Misty & Roby’s Wedding at Mellon Auditorium

Misty & Roby’s Wedding at Mellon Auditorium

What do you get when you cross two Ivy League-educated attorneys with a love for pranks, and irreverent sense of humor? Why, Misty & Roby of course. You know them, don’t you? Faithful readers of this journal will remember them from their early springtime Love Session, and now they’ve tied the knot in an amazingly unique ceremony (not only in the round, but officiated by their wedding party and parents!) at the always stunning Mellon Auditorium in DC and expertly planned and executed by the fantastic Sara Muchnick. We simply adore these two and are so delighted to share a few of our fave moments and of course, some gorgeous decor from their wedding day with you. Have fun, enjoy your week, and of course, check out the full gallery. The password is Misty’s last name and is case-sensitive.

The fabulous team:
Venue: Mellon Auditorium
Planner: Sara Muchnick with Engaging Affairs
Florist: Amaryllis
Caterer: Design Cuisine
Band: Big Ray & The Kool Kats
DJ: Jared Rosen
Furniture rentals: Party Rental, AFR, Taylor Creative
Video: Blue Sky Films
Lighting: Digital Lighting

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:







We’re not typically a fan of our subjects being camera-aware, but this glance from Roby’s dad just before escorting his son down the aisle really did it for us.



Just Married!





Anne’s faves of Bill’s:









So how cool is this? Misty, part of a dance troupe in college, was completely surprised by a production her friends put on for the couple. The even bigger surprise? Roby, who otherwise would not necessarily be classified as a dancer, partook in the last number of the set to the cheers of everyone and as a surprise to Misty. Totally blew her mind. Loved it!


Roby shakes his booty at his new wife at the end of the dance.




Of course some from our awesome assistant Karen:




As promised, some of the incredible details:























Dear m&r,

Some of our favorite memories from your wedding weekend include:

The molecular mixologists at your rehearsal dinner (what a way to start the weekend!). Your first sight, when Roby shook his money maker (and then shook it again later that night…). That you created a unique ceremony officiated by your dearest friends, all participating in their own way. That amazing dance routine performed for you, including a surprise appearance by Roby. Yup, shaking his money maker once again. Wow, it was hard not just putting down our cameras and watching in amazement. The coordinated superhero boxers (not shown). Your laughter, especially immediately after your ceremony. Having your talented singing friends entertain the rest of your guests during cocktail hour. Misty, that you managed to get down on the dance floor despite recently injuring your feet–that was serious perseverance.

Congratulations, you two!



Jess and Mark’s Wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

Jess and Mark’s Wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

How was everyone’s weekend? What with the storms on the east coast, the flooding in the south and the wild fires out west, we hope everyone and their loved ones, are safe and (hopefully) have power. Thankfully, we didn’t lose any tree limbs and our power only flickered, but many of our neighbors were not so lucky. Our wedding couple this weekend, while certainly hotter than they would have liked, were also very lucky and all of their venues had blessed a/c, as well. They handled it with aplomb and we can’t wait to share their southern Richmond wedding with you soon!

To help you ease into your holiday week, we’re sharing a sweet recent wedding, on a Monday for a change. Please join us in congratulating high school sweethearts Jess and Mark (the first of three couples in a row who met in high school and married this Summer – that has got to be a record for us), who tied the knot at the beautiful National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. One of our favorite wedding planners, Jodi Moraru and her team created such a magical event, from the warm romantic lighting to the special notecards the couple wrote to each of their guests. And of course, the day went off without a hitch.

Below are a selection of each our favorites, and when you’re ready to see more, you can click through to view the entire wedding. The password is Mark’s last name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy and stay cool!

The talented team:
Planner: Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC
Venue: National Museum for Women in the Arts
Catering: Occasions
Makeup Artist: Kim Giammaria of Beauty Mark
Rabbi: Stephanie Bernstein
Hairstylist: Sanaz Zab
Band: Sound Nation
Baker: Kendall’s Cakes
Florist: Tierra Floral Design
Lighting: John Farr Lighting
Stationer:  Dandelion Patch

Anne’s Faves:

This one was actually from their rehearsal dinner, where Leigh their flower girl was not only in charge of the petals, but had a clear grip on that frisbee.

Bill’s Faves:

And of course some fab details:


Dear j&m,

Any couple whose first public act as husband and wife is to cut the cake gets a gold star in our book! We love that you twisted tradition just enough to personalize it for your ebullient family and friends and really make your entire wedding weekend your own. What a fun idea to host your rehearsal dinner at your high school (complete with flower arrangements set on your old school textbooks, lawn games on the fields for big kids and little kids alike, and the pièce de résistance, the school’s IN.CRED.ABLE acapella group who serenaded you with several love songs) where it all started. Or attempted to start. 😉

In fact, we loved the story of how you first met well over a decade ago, when Mark’s mom sat on the admissions committee to Georgetown Day School, admitting a very young Jess to the 7th grade and not at all realizing at the time she was admitting to the school her son’s future wife. Having your invitations (and cake!) feature a floating heart on a string to symbolize your journey to the altar was especially cool.

