Happy Anniversary: Kate & Andrew

Happy Anniversary: Kate & Andrew

You’ve probably seen all the 10-year anniversary posts we’ve been doing of late and wondered, hey, what about those still-pretty-damn-awesome folks from just a year ago? Never fear, we’d not leave you without, and to today we’re featuring Kate & Andrew who are celebrating their one-year anniversary from their Clifton Inn wedding. Find out what they had to say about their favorite moments that day below.

We had a lovely time yesterday! We went to bunch and exchanged some traditional and modern anniversary gifts. We also tasted our delicious (???) year-old freezer cake with a Prosecco chaser while reliving the day through our Holland photos! I for one know that I will cherish the photos you captured of us and our loved ones for the rest of our lives. 
The new house has been fun so far – we did spend part of our anniversary painting a closet, breaking down boxes, taking a quick trip to the gardening center, and planting a few cooking herbs! 

Kate’s faves:

Kate sports cake on her nose at their wedding at Clifton Inn

I love Andrew‘s look of payback. Taken right after I got him first.

Kate's dad gives her away in garden wedding ceremony at Clifton Inn

The two most important men in my life are in this photo.  It was a significant and precious moment where my dad gave away his daughter and even managed to crack a little smile. 

Andrew’s faves:

Group photo with all guests at K&A wedding at Clifton Inn

I love how this photo captures the bride and groom surrounded by so many friends and family.

Kate holds a butterfly on her finger at K&A wedding at Clifton Inn

This one shows the moment a butterfly crashed the wedding while we were watching California Chrome (unsuccessfully) run for the Triple Crown during the Belmont Stakes.  We had fun watching the Belmont on our first anniversary and seeing an actual Triple Crown win.

Joint faves:

Black and white of K&A walking on their wedding day at Clifton Inn

Our favorite portrait.

K&A wedding exit with lavender toss at Clifton Inn

Having our guests toss lavender seemed like a good idea at the time…


Seeing this photo reminds us of how much fun we had dancing under the stars.

Congratulations, K&A on your first anniversary!

Happy 11th Anniversary: Anne & Greg

Continuing in our series of celebrating 10 year + anniversaries of some of our former clients, we take great joy in getting to celebrate Anne & Greg’s 10th anniversary. Anne & Greg married in Charlottesville way back in May of 2003 and their wedding at the Boar’s Head Inn was one of our first events there! A lot of things have changed there over the years, but one thing that hasn’t, is our warm memories of their wedding day. We’re thrilled that we get to keep up with their adventures on FB and watch their cuties, Nora & Jason grow.

(Below; a few photos from their wedding in a collage that we used to put on the blog (yes, we started blogging back in 2004!) and as the first page in their proof catalog. Oh, yes, times sure have changed.)

Anne-Greg collage

We checked in with A&G recently to see if they wouldn’t mind giving us an update on what they’ve been up to and how married life has been treating them.

– What challenges have you both faced & how did you handle them &/or learn from them?

The biggest challenge we faced was when Greg was deployed to the Sinai Peninsula with the US Army for a year. It was shortly after our third anniversary. That year was a challenge. We both spent the year focusing on our individual careers and communicating with each other when we could, mostly through email. In the end, it made us appreciate each other even more than we previously had.

– Have you had any unexpected joys?

When we got married, Anne was a cat-person, and Greg was a dog-person. During our first year of marriage, Anne won the debate and we got a cat. Greg unexpectedly learned that he liked cats. A few years later, Greg wore Anne down and we got a dog. Anne unexpectedly learned that she liked dogs. And we both learned that it is possible to be both a cat- and a dog-person!

– Where has life found you since your wedding day? (career, home location, family status, etc.)

After our wedding day, Greg continued to serve in the U.S. Army as a physical therapist. Anne went to law school and became a tax lawyer. We have moved a few times, but now live in Richmond, Virginia, where Anne is a tax specialist for Dominion Resources, Inc., and Greg serves as a physical therapist in the U.S. Army Reserves and is also a stay-at-home dad. We have two kids: Jason (age 4) and Nora (almost age 2).

– What do you remember most about your wedding day when you look at your photos?

Above all, our wedding pictures make us feel very happy! They really capture the joy of the day. (And it makes Anne remember when she tossed the bouquet over the heads of all the ladies and it was caught by a tall guy standing behind them!)

– Have your children seen your wedding photos and if so, have they had any comments you don’t mind sharing?

They have seen the photos we have framed on the wall. No comments… but they do recognize us even though we look a lot different 11 years later.

The most recent photo I could find of all four of us (attached) was from last November! It’s hard to get the kids to pose for pictures right now!


Thanks so much for being so gracious with your time, Anne & Greg! We’re thrilled to celebrate your 11th wedding anniversary with you, but honestly, we don’t think either one of you look that much different! Bet it’s those little ones that are keeping you young. Or maybe it’s beautiful, genteel Richmond? Either way, it’s working. Congratulations to you both and it was great to hear from you!

With Joy,

Kate & Andrew’s Wedding at Clifton Inn

Kate & Andrew’s Wedding at Clifton Inn

When we lived in Charlottesville and our newly engaged then-assistant Eric asked us where in town we’d marry if we were to do it again, we offered Clifton Inn, a place (and people) we adore. So it was nice to once again return for Kate & Andrew’s wedding (you might remember their fun Love Session in Georgetown) and celebrate with their welcoming families. It coincided with the last race of the Triple Crown, and the couple was surrounded by enthusiastic fans to watch as the last part of cocktail hour faded in the golden afternoon light. While their favorite horse may not have won, these two most definitely did with the heartfelt and tender toasts offered by their friends and family that evening. We loved spending the weekend with them, and you can relive those moments with their complete gallery. The password is Kate’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy!

