A little getaway? Sticking around close to home? Sequestering yourself in the A/C for a movie marathon? Well, while you ponder such weighty things, we’ve got a wedding for you about an incredibly sweet couple whose wedding we recently had the pleasure of documenting. Without further ado, we present Lisa & Ian’s fun celebration at nearly Veritas Vineyards.

Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Florist: Blue Ridge Floral
Baker: Favorite Cakes
DJ: Derek Tobler
Transportation: Albemarle Vintage Limousine (a very cool surprise for Lisa at night’s end)

After seeing some of our favorites below, you’re probably itching to see the complete gallery from their wedding. Just be sure to use Lisa’s maiden name as the password (oh yes, and it’s case-sensitive). Have fun and a safe holiday weekend, everyone! Oh, and let us know how you liked that movie! ;-D

Anne’s Faves of Bill’s:

Bill’s Faves of Anne’s:

And, of course, we can’t forget some of the lovely details from the day.

Dear l&i,

Sweet and considerate, and full of Southern hospitality. Oh, and fickle weather! Those are a few of the adjectives that come to mind when we think of the two of you and your wedding day. The joy you both shared with each other when you first saw each other before your ceremony was so bubbly, champagne producers should inquire about bottling it. We loved how you personalized your ceremony by not only having one of your cousins serve as officiant, but that you privately selected ceremony readings for one another and watched as you shared emotional tears along with many present. And how adorable was your nephew Caine offering up a blessing for dinner? (Just don’t tell him we called him adorable. Although, we know boys just adore that adjective.) Throughout the day regardless of his duties he was all business, making sure every t was crossed and i dotted. Loved it.

We were so happy for you guys, when it became clear that you were going to get your outdoor ceremony. This Spring weather has been especially a bit bi-polar this year, but even if you had ended up indoors, we know you would have taken it with ease. Lisa, while all brides are beautiful on their wedding day when their heart and soul are full of love, but you were absolutely radiant.  Ian, there wasn’t a dry eye on the house that night when you related your marriage proposal(s) to your guests and then proceded to serenade Lisa to an originally-written score, culminating in a standing ovation among your guests (a first for us). And then you proceded to further surprise Lisa with a vintage car for a festive end-of-the-night getaway.

People talk at times about their “perfect day” during their wedding prep and while we feel that’s a bit of a misnomer, what you shared with your friends and family that day made your celebration no less than perfection. We’re so grateful to have been there to observe and document it all for you. And thanks too for the slices of cake. Very tasty!

And lastly, we hope your best man’s toast was exactly as long as you wanted it to be. 😉 Congratulations, you two!


Happy Anniversary: Kimya & Brian

Happy Anniversary: Kimya & Brian

It’s Springtime, and that must mean a whole lot of Holland Photo Arts couples are celebrating their anniversaries. Today we’re connecting again with Kimya and Brian, whose gorgeous wedding at the Omni Shoreham had everyone remarking how much fun they had and how amazing everything was. We talked recently with the  happy couple and they graciously shared a few of their favorite images from the da,y as well as a quick update about their lives. Here are their picks:

Joint favorites:



We both really like them all! The ones we’ve chosen, whether on our own or collectively, all show different parts of the day/night. We had such an amazing time, and we love being able to relive it all through the photos!

We can’t believe it’s already been a year! Time has really flown by, but we guess that’s what happens when you’re having fun! We’re looking forward to a weekend away (it’s a surprise for Kimya!) for our actual anniversary, and then a longer vacation this summer in London and Paris.

And just for kicks, two of our faves as well…



Happy anniversary, you two!

