Lauren & Chas’s Wedding at Fat Cat Farm

Lauren & Chas’s Wedding at Fat Cat Farm

Among the very last of our weddings this year was Lauren & Chas’s, who enjoyed an emotional and incredibly sweet ceremony officiated by Lauren’s childhood minister. We had been looking forward to their wedding ever since we shot their Love Session last Fall, and so throughly enjoyed ourselves that entire day! What a sweet (& kissy) couple. Don’t believe us? Well, see for yourselves! Oh, and then check out their online gallery. The password is Lauren’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The incredible team:
Ceremony venue: Christ Church, Scottsville
Reception venue: Fat Cat Farm
Florist: Beehive Events
Catering: Harvest Moon
Hair & Make-up: Emily Garbee
Band: Whiskey Rebellion

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:













Anne’s faves of Bill’s:












Some lovely details:

getting ready



















Dear Lauren & Chas,

Some of our favorite moments from your wedding day include:

Your kind words about us and our marriage being an inspiration for all couples on their wedding day. Lauren, your easy laugh and how your radiant smile could brighten a cloudy day. Your stolen kisses. How overcome with emotion you both became during your personal vows. Chas, the overwhelming look of pride on your dad’s face as he hugged you after your ceremony. Lauren, the broad smile on your dad’s face…all night long. Your delicious pies! Not really a moment there, but having a bite definitely was. All the boot kickin’ on the dance floor. That hug when you first saw each other that day; it was as if you’d never separate. Awesome.

Congratulations, you two!



Wambui & Zack’s Wedding at Virginia’s Boxtree Lodge

Wambui & Zack’s Wedding at Virginia’s Boxtree Lodge

This wedding falls under the “You know you’re a good match when…” category, as we not only had a great talk with Wambui and Zack when they first contacted us (she sent us one of the best inquiry emails), they actually changed their wedding date to one for which we were available. It’s something that doesn’t happen often, but when it does, we couldn’t be more touched. It clearly showed how much they wanted to have a particular style of photography and how important their wedding photographs were to them. Which of coure, we kinda get. 😉  So please enjoy these, a few of our favorite images from the day, along with their tender first sight images. Afterward, follow on through to their personal wedding gallery to view all their images. The password is Wambui’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The fab team:
Venue: Boxtree Lodge
Catering: Three Li’l Pigs
Florist: The Crystal Orchid Flower Shoppe
Baker: Peace of Cake
Gown: Anjolique
DJ: Steven Davies
Stationer: Notable Affairs

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:

Bill’s faves of Anne’s:

Some lovely (many) DIY eye-candy:

Dear w&z,

As we’ve mentioned once or twice, we knew pretty much right away we’d be a great match. Every phone call or email, even early on, seemed to point us to you and your celebration as one for which we’d be able to capture exactly what you wanted–a true-to-life portrait of you and your your families’ time together to celebrate your union.  You picked an sweet rustic and natural place in Boxwood Lodge–a spot just remote enough to encourage your guests to drop their worries off at the gravel driveway’s entrance, for they were in for a fun, relaxing and above all, comfortable evening.

You came to your wedding with so many DIY ideas for how you wanted to make it your own while also making it easy and fun for your guests to participate, rather than simply being observing guests. (Your “photobooth” props alone were some of the best we’ve seen, hands down.) We laughed when as your ceremony concluded, so many of your female relatives, Wambui, got up and started dancing and singing around you. There was no way you were escaping down the aisle after your first kiss with that, and it was fun watching them all sing with such conviction and enthusiasm for you. What a wonderful tradition to start you both on your married life!

Your nephews were all about fulfilling their ceremonial duties and, once that was over, simply being boys by spending the rest of the evening playing tag outside, madly circling the ceremony site or bouncing down the ark slide on the lawn. Or even once it was dark and they couldn’t see to chase each other anymore, finally retreating indoors to very tasty cake, pie and more pie and of course, sneaking some video games while the grownups hit the dance floor. Noni and CJ offered their toasts to you with such sincerity and purpose and especially in CJ’s case, a little levity. It was such a treat getting to know them both, along with your close knit families.

Your wedding celebration was filled with so much love, laughter and light. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and find ourselves a bit sad that the official celebration is now over, although we know the joy and the tears (hopefully, they’ll be mostly happy) have just begun now that you’ve been joined together and two have become one. Love is sweet, indeed.

We could not be more thrilled with so many of the images we captured for you. (Several will be ending up our studio walls, you can bet on that and we trust on yours, as well!) Mostly though, we’re just truly grateful you asked us to be there for you on such an important day and we’re overjoyed that you’ll be able to relive all the memories for years to come every time you enjoy your photos. Thank you, and congratulations to you both!