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The Official Bio

Sure, it wasn’t uncommon for us to have a camera in our hands as kids, as our dads were avid photographers. But while Anne took to people and weddings like a duck to water, Bill was a bit more stubborn, preferring nature and landscapes and completely avoiding people. Ironic, given Anne’s more quiet and introverted while Bill’s more gregarious. One might argue this means Anne’s simply more thoughtful. Bill concedes this might be true.

Anne studied communications in college–specializing in television, while Bill operated nuclear power plants for the U.S. Navy. But we both hoped for something new and challenging allowing greater creative freedom (and more cake).

We were lucky to have a wonderful mentor, who allowed us to shoot alongside her to learn and build our portfolio. Along with innumerable tomes, workshops, and even a giant conference, we were ready and rarin’ to go!

Anne & Bill in Austin with warm backlight. Photo by Chrisman Studios.

We shot film at first (Ilford HP5 and Fuji NPH for the geeks out there) and soon migrated to digital, a labor-intensive transition as early digital cameras required significant post-production.  But it was worth it for the much increased creative flexibility. The 35-40 rolls of film we’d shoot at a wedding was soon replaced by additional computers, two huge servers, a hard drive-laden Mac Pro, and a 30-inch cinema display (Bill’s baby).

We’ve been lucky enough to give back to our community through education, returning to the Foundation Workshop as staff, and for Bill, eventually as Executive Director. But let’s face it, photographers are a fun-loving, late-night carousing bunch, so we used any excuse to gather in the name of education. Bill eventually taught classes on SEO and experience design, and now runs The Art of Delight, a consultancy for small-business creatives.

At a glance...

* And yet amazingly we’re still happily married after nearly 14 years. Miracles do happen!

A on B...

Bill is unusually blind to any multi-legged home invaders when he’s the only one around, but at the slightest mention of our super secret code word (honeybun–don’t judge), he will peacefully dispatch them and their ilk back outdoors to live a long and prosperous life. It’s a better fate than having Callie the Cat deal with them. She thinks they’re toys exclusively for her.

He’s one of those odd people who will instinctively run toward an emergency. Thanks to his navy training, he has the presence of mind that, when I happen to be on fire (quite literally), he will calmly, but very decidedly put me out. Ask us about it over a beer sometime. Make that two.

When we’re photographing weddings, he understands light better than anyone I know. It’s so nice having a partner with whom I can share my strengths and learn on a near daily basis.

He’s as comfortable in a symphony hall as he is on the NASCAR track. A mite too comfortable, actually. He’s often so relaxed during a classical performance he’s liable to simply slip off to never never land (although if you ask him, he’ll maintain he’s just resting his eyes–uh huh). At least he stays reasonably engaged during a car race.

He has such a calm, easygoing demeanor in all situations (see said fire above), and is as kind and sweet as the day is long which makes it easy to want to work and play with him everyday.

B on A...

When photographers speak about “magic hour”, Anne’s mind turns to the hour before sunset, as the word “sunrise” doesn’t appear in her vocabulary. Other phrases she eschews include “alarm clock” and “getting up early”, although “breakfast in bed with iPad” is often a big hit and is prominent in her life’s tag cloud.

She’s one of the most thoughtful, considerate people I know. While I often get “caught up in life”, Anne habitually remembers virtually everything going on with all of our friends’ lives and stays in touch. Thank goodness, as if it were up to only me, people would think we were living in Hermitville.

She’s a fabulously creative baker. In the middle of wedding season, we’re so busy I have to wait for a friend’s birthday to get a slice of homemade cake. Would one of you please have another birthday? I’m a little overdue here.

Her photographic eye is without equal. She sees moments through objects, around them, images reflected in them, etc., that I would never see (although once in a while I’ll try to channel her). I’m pretty sure that if given the opportunity, she’d shoot everything layered in some other object to give the image that extra oomph.

She is open and honest, loving and caring, and our marriage is the most fulfilling experience of my life. I’d have it no other way.

Photos on this page courtesy of our friends Ben & Erin Chrisman.