The Experience

Wedding album

Photos should be a part of your everyday life. They should be held, framed, hung, and displayed…

…not only on a screen.

They should fill your heart with warmth and memories…

…not clogging your hard drive.

Printed photos will always be passed down thorough your generations…

…not always through the latest technology.

Working with Us

Before Your Wedding


We're officially yours! Yay!

We offer recommendations for other talented pros to consider for your wedding.

T-3 months

We all discuss your day’s timeline, what’s important to you, and timeline logistics. Everyone walks away with a big “whew!”

T-2 months

We’re all about the preparation (so the wedding day goes off without a hitch), so we send you complete a teensy weensy little worksheet, asking you what family portraits you want and a few other details.

T-1 month

We work with your planner (you have one, right?) to finalize your timeline, dot all those i’s and cross all those t’s.

T-4 days

It’s battery-charging time! We clean and inspect all our gear, charge batteries, lay out our clothes, and start checking the weather forecast.

Your Wedding Day


It's a gorgeous day out

You awake and go for a run, meditate, or maybe get a massage. Either way, you’re getting married today!

Getting ready

We arrive a couple of hours before your ceremony with cameras in hand. Hugs all around; it’s good to see each other again! Anne’s with the gals while hair and make-up are finishing up, while Bill’s with the guys as they don the day’s attire and toast the groom. Everyone’s in the moment, ignoring the camera, having a great time.

You see each other privately

You share an intimate moment with one another before your ceremony, sloughing off the morning’s stresses and enjoying each other’s company in a rare moment alone today. We of course capture all this unobtrusively, out of the way. Depending on your timing, we might also do a few select fun and natural portraits with the two of you.

Gettin' hitched!

During your ceremony, while you’re both fully in the moment, we’re documenting all the moments big and small, with close-ups and scene-setters. No one sees us, except maybe your photo-enthusiast Uncle Bob, who’s curiously wondering what lens that is…

Your families gather for portraits

After your ceremony and sharing the moment with your families and wedding party, you all gather for a quick 20 minutes of group portraits. You already told us a month or two prior who was in which groupings, so it goes quickly and easily. Many couples will do some of all of their family portraits ahead of their wedding ceremony.

Cocktails and Dancing

During the rest of the evening’s festivities you’re unlikely to even know we’re around, yet we’re constantly taking pictures of you and your guests having a great time. Dancing is a particularly fruitful period for us, as we’re all over photographing your Aunt Betty with the awesome dance moves she brings out for every family celebration. Oh, and during cake cutting, you’ll want to cut the bottom layer, FYI.

Send-off and well-wishes

Your guests all wish you well as you depart for your honeymoon suite. Meanwhile, we’re making more backup copies of your wedding day (we already have installed backup images for every frame we take), and storing them off-site for additional protection.

After Your Wedding


First full day being married!

Whew! What a party. You wake and have breakfast in bed, or maybe out on the veranda, enjoying the morning sun. You’ve already packed for your honeymoon, so it’s relaxing, and you find it hard to balance sitting and enjoying each other’s company with hoping on that plane right now to start your new adventures together.

Editing and tweaking

While you’re off enjoying your honeymoon (send pics–we love seeing your adventures!), our work back in the office begins with image editing and tweaking. We’re side-by-side on our MacBook Pros going through our frames, telling the story of and highlighting all the best moments of your wedding day including many photos of your guests.

Image finishing

Each image is considered for color or B&W, and we pick the best finishing for each one. All your family portraits and most details will be in color, though. We’ll dodge and burn, adjust contrast, and even do subtle retouching to make everyone look their best. After all, we want you to have the best possible images reflecting all the joy you experienced on your wedding day. It makes for the best memories.

Printing and packing

Our professional lab prints out bordered 4×6 prints of each of the finished images, and we’re making digital copies to a USB drive of the master high-resolution images–the same ones from which we make your amazing prints. About six weeks after your wedding, we’re all done, and ship everything to you.

Your wedding images arrive!

You eagerly tear into the package containing your prints and files, pour yourselves two glasses of champagne, and plop down on the sofa about as close to one another as you can possibly be. Opening the custom-made silk-covered box, you see several hundred 4×6 prints all waiting to spark your memories of your wedding. Pulling each in chronological order and passing them back and forth, you laugh at all the shenanigans and realize just how much the day was a blur. You stay up well past your bedtime because you just don’t want to stop reliving all the moments we captured for you. It’s ok, your boss will understand tomorrow.