Megan & Chad’s Wedding at Vail Resort & Donovan Pavilion

Megan & Chad’s Wedding at Vail Resort & Donovan Pavilion

You may have seen Malia & Bryson’s surprise wedding (guests thought it was an engagement party) last week, where I (Bill) guest photographed with our good friend Kent Meireis. We have a couple more to share with you from a full weekend spent shooting two weddings in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. First up is Megan & Chad’s Jewish ceremony held at the mountaintop at Vail Resorts wedding deck. And because it was a Colorado wedding, a dog was involved, natch. I totally fell in love with Kona and nearly brought her home with me. Such a great dog. Callie the cat may not have much appreciated our sudden adoption, however.

Enjoy some of the favorite images from their wedding!

These folks all worked so well as a team to make this event so memorable:
Ceremony: Vail Wedding Deck
Reception: Donovan Pavilion
Flowers: Vintage Magnolia
Catering: The Gourmet Cowboy
Getting ready: Arrabelle Hotel

Wedding dress hanging at Arrabelle Hotel at Vail

Nothing starts a wedding day off right like some ever-so-smooth Macallan 12-year.

Pouring Scotch for groomsmen on wedding day at Arrabelle Hotel at Vail

First look…

First look on wedding day at Arrabelle Hotel at Vail

Bride's dress on wedding day at Arrabelle hotel at Vail

Wedding day flowers at Arrabelle Hotel at Vail

Their ketubah signing was a blast and full of humor. Rabbi Eliot J. Baskin rocked it!

Ketubah signing with family on wedding day at Arrabelle hotel at Vail

Bride and groom gondola ride at Vail on way to wedding deck

Kona took the opportunity to give her mom some love and kisses…

Bride and groom with dog on gondola ride at Vail on way to wedding deck

Bride and groom with dog on gondola ride at Vail on way to wedding deck

Bride and groom with dog licking bride's face on gondola ride at Vail on way to wedding deck

Ring bearer with bridesmaids in background at Vail wedding deck

Flower girl with bouquet at Vail wedding deck

Huppah with flowers and aspen branches at Vail wedding deck for Jewish wedding

Wine glasses for Jewish wedding at Vail wedding deck

Bride processes to vail wedding deck

Bride sheds tear as she circles groom during Jewish wedding at Vail wedding deck

Bride smiles at groom during Jewish ceremonyt  at Vail wedding deck

You wonder sometimes what goes through the minds of kids during a wedding…

Flower girls appear bored during Jewish ceremony at Vail wedding deck

Couple with Rabbi with mountains in background at Vail wedding deck

You can’t beat these views, really.

Expansive view of rocky mountains during Jewish ceremony at Vail wedding deck

Bride and groom crush glass during Jewish ceremony at Vail wedding deck

Bride, groom, and dog recess with Rocky mountains in background from Vail wedding deck

Views of Rocky mountains from Vail wedding deck

These little boys weren’t even part of Megan & Chad’s wedding. They were simply waiting patiently for the next ceremony at the wedding deck. Still…a cute scene.

Young boys wait for ceremony at Vail wedding deck

Bride's vail flies in wind at Vail wedding deck

Megan & Chad met in the singles line at the Born Free Express lift, so of course we captured a wedding portrait of them there.

Bride and groom wedding portrait at Born Free Express  at Vail

Beer bottle caps at Donovan Pavillion

Bagpiper pipes in bride and groom at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Challah bread at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

White decorated wedding cake at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Bride and groom prepare for first dance at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Cake cutting at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

First dance at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Bride laughs with guests at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Groom's mom shrieks with delight during hora dance at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Bride and groom dance with guests at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Megan did a traditional Polish dance with…well…just about every guest in attendance.

Bride hugs friend at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Bride and groom surrounded by friends and family at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion

Twilight at wedding reception at Donovan Pavillion


Jess and Mark’s Wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

Jess and Mark’s Wedding at the National Museum for Women in the Arts

How was everyone’s weekend? What with the storms on the east coast, the flooding in the south and the wild fires out west, we hope everyone and their loved ones, are safe and (hopefully) have power. Thankfully, we didn’t lose any tree limbs and our power only flickered, but many of our neighbors were not so lucky. Our wedding couple this weekend, while certainly hotter than they would have liked, were also very lucky and all of their venues had blessed a/c, as well. They handled it with aplomb and we can’t wait to share their southern Richmond wedding with you soon!