The wedding team:
Venue, Catering & Cake: Clifton Inn
Flowers: Floral Images Design Studio
Tent Company: Skyline
Officiant: Family Friend
Hair & make-up: Studio 500
Ceremony Musicians: Terra Voce
Reception Music: Miguel with DJ D-Mac 
Stationer: Rock Paper Scissors

B’s faves of A:


















A’s faves of B:














We’re so happy our wonderful assistant Karen could join us in Charlottesville for K&A’s wedding. Here are a few of our faves from her.






Some sweet details:


















KA-1901-28x     paper   tables






late night

Dear k&a,

Some of our favorite moments from your wedding day include:
Watching utter joy as the two of you saw each other for the first time in private that day, taking each other in without a care in the world. Just as you reached the altar, Kate, the look of true love and amazement in your dad’s eyes as he watched you just beaming in front of Andrew. The flowers you each presented to your mothers during the ceremony, not for the flowers’ sake, but for what they represented. The way you, Andrew, and every other man wearing a suit at your ceremony heroically fended off the hot Virginia sun, ignoring the weather completely to focus on your wife-to-be. The surprise, then determination, then triumph you felt, Kate, when you finally got Andrew’s ring on his finger!  The intoxicating smell of lavender when you ran through your guests gleefully tossing it on you after your ceremony. Your Mother’s beautiful and heartfelt toast, Andrew. While we don’t remember the words, we won’t soon forget the feeling we had listening to it. The golden butterfly that crashed your cocktail hour. When your dad, Kate, spoke during his toast of the first time he and Andrew talked, and of the long awkward silence (so funny!) At the very end of the night, Kate while your parents slow danced under the stars and you looked over with admiration, hope and love.

Congratulations, you two! What an incredible joy for us to be a part of your wedding and we wish you have many years of enjoying sharing in each other’s life.


Alison & Jasper’s Brunch Wedding at Farmington Country Club

Alison & Jasper’s Brunch Wedding at Farmington Country Club

Our first Summer wedding had us back in Charlottesville for a sunny brunch wedding for Alison & Jasper, who married close to Alison’s childhood home. These two were an incredibly gentle and quiet couple, and had decided to host their guests for a brunch along the lawn at Farmington Country Club. Many guests played the myriad lawn games, especially croquet, to wear off the abundant brunch buffet (including, of course, Oreo cookies). It was a fun, relaxed way to start the spring season, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to have been part of the celebration. Check out our favorite moments and details from A&J’s wedding, and view their complete gallery here. The password is Alison’s maiden name. Enjoy!

The wedding team:
Venue & catering: Farmington Country Club
Flowers: Whimsical Floral
Baker: Paradox Pastry
Officiant: Travis Crytzer
Hair & make-up: Studio FBJ
Stationer: Erica Jack
Gown: Oscar de la Renta

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:


AJ-0919-47x copy




AJ-1001-04x copy

AJ-0938-24x copy


AJ-1046-12x copy

AJ-1407-22x copy



AJ-1450-01x copy

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:


AJ-0946-05y copy







AJ-1347-28y copy




A few favorites from our talented assistant Karen:


This moment of her brother watching his sister and other brother hug following the ceremony is among our absolute faves from the day.


AJ-0931-50z copy

Sweet eye candy…



getting ready

AJ-0919-43x copy





flowers 2


ceremony 2





reception 2




A man after our own hearts. Does anyone else think Oreo’s are part crack?! SO incredibly addictive!


oreo rings

Dear a&j,

Some of our favorite moments from your wedding day include: Your dog snuggled up in your lap while you got your hair and make-up done, Alison. Jasper, when you stretched out on the bed for a breather just before your ceremony was to begin. The near tears-of-joy your families each had upon your marriage when you all celebrated together afterward. Getting nearly everyone to play croquet despite the 90 degree heat and classic Virginia humidity. Jasper, that look on your face when you saw Alison for the first time in her pink wedding dress during your First Sight. Loved it!

Congratulations, you two!


Isabelle & Andy’s Intimate Wedding at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

Isabelle & Andy’s Intimate Wedding at Charlottesville’s Clifton Inn

While many of the gorgeously planned events we shoot are great fun, we also like intimate weddings for a number of reasons–not the least of which is that things are often stripped bare to the most important parts of a wedding ceremony, leaving lots of room for spontaneity and emotion. Such was the case with Isabelle and Andy, who recently married before their closest family members, including Isabelle’s dog Abby, at picturesque Clifton Inn.

Both of us have covered even smaller weddings in the past, but this day it was documented by only Bill. Enjoy a few highlights! And when you’re ready, please enjoy their complete wedding gallery. The password is Isabelle’s maiden name.

At last, Abby came bounding out of the house at Colina Farm to greet her “mom”. It was awesome!

Dear i&a,

It was so nice walking in to the kitchen at Colina Farm to see you, Isabelle, hanging out with your family while getting your hair and make-up done. Everyone was just all smiles, relaxed, and helpful. It really set the mood for the ceremony an hour later out on the lawn in front of the old farmhouse. Andy, when I stepped off the front porch to see you just prior to the start of the ceremony, you were about as nervous as most men are (usually starting about a half-hour before their wedding), but all that visibly melted away as soon as you saw your Isabelle escorted down the porch by her dad, toward you.

After your ceremony ended, it was sweet just staying at a discrete distance and capturing your natural emotions toward each other while you both enjoyed some moments by yourselves. All of that of course culminated in Abby bounding out of the house (I totally see now why you needed to get in “catcher’s position” for that, Isabelle, lest you be knocked to the ground from her boundless energy.) In all, again such fun. Thank you so much for having me out that Thursday afternoon and enabling me to document the beginning of your marriage!