Cristin & Nima’s Wedding at Veritas Vineyard

Cristin & Nima’s Wedding at Veritas Vineyard

We’re back home in Charlottesville for happy and laid-back Cristin & Nima’s wedding at Veritas Vineyards! It was such a beautiful Spring day wo we were feeling pretty lucky, especially given the current downpours today. We’re delighted to share a few of our absolute favorite moments (even beyond what the Washington Post featured) and select details from the day’s festivities below. Afterward, you can view their complete gallery here. The password is Cristin’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The fab team:
Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Florist: Blue Ridge Floral Designs
Band: E3
Transportation: Albemarle Vintage Limousine
Make-up and hair: Jeanne Cusick
Invitations: Karyn Bowen
Lighting: MS Events
Gown: Casablanca

Anne’s faves of Bill’s:













Bill’s faves of Anne’s:















Can’t leave without sharing some lovely eye candy:

















Dear c&n,

A few of our favorite moments from before, during and after your wedding:

Getting to know you both over wine at a coffeeshop. This made total sense to all of us so it was clearly meant to be. Your tendency to high-five anything that was truly righteous. This was done quite often. The adoring way Nima would gaze at you, Cristin. Again, quite often. The way you giggled, Cristin, when Nima suggested posing with your “Too Late Now!” sign. It clearly is the most preposterous thing ever written in this case. Nima, you “tasting” Cristin’s flowers, just in case. Cristin, the way you held your dress in your hands in quiet contemplation while sitting on the sofa, minutes from putting it on. Your attitude of “let’s see if this thing works” during the Chinese candle lighting. Your dad’s welcome toast showing just how much you meant to him, Cristin, with tears in his eyes. Your sweet notes after your wedding and even during your honeymoon to share how much you were loving the sneak peeks. When you lamented the only thing you were sad about was that we no longer had as much reason to talk. Perish the thought. We expect to see you in our new sunny Colorado and hopefully, often.

Thank you for your trust and love, c&n. Congratulations!


Lisa & Ian’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

Lisa & Ian’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

We’re so excited for Memorial Day weekend, although true to history, Mother Nature’s really kicking off summer with temps in the 90s. Won’t slow us down, though. What are you guys planning? A little getaway? Sticking around close to home? Sequestering yourself in the A/C for a movie marathon? Well, while you ponder such weighty things, we’ve got a wedding for you about an incredibly sweet couple whose wedding we recently had the pleasure of documenting. Without further ado, we present Lisa & Ian’s fun celebration at nearly Veritas Vineyards.

Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Florist: Blue Ridge Floral
Baker: Favorite Cakes
DJ: Derek Tobler
Transportation: Albemarle Vintage Limousine (a very cool surprise for Lisa at night’s end)

After seeing some of our favorites below, you’re probably itching to see the complete gallery from their wedding. Just be sure to use Lisa’s maiden name as the password (oh yes, and it’s case-sensitive). Have fun and a safe holiday weekend, everyone! Oh, and let us know how you liked that movie! ;-D

Anne’s Faves of Bill’s:

Bill’s Faves of Anne’s:

And, of course, we can’t forget some of the lovely details from the day.

Dear l&i,

Sweet and considerate, and full of Southern hospitality. Oh, and fickle weather! Those are a few of the adjectives that come to mind when we think of the two of you and your wedding day. The joy you both shared with each other when you first saw each other before your ceremony was so bubbly, champagne producers should inquire about bottling it. We loved how you personalized your ceremony by not only having one of your cousins serve as officiant, but that you privately selected ceremony readings for one another and watched as you shared emotional tears along with many present. And how adorable was your nephew Caine offering up a blessing for dinner? (Just don’t tell him we called him adorable. Although, we know boys just adore that adjective.) Throughout the day regardless of his duties he was all business, making sure every t was crossed and i dotted. Loved it.

We were so happy for you guys, when it became clear that you were going to get your outdoor ceremony. This Spring weather has been especially a bit bi-polar this year, but even if you had ended up indoors, we know you would have taken it with ease. Lisa, while all brides are beautiful on their wedding day when their heart and soul are full of love, but you were absolutely radiant.  Ian, there wasn’t a dry eye on the house that night when you related your marriage proposal(s) to your guests and then proceded to serenade Lisa to an originally-written score, culminating in a standing ovation among your guests (a first for us). And then you proceded to further surprise Lisa with a vintage car for a festive end-of-the-night getaway.

People talk at times about their “perfect day” during their wedding prep and while we feel that’s a bit of a misnomer, what you shared with your friends and family that day made your celebration no less than perfection. We’re so grateful to have been there to observe and document it all for you. And thanks too for the slices of cake. Very tasty!

And lastly, we hope your best man’s toast was exactly as long as you wanted it to be. 😉 Congratulations, you two!


Stephanie & Shane’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Veritas Vineyards

Once again, we arrive to today thinking, holy cow is it Friday already? I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. But hey, Fridays often mean a great wedding to share, and today’s no exception. Enjoy Stephanie and Shane’s celebration, and have yourselves a great weekend!

Ready for more? View their complete wedding gallery here. The password is Stephanie’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

The Fab team:
Venue and catering: Veritas Vineyards
Baker: Favorite Cakes
Florist: Pat’s Floral Designs
Videographer:  United Wedding Video
Band: Source

Once again Pat’s Floral Designs hit it out of the park with one of our favorite bridal bouquets of all time! Okay, so we have lots of favorites. ;-D

These two were steaming up our lenses. Seriously. Hot.

Stephanie & Shane met while in the Army and we LOVED her camouflage pumps!