To help you ease into your holiday week, we’re sharing a sweet recent wedding, on a Monday for a change. Please join us in congratulating high school sweethearts Jess and Mark (the first of three couples in a row who met in high school and married this Summer – that has got to be a record for us), who tied the knot at the beautiful National Museum for Women in the Arts in Washington, DC. One of our favorite wedding planners, Jodi Moraru and her team created such a magical event, from the warm romantic lighting to the special notecards the couple wrote to each of their guests. And of course, the day went off without a hitch.

Below are a selection of each our favorites, and when you’re ready to see more, you can click through to view the entire wedding. The password is Mark’s last name and is case-sensitive. Enjoy and stay cool!

The talented team:
Planner: Jodi Moraru of Evoke DC
Venue: National Museum for Women in the Arts
Catering: Occasions
Makeup Artist: Kim Giammaria of Beauty Mark
Rabbi: Stephanie Bernstein
Hairstylist: Sanaz Zab
Band: Sound Nation
Baker: Kendall’s Cakes
Florist: Tierra Floral Design
Lighting: John Farr Lighting
Stationer:  Dandelion Patch

Anne’s Faves:

This one was actually from their rehearsal dinner, where Leigh their flower girl was not only in charge of the petals, but had a clear grip on that frisbee.

Bill’s Faves:

And of course some fab details:


Dear j&m,

Any couple whose first public act as husband and wife is to cut the cake gets a gold star in our book! We love that you twisted tradition just enough to personalize it for your ebullient family and friends and really make your entire wedding weekend your own. What a fun idea to host your rehearsal dinner at your high school (complete with flower arrangements set on your old school textbooks, lawn games on the fields for big kids and little kids alike, and the pièce de résistance, the school’s IN.CRED.ABLE acapella group who serenaded you with several love songs) where it all started. Or attempted to start. 😉

In fact, we loved the story of how you first met well over a decade ago, when Mark’s mom sat on the admissions committee to Georgetown Day School, admitting a very young Jess to the 7th grade and not at all realizing at the time she was admitting to the school her son’s future wife. Having your invitations (and cake!) feature a floating heart on a string to symbolize your journey to the altar was especially cool.

As was often the case this Spring, your wedding day started out a little on the sizzling-eggs-on-a-sidewalk side, keeping us all inside, but that didn’t slow you down as we traversed the historic and very photogenic Hotel Monaco for your First Look and some fun, creative portraits. We can’t decide what touched us more that day–your palpable excitement to see your groom, Jess, and how it immediately calmed any nerves you were feeling, or the looks your respective parents traded with each other as they watched you sign your ketubah and become a married couple. What an inspiration their long standing marriages have been for you both, too. And Jess, your sister’s toast especially tugged at our heart strings that evening.

Toward evening’s end, as the band was wrapping up and we watched you hold each other as your friends all surrounded you in a dancing blanket of love, it was clear to us that each other’s arms was the most comfortable place in the world for you both. And it was perfect. Many, many congratulations to you both!


Happy Anniversary: Stacy & Craig

Happy Anniversary: Stacy & Craig

We hope everyone’s been having a wonderful, yet very memorable, holiday weekend. We offer a thank you too large to put into words to those who have served our country in years and decades past, and those who continue to do so, many offering up the ultimate sacrifice.

Today we’d love to also celebrate Stacy and Craig, who tied the knot a year ago today at the beautiful historic Homestead Resort and whose wedding was also featured by Grace Ormonde Wedding Style. The couple, who originated their marriage at their home in New York City, have since relocated with their two dogs to a slightly quieter realm in North Carolina, each capturing new careers in the process. In fact, Stacy is now the resident wedding planner for her own event’s designer, Caroline LaRocca and is loving the change of pace.

We asked them just before they took off to celebrate their anniversary about a few of their favorite images from the weekend’s festivities. Here are their selections.

Stacy’s favorites:

This is by far my number 1 favorite picture —  I love how you guys captured my ear to ear smile and craig’s look of anticipation, which no one else saw in the moment it was happening.

