Sarah & Jason’s Wedding at The Homestead

Sarah & Jason’s Wedding at The Homestead

Happy Friday! We have the first of two Homestead weddings for you today. The first is an incredibly sweet couple, Sarah & Jason, who enjoyed a quiet first sight with each other before doing their portraits. There was a brief rain delay due to a passing cloud, but it dampened nary a spirit, and we all ended up celebrating outside after a few minutes. Have fun perusing our favorite moments from the day below, then see their complete gallery here. The password, Sarah’s maiden name, is case-sensitive. Have a great weekend!

The wonderful team:
Venue and catering: The Homestead
Coordination: Gail Arnott with The Homestead
Band: The Jangling Reinharts
Florist: Gillespie’s Flowers
Calligraphy: Terry Quentrill
Gown: Provonias
Hair & make-up: The Homestead

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:
















Anne’s faves of Bill’s:



Just a wee bit of rain showers before the main event. No one was in a hurry with such views.



At last, the skies cleared…



And in true Virginia fashion it may have been a little warm and humid that day…







Love, love, love the unicorn head on Rick, the bandleader, after the evening’s festivities had officially ended. There was still more partying to enjoy, of course.


Our wonderful assistant Karen was also shooting a we bit that day and came up with these rockin’ shots:


Notice how adept Jason is at not only dipping his new bride, but holding his Corona at just the right angle to avoid spillage? Masterful.


Some sweet details:















Dear s&j,

Some of our favorite moments from your wedding day include:
Sarah, it seemed your dad and Jason coordinated their thoughts and actions when your dad tripped up a bit over your vail, then when Jason did the same thing as you two walked up to the tower immediately after your ceremony. The way, with champagne in hand, you were completely unperturbed by the rainfall just before your ceremony. Your first dance! That was some serious energy and fun there, with many surprises for your guests. The stories your siblings shared about the two of you over the years were uproariously funny and at times very poignant. Wee ones dancing together, with the occasional stolen kiss (or at least attempted). A capella, Sarah. And that’s all we’re going to say about that. 😉


Cristin & Nima’s Wedding at Veritas Vineyard

Cristin & Nima’s Wedding at Veritas Vineyard

We’re back home in Charlottesville for happy and laid-back Cristin & Nima’s wedding at Veritas Vineyards! It was such a beautiful Spring day wo we were feeling pretty lucky, especially given the current downpours today. We’re delighted to share a few of our absolute favorite moments (even beyond what the Washington Post featured) and select details from the day’s festivities below. Afterward, you can view their complete gallery here. The password is Cristin’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The fab team:
Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Florist: Blue Ridge Floral Designs
Band: E3
Transportation: Albemarle Vintage Limousine
Make-up and hair: Jeanne Cusick
Invitations: Karyn Bowen
Lighting: MS Events
Gown: Casablanca

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:













Bill’s faves of Anne’s:















Can’t leave without sharing some lovely eye candy:

















Dear c&n,

A few of our favorite moments from before, during and after your wedding:

Getting to know you both over wine at a coffeeshop. This made total sense to all of us so it was clearly meant to be. Your tendency to high-five anything that was truly righteous. This was done quite often. The adoring way Nima would gaze at you, Cristin. Again, quite often. The way you giggled, Cristin, when Nima suggested posing with your “Too Late Now!” sign. It clearly is the most preposterous thing ever written in this case. Nima, you “tasting” Cristin’s flowers, just in case. Cristin, the way you held your dress in your hands in quiet contemplation while sitting on the sofa, minutes from putting it on. Your attitude of “let’s see if this thing works” during the Chinese candle lighting. Your dad’s welcome toast showing just how much you meant to him, Cristin, with tears in his eyes. Your sweet notes after your wedding and even during your honeymoon to share how much you were loving the sneak peeks. When you lamented the only thing you were sad about was that we no longer had as much reason to talk. Perish the thought. We expect to see you in our new sunny Colorado and hopefully, often.

Thank you for your trust and love, c&n. Congratulations!


Liz & Paul’s Wedding at Washington DC’s Meridian House

Liz & Paul’s Wedding at Washington DC’s Meridian House

Happy Friday and welcome back! You’re probably all set for the weekend, so let us send you off to celebrate in style, with our friends Liz and Paul’s fantastically emotional and touching wedding. Do you remember the great time we had with them at their Love Session? Of course you do. We absolutely adore this sweet, joyful couple and are so excited to share their stunning DC wedding with you.

Have fun looking through everything and when you’re ready, click on through to visit their complete wedding gallery. The password is Liz’s maiden name. Enjoy!

The fab team:
Venue: Meridian House
Planner: Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events
Caterer and baker: Design Cuisine
Florist: Beehive Events
Stationer: Simple Song Design
DJ: DJ D-Mac
Ceremony musicians: String Poets
Make-up: Laura Bateman
Hair: Remona Soleimani
Officiant: Bill Cochran
Gown: Monique Lluhier
Calligraphy: Lee Ann Clark
Lighting: eventEQ

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:


Bill’s faves of Anne’s:


Eye-candy that just might make you full!

Dear l&p,

Somehow we knew, when we saw your complementary MacBook covers, that not only were the two of you incredibly perfect for each, but that we were all going to get along just fine. It gave us goosebumps watching the two of you as you saw each other for the first time on your wedding day, and Paul, your unbridled giggles at seeing your wife-to-be was the icing on the cake. You just know in that moment that this is a true partnership, amazingly strong and truly meant to be.

There’s something very special about having kids comprise your wedding party. They’re full of wonder and eagerness and yes, sometimes shyness. It was so cute seeing your nieces, Paul, walk down the aisle with huge grins on their faces holding up a banner with, “Uncle Paul, here comes your girl!” During your ceremony, even though we had already heard a couple of the stories from your courtship that Rev. Bill related to your guests, we loved experiencing them again and watching your reactions to them. Speaking of reactions, Liz, that series of the two of you while you’re trying to squeeze Paul’s ring onto his finger made us and everyone else laugh.

Paul–a Belgian beer bar for your guests? Nice! It was all we could do not to put our cameras down for a spell during cocktail hour to pour a tall Chimay Blue. What a fantastic idea! Everything you had for your guests’ experience, from the beer to the charcuterie to the cupcake favors had purpose and meaning, which was certainly not lost on anyone there.

Sometimes we just can’t believe our luck. We so loved spending time with you and your families over your wedding weekend and are so grateful for your continued trust and friendship. Congratulations and we can’t wait to see you both again soon!


Annamaria & Jay’s Wedding at Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville

Annamaria & Jay’s Wedding at Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville

It’s Friday, so that must mean it’s a great day for sharing a wedding with you all before you head off on a weekend of shopping! We’re so happy to share Annamaria & Jay’s heartfelt celebration with you to get you in the perfect mood. Enjoy!

Ready for more? You can view their complete wedding. The password is Annamaria’s last name and is case-sensitive.

The talent team:
Venue and catering: Farmington Country Club
Florist: Floral Images
Hot Air Balloon: Boars Head Balloons
Band: Great Expectations
Make-up & hair: Face Value Studio
Gown: Ulla Maija
Harpist: Eve Watters
Stationary: The Dandelion Patch

We met up with Jay and Annamaria the Thursday before their wedding to do a few “day before” pics. They wanted to get a nice variety of portraits to take advantage of the seriously gorgeous Fall foliage and not have to rush them on the wedding day.  And we’re all SO glad we did as that Saturday was super cold and crazy windy. We love that they did their First Sight before their wedding day! Even with a little tux mishap, everyone was so relaxed and even Anna Maria’s adorable daughter got caught up in the excitement.

Yea, she may have stolen the show more than once, but she was just getting warmed up!

Starting off the wedding day…

Checking out the dress…

Their ring bearer may not have been as enthusiastic, at least at first. But he rose to the occasion. Anne love, love, loves this capture that Bill got before the ceremony!

Yea, they were at it again and we just couldn’t help ourselves.

There was a moment of levity just as the ceremony began, when the Wedding March was played just after Annamaria made it down the aisle. Good laughs all around and they wouldn’t be the last during the ceremony either, officiated by Jay’s friend Senator Mark Warner.

As the ceremony concluded, Senator Warner (who is a former Virginia governor for those not into politics) declared, “By the power vested in me, by me, I now declare that you are husband and wife…”. Yup that got some more laughs, and resulted in a good story later on that night.

They had intended to give all of their guests (a few at a time) tethered hot air balloon rides, but as you can see from Annamaria’s bundling up, the wind was crazy blowing, and they were lucky enough to get the balloon up for just a couple of minutes while we got a shot with them and the girls before it basically blew over.

Their dessert bar included Hungarian treats in a nod to Annamaria’s heritage.

Both Jay and his daughter, Katie graduated from UVa so Charlottesville was a sentimental choice for his and Annamaria’s wedding.

Being of very good mind and sound judgment, they asked us to bring the SnapHappy Studio along, which we happily obliged. A few of our faves:

Dear a&j,

Your wedding celebration was the perfect mix of stylish party and irreverent fun. The natural, easy-going attitude you brought with you for your weekend made it what it was and set the tone for your friends and family in attendance. No matter how cold it was outside, everyone could feel the warmth in the room. Especially during the toasts! Thinking back, we are grateful for a good number of things about getting to be a part of your wedding:

  • You took such great care in selecting locally-grown, sustainable fare that Virginia is known for such as Carter Mountain apples and local vino. They couldn’t have walked away from that dinner hungry. It’s a good thing Great Expectations was in house to get them movin’ and groovin’.  (Yea, we said groovin’. We’re nerds. So glad you you don’t hold it against us. 😉 )
  • Even when the wind blew so hard it made ballooning difficult at best, the balloon guys were still dedicated to at least giving you a portrait with the balloon all lit up against the evening sky. Gorgeous! At least for the 30 seconds it was up.
  • You totally laughed off the ceremony musical timing mismatch, giving your guests a good chuckle in the process and setting the mood for a wonderfully light-hearted wedding ceremony.
  • This was definitely the first time we’ve had an officiant declare self-invested powers to marry. That was pretty funny. If not 100% true. Hee, hee.
  • That dessert bar had something for everyone (we may have sneaked one or two of those delicious little…ooops…we wouldn’t want to incriminate ourselves). 🙂
  • Hearing how much photography was important to you, Annamaria, and that your dad was a collector was music to our ears. We’re thrilled that we just may have taken some shots that end up in your families collection.
We were just delighted to be a part of it all with you. Thank you so much for including us and having us document your celebration. Congratulations to you all!

Peace & Love,

Shannon & Dave’s Wedding at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC Part 1

Shannon & Dave’s Wedding at the Hay Adams Hotel in Washington, DC Part 1

Wow, Friday already? We know you’ve heard that one before, but man these weeks fly by! We’ve got a really fun wedding for you today. Technically, we’re out of the office this week attending a workshop, but couldn’t leave you without anything to peruse, so we present, without further ado, we’re so excited to share Shannon and Dave wedding with you!

Ready for more? You can now view their complete wedding gallery. The password is Shannon’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.



Dear s&d,

Anyone who brings their dog to their love session gets bonus points in our book, and the fact that Parker was just the cutest pup around, totally hamming it up for the camera, just made the afternoon and really got us in the mood for your wedding. It seemed at first like it was so far away, but then it was right on top of us. How did that happen? It was so nice walking into your respective suites that morning to say hi and document you getting ready with and leisurely hanging out with your friends. (Granted there was a lot more just hanging out going in your room, Dave.)

As we’re wont to often do, we thought more about your wedding while we were returning home that weekend, and talked about some of the things we were grateful for in being able to document your gorgeous, Fall wedding day:

  • The moment of solemnity instantly turning into levity during your ceremony when your officiant mentioned your “sobriety”.
  • The two-thumbs up sign you gave your guests as you exchanged rings. Siskel and Ebert would have been proud.
  • The view. Seriously, aside from maybe the Washington Monument, it doesn’t get any better than that. So many of your guests, even longtime DC natives, couldn’t resist having their picture taken out on the terrace and their smilies could not have been bigger.
  • The enthusiasm of your parents, Shannon, as they wanted the two of you see each other in Lafayette Park for the first time that day. They could not have been more proud that you two found each other.
  • The late afternoon sunlight streaming into the room before your ceremony & lighting the chair ribbons with their gorgeous, warm yellow light.
  • Dave, we’re pretty sure your Dad’s smile that day could not have been bigger and the way your Mom looked at your during your Mother/Son dance…well, it was something we were honored to witness and document for you.
  • You and y0ur Dad, Shannon, both wiping tears away before he walked you down the aisle.
  • Your friends’ uncanny ability to dance their butts off and hold on to their glasses, without spilling a drop.
  • The love that we felt envelope us in that room, Shannon, as your Dad gave his toast and that look you gave each other in your one.
  • Dave, the tenderness with which you so often looked at Shannon throughout the evening. It almost makes us forget that you’re a Steelers fan. Almost.

Thank you, Shannon and Dave, for setting the mood that evening, and for your trust in us. You both are truly beautiful souls – inside and out and we couldn’t be happier for you both. Congratulations!!