Distracting the flower girl until it’s time to walk. Always a classic, this time with a modern twist. 🙂

It just so happened to also be Stephanie’s mom’s birthday, so they celebrated with a surprise cake for her.

Dear s&s,

Okay, so we don’t think we’ve laughed so hard or so often at a wedding as much as we did while documenting yours. Heck, we’re still laughing! The dry humor and endless jokes between the two of you and your families by themselves kept a smile on our faces all day. Because it was, after all, “our day”–how could it not? It was so cool how you displayed for all the nascent email conversations between Shane and your Dad, Stephanie, using wording and a sense of humor only a servicemember or veteran could fully appreciate. Its display at the tisch set the mood for the day for your arriving guests, as they flit back and forth between the energetic tisch and your sweet bedecken. We also loved the look your parents gave you during the processional, just before you circled each other at the very beginning of your ceremony. Parents could not have been happier nor more proud.

And just in case your friends weren’t sure if you were serious about your party that night, we’re certain your hora set a record for longevity  in a dance. Whew! Heck, our arms are still tired! Despite the evening’s little unexpected glitches, you took everything in stride and rose to dance the night away. We so enjoyed spending the day with you, celebrating with your families, and wish so much that you didn’t live so far away. Thank you for inviting us to be a part of your celebration, allowing us into your lives for this brief moment to document it all for you. We had an absolute blast and we wish you many, many years of laughter together.

Peace & love…

Sara & Matt’s Wedding at Charlottesville’s Pippin Hill Farm – Part 1

We’ve got a special treat for you this week, as we got to not only photograph Sara & Matt’s relaxed wedding celebration, we got to do it brand new Pippin Hill Farm just 15 minutes south of Charlottesville. Enjoy, and be sure to return this afternoon for the continuation of Sara and Matt’s party. Have a great weekend, everyone!

Oh, and when you’re ready to view the complete gallery, you can view it here. The password is Sara’s maiden name and is case-sensitive.

Matt gave these gorgeous handmade ties by Otis James to his groomsmen and each one was personalized with the recipient’s name on a hand-sewn tag in the back. (Watch Otis’s short intro video on his website and you may never buy a department store tie again. Seriously!)

Gotta love a happy & beautiful bride!

Just adore this shot Bill got of Sara reflected in the hubcap of their vintage ride to the ceremony.

Sara gave each of her bridesmaids a beautiful, handmade gift, as well – Ditty Bags! Very familiar to Charlottesville brides, but every gal in the country should have one of these treasures. (I adore what Dickie did for our friend, Erin – took her favorite shirt and turned into a gorgeous little Ditty!)

Sara sneaks a peek outside the bride’s room of the reception room below.

Time to celebrate!

Dear s&m,

If there were a dictionary entry for “chill couple”, your photo would be there! You brought from Colorado your no stress, no worries, it’s-all-good attitude, which permeated the entire celebration. How could it not when nearly 40 of your friends accompanied Matt in lazily tubing down the James River the morning of the wedding? It was a good start to your day, aside from your poor groomsman, Matt, who neglected to use sunscreen prior to the excursion. But even he took it in stride. Sara, the view of you, in your dress and veil with a glass of champagne in hand, taking a moment to relax in an easy chair to watch the baseball game before you left to get married exemplified the attitude that day.

Given it was summer in Virginia, we got pretty darn lucky with the weather. Whereas the day before it was hot, sunny, and humid, the day of your wedding it was merely pretty darn warm and humid, and the clouds during your ceremony on the hill overlooking the mountains, helped keep people cool. At least until dancing that night, that is. Things really heated up on that dance floor, decorated with tall trees on either side in the rustic, soaring two-story Granary, thanks to Attraction band. Your guests were treated some amazingly good food that night, what with the various food stations positioned around the ballroom. One of the stations, our clear favorite, featured bacon on a stick. Bacon on a stick! Now that’s the way to do it! So tasty, and very possibly it was the best “vendor meal” we’ve ever eaten (we did eat our Farmer’s Market vegetables too). Seriously.

As if that wasn’t enough,  your guests were treated to Carpe Donut (yum!) at their leisure throughout the night. If fresh, hot donuts still hadn’t sated their sweet tooth, the sundae bar and s’mores (complete with a raging bonfire) most certainly did. Sticky, a little gooey, and darn tasty. And that we were present for Pippin Hill’s first big wedding ever was icing on the cake for us. (We’ve already been back to further admire the views with family & friends and sample some wine this time!)

Everywhere we turned there was a thoughtful touch – lemonade in mason jars with lids for your guests pre-ceremony (with yellow stripey straws!), elegant straw fans on each and every ceremony seat, personalized wine bottles & doughnut bags, navy flip flops for the ladies, and your beautiful light green & dark blue invitations & programs – all helped create such a lovely, relaxed feel. Sara, you and your Mom, along with Lynn, made your wedding day feel like the perfect, lazy Summer day to us. The kind where, as a kid, you spend your day splashing in the pool (or the James River), chasing fire flies at dusk (or sitting under candle lit lanterns on a breezy porch) and playing flashlight tag in the dark with friends (or running through sparklers). It fit you and your daidback personalities to a T. That is no small feat – take it from us – and we know your guests will remember your wedding day and time with you fondly for years to come.

We’re so glad we could all be a part of it, capturing you both amid those gorgeous mountain views. If the hills were 14k ft. tall, we might have been back in Colorado. 🙂 Thank you for including us in your celebration; we’re thrilled we could document it for you and your families.


P.S. Be sure to check back later today for more fab details and some super fun party pics in Part 2!!