One of my favorites because it’s the first picture of us officially married). 

Craig’s favorites:

None of Craig’s friends knew how to tie a tie correctly, so he loves how this picture captures this.

Reflection in the floor is so cool & looks like a picture out of a magazine.

Their joint favorites:

This picture is a reflection of our wedding style vision brought to life.

Everyone getting on the stage was not planned, but was such a fun way to end the wedding, and we love how this photo captures it.

We hope the two of you are having a wonderful time this weekend!

Stacy & Craig’s Homestead Wedding Featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

Stacy & Craig’s Homestead Wedding Featured in Grace Ormonde Wedding Style

We’re happy today to share with you a feature for Stacy and Craig, whose wedding has just been featured in the venerable Grace Ormonde Wedding Style blog! They had a day filled with such rich tradition and New York-style, we were delighted to see it chosen by the magazine’s editors. The link includes a compelling back story to their relationship and wedding, and be sure to click on the photos tab to view some of the highlights in addition to the few we’ve selected below.

Congratulations, S&C! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!



Stephanie & Shane’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

Once again, we arrive to today thinking, holy cow is it Friday already? I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. But hey, Fridays often mean a great wedding to share, and today’s no exception. Enjoy Stephanie and Shane’s celebration, and have yourselves a great weekend!

Ready for more? View their complete wedding gallery here. The password is Stephanie’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The Fab team:
Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Baker: Favorite Cakes
Florist: Pat’s Floral Designs
Videographer:  United Wedding Video
Band: Source

Once again Pat’s Floral Designs hit it out of the park with one of our favorite bridal bouquets of all time! Okay, so we have lots of favorites. ;-D

These two were steaming up our lenses. Seriously. Hot.

Stephanie & Shane met while in the Army and we LOVED her camouflage pumps!



Distracting the flower girl until it’s time to walk. Always a classic, this time with a modern twist. 🙂

It just so happened to also be Stephanie’s mom’s birthday, so they celebrated with a surprise cake for her.

Dear s&s,

Okay, so we don’t think we’ve laughed so hard or so often at a wedding as much as we did while documenting yours. Heck, we’re still laughing! The dry humor and endless jokes between the two of you and your families by themselves kept a smile on our faces all day. Because it was, after all, “our day”–how could it not? It was so cool how you displayed for all the nascent email conversations between Shane and your Dad, Stephanie, using wording and a sense of humor only a servicemember or veteran could fully appreciate. Its display at the tisch set the mood for the day for your arriving guests, as they flit back and forth between the energetic tisch and your sweet bedecken. We also loved the look your parents gave you during the processional, just before you circled each other at the very beginning of your ceremony. Parents could not have been happier nor more proud.

And just in case your friends weren’t sure if you were serious about your party that night, we’re certain your hora set a record for longevity  in a dance. Whew! Heck, our arms are still tired! Despite the evening’s little unexpected glitches, you took everything in stride and rose to dance the night away. We so enjoyed spending the day with you, celebrating with your families, and wish so much that you didn’t live so far away. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your celebration, allowing us into your lives for this brief moment to document it all for you. We had an absolute blast and we wish you many, many years of laughter together.

Peace & love…

Emily & Jonathan’s New Album

Oh, how we love getting new albums in the mail. It’s fun looking through them, remembering the moment we captured each of the images displayed in the album. We also like seeing again what our clients chose as their favorite photos from their wedding day. Emily and Jonathan’s album was no different, and we took a few minutes this morning to photograph it for you as well. Enjoy!

Emily & Jonathan: Happy Anniversary!

So this week we get to celebrate not one, but two anniversaries! Congratulations today to Emily & Jonathan, who married a year ago at historic Meridian House. And as usual, we’ve asked them about their favorite images and moments from the day, and this is what they had to say:

Our first year of marriage has been absolutely terrific.  Jonathan and I finally moved in together in August — three months after the wedding.  We’ve been enjoying our time together and are very excited to be celebrating one year since the wedding.  Of course, thank you again for your part in making it such a special occassion!

Emily favorites:

Jonathan’s favorite:

Their joint favorites: