20 Questions

No. 1What’s your style?
As the saying goes, “A picture is a thousand words” – it’s important to look at a body of work to see for yourself. Our goal is to unobtrusively, truthfully, and artfully document your wedding day. You’ll never hear us, ever in a meeeellion years, ask you to “do that again?”.

No. 2So what’s so special about having a husband-and-wife team?
We eat, breath, and sleep weddings. Well, ok, we also really like cake, so we suppose that also counts as eating. We’re both full-time wedding photographers, business owners, and equal partners. Most importantly, we’re both all yours. On your wedding day, Anne hangs with the girls for pre-wedding photos, while Bill covers the guys.

The rest of the day we shoot mostly autonomously, but we do coordinate to make sure you get full, complete coverage. That hilarious move your Aunt Linda made on the dance floor? Yeah, we’re on that.

No. 3How many wedding shoots do you do?
We give each pair of clients the attention, love, and care they deserve, but it varies from year to year. We’ll typically accept commissions for only one wedding in a weekend, and we’ll take periodic breaks throughout the year to catch our breath and reinvigorate our creativity.  A few days on the beach or a simple drive in the mountains will usually do the trick.

No. 4All you do is wedding photography? Don’t you get bored?
We often get the pleasure of photographing our former wedding clients and their budding families, but otherwise, weddings are our passion. We love shooting the unfamiliar. Or even the familiar in unfamiliar ways. Or perhaps the familiar in great light. We’re suckers for great light. And cake. Maybe cake is the reason we love weddings so much. Who’s to say?

No. 5How many megapixels is that camera?
This is analogous to the question “Film or digital?” but in the end does it matter? If it were a pinhole camera and it enabled us to do what we do, we’d use it. As long as you love the images we create for you, it matters not.

But for the curious, we’re currently shooting with Canon professional gear: EOS 1D Mark IV and 5D Mark III bodies, and 24mm f/1.4, 16-35 f/2.8, 15mm f/2.8 fisheye, 50mm f/1.2, 85mm f/1.2, 70-200mm f/2.8 lenses, plus a variety of speedlights and other gear here and there. Let’s just say when we travel for weddings, bellhops start salivating whenever they see us arriving. And yes, we carry backup equipment for everything.

No. 6Where do you find your inspiration? / What inspires you?
In short, a visit to a place unfamiliar to us and really cinematically interesting movies. Also, we push each other a lot. Since we edit our wedding photos together, we get to see what the other shot and how they shot it. We learn from our mistakes and always try to find a way to shoot something better or in a more compelling way. We’re firm believers in the adage that “You’re only as good as your last shoot.” So we are constantly striving to improve.

No. 7Do you offer wedding albums? Should I have one?
Yes and yes. Of course it’s important to have master digital copies of all of your wedding images, but there’s something about a hand-crafted album that lends itself to a special kind of sharing and permanence with your images. Our clients treat their wedding albums as family heirlooms. One couple even got a second one after their dog got overly excited with it (they now keep it on a higher shelf).

No. 8Do I own copyright of my wedding photos?
Practically speaking, they’re yours to do with what you want. If your collection includes copies of your master high-resolution files, you’ll have unlimited personal license to share, print, post, or copy your images–basically anything for personal use. And thank you in advance for using watermarked images (or supplying a photo credit) when posting on Pinterest, Facebook etc. Technically, we will always retain copyright of your images as we are the creators of the art.

No. 9Can I see a full wedding album, not just highlights?
Yes, of course! Want to see two? It’s one of the most important aspects of getting a match with your photographer. We’ll share at least one link to a complete wedding (every photo we delivered) similar in style to yours (except for those who have requested anonymity) so you can most easily get a feel for our style and what you can expect for your own wedding photography. Every one is different, as yours will be, but our approach is the same for each: to document each couple’s celebration truthfully and artfully.

No. 10How much time should I schedule for portraits?
Before your wedding we’ll send along a brief worksheet on which we have a set of suggested family groups. All you need to do is fill in everyone’s names and alert them that they should be present when the time is right. Typically, you should schedule 20 minutes for your families, 10-15 minutes for your wedding party, and at a minimum, a half-hour for the two of you. But let’s talk about your specific desires. These times may be more or less depending on your wants and needs.

No. 11Should we see each other prior to the ceremony?
Great question, and we’re happy to help you make a well-informed decision. Want to explore the pros and cons? Here’s an article we wrote on the topic. Generally speaking, we approve of the practice (we saw each other before too, so can speak to it personally) and find after witnessing it with a majority of our clients it’s a great way to start the day together.

No. 12My ceremony will be candlelit. Thoughts?
No problemo. We’ve got gobs of experience in dark churches, after dusk ceremonies, etc. and can still create great wedding photography for you. We’ll discuss your plans ahead of time and suggest ways to light your ceremony for maximum impact.

No. 13Should I get a planner?
Yes! A good planner is your wedding gift to yourselves. Even if you have a simple wedding. Even if you have an on-site coordinator. Even if your caterer can lend a hand. All of those people are better than having no one, but having a trusted wedding planner or professional coordinator who is dedicated solely to you and making sure that everything goes off without a hitch makes everything better. You’re less stressed and will enjoy your day more, which makes for better memories and, frankly, better photos. Who wants a picture of them with the stress of not knowing where their transportation is on their face? Not you, certainly. Remember you may or may not need full planning, and many planners offer partial or month-of planning packages. Talk with your photographer to see if having a planner is right for you. Oh wait, you already did, and they are. We’re happy to recommend professionals with whom we’ve worked over the years and have nothing but high praise for. Read more about why planners rock here.

No. 14Got a planner, check. How about hair & make-up trials?
This too, is a good idea. Make time for it, ladies, and your wedding day will be more enjoyable and stress-free. Want tips? Go get ’em…

No. 15My uncle’s a pretty enthusiastic photographer. Can he bring his camera?
Of course! The more the merrier. Every uncle we’ve seen has been incredibly courteous and understands you’re making an investment in your photography. Some uncles have become ad hoc assistants for the evening, but really, wouldn’t he rather be dancing? That seems like it’d be a lot of fun.

No. 16C’mon, who gets prints anymore? Can I just have only the files?
Of course you can! But envision this: You’re both seated on your comfy sofa in front of the fireplace, glasses of bubbly in hand to see your wedding images for the first time. You pass the prints back and forth, giggling over some moments and tearing up over others. Later on, maybe you’re pulling them out again to share your favorite moments of the day with your daughter. Tangible prints and albums are just a different experience than digital. It’s best to have both.

No. 17It’s hard being patient while you work your magic!
Many past clients have used Zen meditation to great success. But really, people, it’s only six weeks! And when we deliver your master images, they’re finished, all ready for you. None of this proof nonsense your parents endured.

No. 18What layer of our cake do we cut?
The bottom. We get asked this a lot, because we’re typically among those closest during cake cutting. And yes, a nice slice of it is very much appreciated, thank you. But you don’t need to feed us at cake cutting. That would be awkward.

No. 19Hey, why are there only 19 questions?
We kinda ran out! But ping us with those burning, burning questions of yours, and maybe we’ll add to the list.

Maya & Josh’s garden wedding