Stephanie & Shane’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

Once again, we arrive to today thinking, holy cow is it Friday already? I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. But hey, Fridays often mean a great wedding to share, and today’s no exception. Enjoy Stephanie and Shane’s celebration, and have yourselves a great weekend!

Ready for more? View their complete wedding gallery here. The password is Stephanie’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The Fab team:
Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Baker: Favorite Cakes
Florist: Pat’s Floral Designs
Videographer:  United Wedding Video
Band: Source

Once again Pat’s Floral Designs hit it out of the park with one of our favorite bridal bouquets of all time! Okay, so we have lots of favorites. ;-D

These two were steaming up our lenses. Seriously. Hot.

Stephanie & Shane met while in the Army and we LOVED her camouflage pumps!



Distracting the flower girl until it’s time to walk. Always a classic, this time with a modern twist. 🙂

It just so happened to also be Stephanie’s mom’s birthday, so they celebrated with a surprise cake for her.

Dear s&s,

Okay, so we don’t think we’ve laughed so hard or so often at a wedding as much as we did while documenting yours. Heck, we’re still laughing! The dry humor and endless jokes between the two of you and your families by themselves kept a smile on our faces all day. Because it was, after all, “our day”–how could it not? It was so cool how you displayed for all the nascent email conversations between Shane and your Dad, Stephanie, using wording and a sense of humor only a servicemember or veteran could fully appreciate. Its display at the tisch set the mood for the day for your arriving guests, as they flit back and forth between the energetic tisch and your sweet bedecken. We also loved the look your parents gave you during the processional, just before you circled each other at the very beginning of your ceremony. Parents could not have been happier nor more proud.

And just in case your friends weren’t sure if you were serious about your party that night, we’re certain your hora set a record for longevity  in a dance. Whew! Heck, our arms are still tired! Despite the evening’s little unexpected glitches, you took everything in stride and rose to dance the night away. We so enjoyed spending the day with you, celebrating with your families, and wish so much that you didn’t live so far away. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your celebration, allowing us into your lives for this brief moment to document it all for you. We had an absolute blast and we wish you many, many years of laughter together.

Peace & love…

Deena & Ben’s Wedding at UVa Chapel and Veritas Vineyards in Charlottesville

Happy Friday everybody! You haven’t seen much on the blog of late because we’ve been so darn busy and right about now we’re wondering how we’ve found ourselves in the middle of a studio renovation, website & blog redesign in the middle of wedding season…hmmmm, not sure what we were thinking there, but we’re about to unleash a whole mess of fun times and great imagery. Today we start off with Ben & Deena’s all-smiles celebration.

Are you ready to see more? Check out the entire wedding here. The password is Deena’s maiden name.

The FAB team:
Catering and lighting: Veritas Vineyard
Florist: Blue Ridge Floral Design
Gown designer: Liancarlo
Reception entertainment: Gonzo’s Nose (via Sam Hill Entrainment)
Cake Artist: Cakes by Rachel

Their friends painted Beta Bridge in honor of their celebration and it lasted more than 30 minutes!

Dear d&b,

All smiles. That’s pretty much how you and your wedding could be summed up. We loved how, moments after you saw each other for the first time that day, you held hands and walked over to a nearby bench to sit and chat for a spell. Deena, when your dad saw you in your gown a short bit later, we reveled in the emotion of the moment and were thrilled to capture more tender moments between you and your families. It was abundantly clear not only how much you cared for each other, but your families as well. It wasn’t just your wedding, but the coming together of two loving, faith filled families and if that isn’t cause for celebration, we don’t know what is. Both of your parents’ long marriages have provided such a solid foundation for you both as you begin this new life together.

Deena, even though it was a very warm day, we got goosebumps when you and your parents took a quite moment together to embrace and pray prior to entering the chapel and we love that both of them walked you down the aisle to meet your groom.  Oh, and wasn’t that afternoon light in the Chapel beautiful? You know we’re suckers for good light. And, Ben, we couldn’t help but laugh at how excited your Mom was before and after the ceremony. We adore that shot of you both celebrating with her just afterward. Your wedding day was the perfect blend of touching seriousness combined with laugh-out-loud, fun.

It was especially evident when you and your wedding party ran into the Veritas ballroom NBA-style, complete with official arm and sweat bands. The energy continued though to the dancing–at the end of last year we ran various contests for 2010 Superlatives. One category was the best alternative use of a necktie, and we think there were a couple of contenders for next year’s contest alone from that evening!