Emily & Scott’s Wedding at Strong Mansion in Frederick, Maryland

Emily & Scott’s Wedding at Strong Mansion in Frederick, Maryland

We could not be more excited today to share our first wedding of the season with you. We just adore these two! You see, Emily was the maid of honor at sweet Maya’s wedding back in 2010. When she contacted us last year for her wedding to Scott, well, we just might have done the happy dance. We remembered Emily as not only stunningly beautiful, but one of the nicest, most considerate people we’ve ever met. We didn’t get to have as much interaction with Scott that day (except on the dance floor–dude can get down!) we knew if he was with Emily, we were going to love him. And we did. They were so full of emotion that day and we were so honored to get to be a part of it all. Pretty sure these two need to be in a magazine somewhere! ;-D

Want to see more? Of course, you do. Feel free to view check out their personal gallery. Its password is Emily’s maiden name (and is case-sensitive). Enjoy!

Venue: Strong Mansion
Florist: Growing Wild
Officiant: Bill Cochran with Say I Do Your Way
Caterer: Canapes Catering
Ceremony music: Chris Dunn Guitar
DJ: Adam with Bryan George Music
Gown: Augusta Jones
Hair: Kelley with Amie Decker Beauty
Make-up: Leslie with Strategic Skin

Bill’s Faves of Anne’s:


Anne’s Faves of Bill’s:

And of course a few fave details from the day…


Dear e&s,

Ok, so as we may have mentioned once or twice, we’re incredibly grateful to have gotten to kick off the start of our wedding season with you both – as well as your friends and family. (SO great getting to see so many smiling, familiar faces, too – Maya & Josh, Alanna & Craig, Kat & Becky to name a few.) Of course the festivities started out Friday with a scramble to eradicate the armada of gnats invading the mansion’s grounds, but things were quickly put to rest by your crack team on Saturday, with Katie wrapping up the mission returning triumphantly waving a can of Off in the air and proclaiming, “I sprayed the shit out of those chairs!”

It was clear early on your guests would experience an event highly personalized to the two of you, thanks to all the items you made as decor and as favors, Emily. Even when you held up signs with “Thank” and “You”, you first went for the “You Thank” look, which seemed particularly funny. It felt warm, personal, and irreverent. Just like you both.

Emily, you’ve heard us say it before, but wow, you have likely made many other brides jealous today. You were perfection. It was not surprising to see Scott’s eyes well up with tears when he turned around to see you during your First Look and then again as you came down the aisle with your dad. Speaking of your dad, we loved how he opened his welcome with, “I’m Dan [last name] and I approve this wedding!” to much laughter and applause, especially apropos given our proximity to the nation’s capital in an election year.

We knew your day was going to be full of love–not only for each other, but your dear friends and family, and full of joy during the ceremony especially and of course as befitting you U 0f R ladies, a jam packed dance floor filled with wild abandon. Hmm…we might be starting to see a trend here. Needless to say, we love it!

Thank you so much, e&s for inviting us to celebrate your first day as husband and wife together. We are so honored to have been a part of it all.



New Feature Album for Liz & Andras

New Feature Album for Liz & Andras

Welcome back! By now you’re probably dreaming about hitting the highway for some new adventure this weekend, so let’s start that daydreaming now. We so loved our time with Liz & Andras last fall at their wedding and just delivered their new silk-covered feature album. Lovin’ it!


New Feature Album for Liz & Jon

New Feature Album for Liz & Jon

Happy Friday everyone! We hope you all have great plans for the weekend and whatever activities you’re enjoying, that the weather holds out. We have a couple of feature albums we’d love to highlight today, the first one is for Liz & Jon, whose wedding you remember from last Spring. Utter gorgeousness, and that supple leather cover is soooo soft to the touch. It’s definitely a favorite.


Happy anniversary: Valerie & Jared

Happy anniversary: Valerie & Jared

It’s been a busy month for wedding anniversaries, and we’re happy sharing one with you from April 29 of last year. The number 29 was significant to Valerie & Jared for a number of reasons (including their respective birthdays) and figured prominently in their own wedding. We caught up with them recently upon their return from celebrating in Florence, Italy, and they shared some of their favorite images:

Jared’s favorites:

like this because of the feeling it evokes of us being engulfed by the surroundings and the only thing sticking out is us as a couple.

This a great photo and of the two different color tones presented between the two window panes – a warmer one of the left and a cooler one on the right.

Valerie’s favorites:

This is just a gorgeous photo.  It’s so soft and the reflection in the windows is beautiful.

This is just so natural and relaxed – it reminds me of what a great time we had. 

Joint favorite:

It’s just the warmth of our hug with my dad – it was right after we were legally married and he was the first family member to greet us as a new couple.

Happy anniversary, you two!

Happy anniversary: Cristina & Adam

Happy anniversary: Cristina & Adam

We love celebrating first anniversaries with our clients! Today we’re showing some of Cristina & Adam’s favorite images from their own wedding at Veritas Vineyards. They just returned from a road trip up and down the California coast to celebrate on their own and shared with us some of their faves. Enjoy!

Cristina’s favorite:

I love how you captured this moment right after we walked down the aisle, and we had a few moments to ourselves before our families came to congratulate us. We were both so happy and it really shows. 🙂

Adam’s favorite:

I love this because its funny and captured such a great moment. [Editor’s note: Adam, it’s one of our favorites too!]

A selection of their joint favorites:

Happy anniversary, you two!

Engaged! with Margaret & Bryon

Engaged! with Margaret & Bryon

Next week we’ve got some brand new albums to share with you, but today we’re concluding our recent series of engagement sessions with Margaret & Bryon, who tie the knot later this year in Annapolis. But first, it was time to do some early-morning (read: o’dark thirty) portraits of the two of them around the Tidal Basin in the nation’s capital. Try as we might to predict the perfect day for peak cherry blossom bloom, many of the flowers had, thanks to the winter’s hasty departure, already blown away. Undeterred, m&b took it all in stride and we still got some pretty rockin’ portraits with the two of them, having a great time in the process. Thankfully, the monuments don’t move or blow away and as you’ll see, we were rewarded with simply spectacular sunrise. Thanks too, to Margaret’s mom Cynthia who braved the morning chill to carry warm jackets and offer a cheering section while her daughter was busy looking fabulous. We had a blast, you two, and can’t wait for your wedding!

Want more than just these few of our absolute favorites? Then check out their personal gallery here. The password is Margaret’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

We found a few that were still on a tree!

But lots more on the ground, so we made the most of it. 🙂

Congratulations, m&b! Thanks so much for such a fun morning!


Engaged! with Shay & Travis

Engaged! with Shay & Travis

We’ve been really quite lucky with the weather this Spring, and aside from the cherry blossoms having nearly been all blown away by the time we could shoot an engagement session (coming up soon, with Margaret & Bryon), it’s been really wonderful. Shay and Travis arrived in town recently to take care of some on-the-ground items and visit picturesque Veritas Vineyards for the first time prior to their destination wedding here in Charlottesville. It was so nice meeting up and spending some time together. Aside from it being a little breezy that day (ok, maybe a lot breezy-thank you, March), their engagement session downtown and on the UVa Grounds was a blast. Here are some of our favorites from the day, and you can view the complete gallery here. As you can see, these two had such great style and chemistry with a capital C!

Thanks so much, you two and we are so looking forward to your wedding later this year!


Happy Anniversary: Melanie & Dominic

Wow, how’d it get to be Monday already? This weekend just flew by, but it was a good mix of work and play. How was yours? Today we’re happy celebrating with Dominic and Melanie, as they note their first wedding anniversary! We chatted with them recently to see what life has had in store for them over the past year as well as learn some of their favorite images from their wedding day a year later. Here’s what they had to say.

Melanie’s favorites:

My husband is so handsome…i mean, just look at him!

I was so excited, I got a little ahead of the officiant (Bill Cochran)…he got to “You may now kiss your…” when I grabbed Dominic’s face and Bill had to change “your wife” to “your husband.”

I know I’m only supposed to pick two photos, but I really love this one, too:

Don has been my best friend for 20 years. I’m not sure what he was telling me, but I’m sure it was highly inappropriate since I was laughing so hard.

Dominic’s favorites:

He has this photo as the screensaver on his work laptop, and he says many coworkers have asked, “Hey, is that Katy Perry?” I don’t see the resemblance, but I’ll take it as a compliment!