As was often the case this Spring, your wedding day started out a little on the sizzling-eggs-on-a-sidewalk side, keeping us all inside, but that didn’t slow you down as we traversed the historic and very photogenic Hotel Monaco for your First Look and some fun, creative portraits. We can’t decide what touched us more that day–your palpable excitement to see your groom, Jess, and how it immediately calmed any nerves you were feeling, or the looks your respective parents traded with each other as they watched you sign your ketubah and become a married couple. What an inspiration their long standing marriages have been for you both, too. And Jess, your sister’s toast especially tugged at our heart strings that evening.

Toward evening’s end, as the band was wrapping up and we watched you hold each other as your friends all surrounded you in a dancing blanket of love, it was clear to us that each other’s arms was the most comfortable place in the world for you both. And it was perfect. Many, many congratulations to you both!


Stacy & Craig’s Homestead Wedding Featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Stacy & Craig’s Homestead Wedding Featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

We’re happy today to share with you a feature for Stacy and Craig, whose wedding has just been featured in the venerable Grace Ormonde Wedding Style blog! They had a day filled with such rich tradition and New York-style, we were delighted to see it chosen by the magazine’s editors. The link includes a compelling back story to their relationship and wedding, and be sure to click on the photos tab to view some of the highlights in addition to the few we’ve selected below.

Congratulations, S&C! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



Annamaria & Jay’s Wedding at Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville

Annamaria & Jay’s Wedding at Farmington Country Club, Charlottesville

It’s Friday, so that must mean it’s a great day for sharing a wedding with you all before you head off on a weekend of shopping! We’re so happy to share Annamaria & Jay’s heartfelt celebration with you to get you in the perfect mood. Enjoy!

Ready for more? You can view their complete wedding. The password is Annamaria’s last name and is case-sensitive.

The talent team:
Venue and catering: Farmington Country Club
Florist: Floral Images
Hot Air Balloon: Boars Head Balloons
Band: Great Expectations
Make-up & hair: Face Value Studio
Gown: Ulla Maija
Harpist: Eve Watters
Stationary: The Dandelion Patch

We met up with Jay and Annamaria the Thursday before their wedding to do a few “day before” pics. They wanted to get a nice variety of portraits to take advantage of the seriously gorgeous Fall foliage and not have to rush them on the wedding day.  And we’re all SO glad we did as that Saturday was super cold and crazy windy. We love that they did their First Sight before their wedding day! Even with a little tux mishap, everyone was so relaxed and even Anna Maria’s adorable daughter got caught up in the excitement.

Yea, she may have stolen the show more than once, but she was just getting warmed up!

Starting off the wedding day…

Checking out the dress…

Their ring bearer may not have been as enthusiastic, at least at first. But he rose to the occasion. Anne love, love, loves this capture that Bill got before the ceremony!

Yea, they were at it again and we just couldn’t help ourselves.

There was a moment of levity just as the ceremony began, when the Wedding March was played just after Annamaria made it down the aisle. Good laughs all around and they wouldn’t be the last during the ceremony either, officiated by Jay’s friend Senator Mark Warner.

As the ceremony concluded, Senator Warner (who is a former Virginia governor for those not into politics) declared, “By the power vested in me, by me, I now declare that you are husband and wife…”. Yup that got some more laughs, and resulted in a good story later on that night.

They had intended to give all of their guests (a few at a time) tethered hot air balloon rides, but as you can see from Annamaria’s bundling up, the wind was crazy blowing, and they were lucky enough to get the balloon up for just a couple of minutes while we got a shot with them and the girls before it basically blew over.

Their dessert bar included Hungarian treats in a nod to Annamaria’s heritage.

Both Jay and his daughter, Katie graduated from UVa so Charlottesville was a sentimental choice for his and Annamaria’s wedding.

Being of very good mind and sound judgment, they asked us to bring the SnapHappy Studio along, which we happily obliged. A few of our faves:

Dear a&j,

Your wedding celebration was the perfect mix of stylish party and irreverent fun. The natural, easy-going attitude you brought with you for your weekend made it what it was and set the tone for your friends and family in attendance. No matter how cold it was outside, everyone could feel the warmth in the room. Especially during the toasts! Thinking back, we are grateful for a good number of things about getting to be a part of your wedding:

  • You took such great care in selecting locally-grown, sustainable fare that Virginia is known for such as Carter Mountain apples and local vino. They couldn’t have walked away from that dinner hungry. It’s a good thing Great Expectations was in house to get them movin’ and groovin’.  (Yea, we said groovin’. We’re nerds. So glad you you don’t hold it against us. 😉 )
  • Even when the wind blew so hard it made ballooning difficult at best, the balloon guys were still dedicated to at least giving you a portrait with the balloon all lit up against the evening sky. Gorgeous! At least for the 30 seconds it was up.
  • You totally laughed off the ceremony musical timing mismatch, giving your guests a good chuckle in the process and setting the mood for a wonderfully light-hearted wedding ceremony.
  • This was definitely the first time we’ve had an officiant declare self-invested powers to marry. That was pretty funny. If not 100% true. Hee, hee.
  • That dessert bar had something for everyone (we may have sneaked one or two of those delicious little…ooops…we wouldn’t want to incriminate ourselves). 🙂
  • Hearing how much photography was important to you, Annamaria, and that your dad was a collector was music to our ears. We’re thrilled that we just may have taken some shots that end up in your families collection.
We were just delighted to be a part of it all with you. Thank you so much for including us and having us document your celebration. Congratulations to you all!

Peace & Love,