Good light. Touching moments. Ebullient joy. Yup, those might just be all your wedding photographers need to feed them. Our souls anyway. ;-D

Such fun. Thank you so much for having us out to document your Summer celebration and congratulations on your marriage!

Peace & love…

Kimya & Brian’s Wedding at the Omni Shoreham, Part 1

Hey everybody! Today and tomorrow we’re sharing with you one of the most visually stunning weddings you’re likely to ever see. Just gorgeous, and what a fun couple! Kimya and Brian were so incredibly happy and…well, why don’t you see for yourself, then be sure to return tomorrow to see the exciting conclusion–a HUGE party! A special thanks goes out to our dear friends Andrea Hubbell for coming up from C’ville to third shoot and to Karen Papadales for her invaluable and tireless assistance throughout the day. See if you can spy a few of Andrea’s images sprinkled in here and there. She got some great ones! And go check out Part 2, where you get to see more of the unmatched design talents of Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC and her amazing team of professionals. Just wow, Jodi. We were absolutely thrilled to be a part of k&b’s incredible event and hope you all enjoy their pics!

Want more? Check out the complete gallery of wedding images here. The password is Kimya’s maiden name and is case-sensitive. You can also see all the SnapHappy Studio photo booth images (same password).

Update: We’re delighted to announce Kimya & Brian’s wedding was featured within Grace Ormonde Wedding Style!

Gorgeous with a capital G.

Brian’s cheeks must have hurt from smiling *all* day! See above photo if you’re wondering why. 😉

Cotton “flakes”?!?

As always, Philippa Tarrant brought her A-game!

Kimya & Brian had a combined Christian & Persian ceremony so the Sofreh Aghd was set up in front of the gazebo.

The Sofreh or wedding spread includes traditional items that all hold special significance to the Persian wedding ceremony, such as the Holy book and the honey that the couple dip their pinky fingers in and feed each other during the ceremony. Mahsa & Shahed of Sofreh Atelier did an amazing job with k&b’s setup.

Our future competition? 😉

Just adore this one. Our eyes just linger a little bit longer every time we see it. Such joy on your faces and everyone surrounding you.

It’s Summer. Typical response from a groom having a hard time getting the ring over that one last knuckle.

Dear k&b,

On a day that you two seemingly couldn’t stop smiling (and why would you? It’s your wedding day!) ;-), we so enjoyed watching you just take it all in. And there was just so much to take in. Your guests applauding as you and each of your wedding party come down the aisle (and that was for the processional!) really set the mood for the day. Even the cotton “flakes” drifting lazily through the air seemed to fit in with the dreamy afternoon during your participatory dual-faith ceremony. We almost had to pinch ourselves – was this all real? The answer was a resounding yes and then some.

Little did we know there was even more yummy goodness to come. We can just imagine the feeling your guests had when they entered the ballroom foyer, bathed in a purple glow with warm candles. We’re pretty sure their jaws dropped just a little bit then when they entered the transformed (literally) ballroom. We know ours did! The tufted bars on a riser on the right, the engaging band playing on the left, the enormous, patterned dance floor set on the diagonal in front of them…and then curiously, soft draping on the back wall. Hmmm…what could that be, they wondered? How fun to keep them in suspense and give them such a fun surprise. We loved it!

Later on, amid some rock star-grade lighting, your guests were completely wowed when that the stage lights came up and that soft draping slowly opened revealing you both among not just your own delicately decorated wedding cake, but a fun and personalized groom’s cake, two croque en bouche’s, AND two tiered tables full of cupcakes. Kimya, the way you took aim at Brian’s mouth while feeding each other cake was so funny! Should we blame it on the sugar rush? 😉

Kimya, you, your Mom and Jodi made an incredible team in the the design, feel and execution of your day. Each and every detail was special and unique — from your french fry station during cocktails and the warm chocolate-chip cookie & cold milk cart,  to the rolling Scotch and dessert carts that joined people on the dance floor so they didn’t even have to leave their spot to enjoy some of the finer things in life. The two video screens by the bars showing slide shows of you both and your favorite family photos were a big hit and of course, as you saw yesterday, your guests let their freak flags fly in the SnapHappy Studio. So. Much. Fun!

Well, needless to say, everything was just incredible and we felt like little kids in a candy store with all there was for us to photograph. But, you know what the very best part of it all was? That we were present to witness and document your absolute love for each other. And not just your love, but your sincere “liking” of each other. (Is that word? Well, if not, it should be.) It was that easygoing joy that made a truly un-real setting feel real. Honestly, looking back, we were so surprised given all the gorgeous grandness of it all, how your warmth and utter joy managed to make the day actually feel very intimate.