We just like being silly 🙂 

Joint favorites:

Dominic did a great job of making the boys extra handsome for the wedding. Plus, it’s just a great interaction shot of the big guy and the little guys.

This is one of our all-time favorite photos. We have very few shots of all four of us together, so this photo is highly cherished.

Cake in the FACE! I got him…and he got me back 🙁 Plus, our wedding cake was amazing!

About our first year together. Just two quick things…First, Dom just got back surgery, so he’s really working the whole “in sickness and in health” angle. Second, we got a puppy 🙂 She’s a sweet, not-so-little hound mix named Birdee. It’s so nice to have another girl in the house…finally. 🙂

Congratulations, you two!

New Feature Album for Kimya & Brian

New Feature Album for Kimya & Brian

We’ve been keeping our trusty bookbinders busy this winter with all the Feature Albums we’ve been producing for our clients who clearly portray amazingly good taste :). Today we’re happy sharing the latest album from Kimya and Brian’s colorful wedding this past Spring. As usual, they selected the moments they love the most, and we worked with our designer to come up with a layout reflective of their wedding and unique to their personalities.

Great choices, you two! We hope you’re thoroughly enjoying this keepsake.

Happy Anniversary: Liz & Jon

Happy Anniversary: Liz & Jon

Longtime readers of this space will remember the fun engagement portraits and incredibly celebratory wedding of Liz & Jon, and wouldn’t you know it, it’s been a year since their wedding already! How time flies. We’ve kept in touch with them (we’re actually working on their album right now) and recently asked them what some of their favorite images from their wedding day might be and why. Here’s what they had to say:

Liz’s favorites:

This moment is of my mom taking a look at the dress right before I slipped into it. The dress was hers and this was a beautiful, quite moment I’m so happy I can witness, thanks to your spying. (Even though I bug her for wearing a scrunchie.) [Editor’s note: Be sure to read Liz’s story about this dress in Washingtonian magazine.]

This one is Jon “tracking” me, as I walked down the long staircase and then down the aisle. Such anticipation. 

Jon’s favorites:

This is me introducing Liz as my wife. During the rehearsal the day before, Father George, our priest had told me that one thing that he never thought was right was that the first person to introduce a wedding couple for the first time was “some DJ or band singer” and that I should go ahead and do it on my own at the end of the ceremony. The picture is great because obviously it caught Liz off guard. [Editor’s note: Such a fantastic idea! We can’t believe no one had ever done it before you guys.]

This is great because our parents decided on the spur of the moment after the ceremony to walk down the aisle arm-in-arm together. The picture perfectly captures that, and given that we celebrated our anniversary with all four of them shows how close we all truly are. We’re so lucky. 

Joint favorites:

Both of these moments were “ours,” in that we were alone together. Before the ceremony (following our “first look”), we walked from the Sofitel to the museum and it was so much fun–after being surrounded by so many people getting ready all day–to just be with one another and laugh and kiss and laugh… The second shot is us alone again following the ceremony. I remember just thinking, “Whoa! We just got hitched! Holy…” 

Thanks again for such memories, Anne and Bill. We enjoyed reliving the evening tonight, combing through so many beautiful moments. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You are both exceptionally talented. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, l&j! 🙂 It’s always such fun seeing some of our clients favorites images from their wedding day. Some of yours, were most definitely some of our favorites, as well.

Happy Anniversary you two!!


New Feature Album for Tori & Nick

New Feature Album for Tori & Nick

You undoubtedly remember Tori & Nick’s tender and beautiful BHLDN-inspired wedding from last Summer. The couple did such a great job of selecting images from their wedding, based on some of our suggestions, to be included in their wedding album. We’re delighted to show it off to you now. If you’re a Holland Photo Arts client and are interested in getting the digital coffee table album for yourselves, drop us a note. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Callie photobombs the album shoot, as is her wont.

Here, we took a design they had on some of their stationery…

And incorporated it into their album’s style.