It was such a pleasure being present and in the moment with you as you celebrated your wedding, Kimya & Brian. Thank you so much to you both and your loving families for including us. It’s one we won’t soon forget.

Oh, and congratulations!!!! 🙂


Beth & Peter’s Meridian House Wedding, Part 2

Did you already catch Part 1 of Beth and Peter’s wedding? Well, we hope so. Please…carry on. Shall we review the spectacular team who helped put all this together?

Event planning: Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events
Hair & Makeup: KPN
Bridal Gown: Melissa Sweet
Venue: Meridian House
Floral Design: Philippa Tarrant
Baker: Maggie Austin Cakes
Catering: Windows
Stationary: Dauphine Press
Calligraphy: Meant to Be Calligraphy
Officiant: Bill Cochran
DJ: Aaron Platt of Chris Laich Music Services
Video: Dolce Video
Lighting: Event Dynamics
Favors: Georgetown Cupcakes

We need to take a moment here and admire this cake in its seemingly natural habitat.

Seriously. Gorgeous. Cake.

You go Windows!

First dance.

The cake cutting was widely documented!

Love this shot Anne took!

“It’s gettin’ hot in here…”

And I believe Andrew’s response was “why, yes, it is kinda warm”. Or something like that. ;-D

And a few more favorite details we just had to fit in!

Beth & Peter’s Meridian House Wedding, Part 1

Whoo! Happy Friday everyone! We’re SO excited today to share some of our favorite images from Beth & Peter’s gorgeous wedding at the beautiful and historic Meridian House in Washington, DC, designed by the ever talented Jamie Sears of Simply Chic Events. While the grass was a bit too wet to host their ceremony in the garden, the weather gods smiled upon them – and us. They still got to have an outdoor ceremony AND we got to shoot a ceremony for the first time in the Linden Grove. SO neat! Yes, we just said neat. ‘Cause it totally was. 🙂

Take a gander below at some of the early part of the day’s festivities, and return this afternoon to view part 2, carrying us through the rest of the night’s partying.  You won’t want to miss it!

Ready for more? You can view the complete gallery of all images here. The password is Beth’s maiden name.

Love, love this shot Anne got of Beth’s preparation.

Peter was stylin’…

And Elizabeth was gorgeous!

First sight! (By the way, Anne is totally in love with that dress.)

Love, love, love this one Bill got!

Always a sweet treat to serve your guests some pre-ceremony cool drinks!

Peter’s grandparents never stopped smiling that night.

There’s incredible knowing look among couples who have been together for a number of years. We love this moment between Beth’s parents.

Bill Cochran *always* does such a meaningful & laugh-inducing ceremony!


And just a few of our favorite details from the ceremony…

Dear b&p,

Every single wedding is unique and we take pride in the fact that we’re able to document each couple as they really are and as they really interact with one another, and absolutely loved the quiet yet strong bond between the two of you. It was evident in your engagement portraits and certainly again throughout your wedding, beginning with your tender first sight in Meridian’s gardens. Your sweet, knowing glances towards each other, your easy laughter, and yes, we know the beautiful sun was shining that day, but we swear – you both, along with your incredibly kind families and friends, were just glowing.

It was so much fun listening to your officiant relay stories of your courtship and watching everyone’s reactions (including yours). The day certainly wasn’t all quiet, however, once you two and your families took to the dance floor! There was no question whatsoever who was about to get their groove on, and certainly, Beth,  your brother also provided some wonderful “color commentary” to the festivities. Everyone loved it – including us! Peter, that look of utter delight on your grandmother’s face when she strolled across the floor to dance with you is not one we’ll soon forget.

And good call on your cake artist! Not only was that one of the most beautiful cakes we’ve seen, we don’t think we’ve ever seen cake slices move that quickly, devoured seemingly within seconds. Little did they know, there was also an incredible dessert table AND Lava Fudge cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcake to go! So many special touches that surely make your guests feel welcome and adored. We felt incredibly lucky to be a part of it all. Still do, actually.

The day was just the right amount of solemnity, excitement, and calmness. We absolutely love that you took a brief moment during dinner to slip outside, just the two of you, to perhaps, connect, reflect and just take in this incredible, momentous occasion. Beth & Peter, you gave us your trust, sincerity and light – we could never ask for anything more. Thank you so much for inviting us to share in this sweet and beautiful time in your lives. We know you’ll have many, many more together!