Your Legacy

We’re not your grandmother’s wedding photographer…
…we’re your granddaughter’s.

Sure, you could load your favorite wedding images onto your iPhone and leave them there, ready to show your friends whenever they’re around. But what happens later on when technology changes, adapters become obsolete (We’re lookin’ at you, Apple), and cloud storage changes?

Who among us stays on top of all those images we keep on our devices? Well, we’re actually pretty good at it, but we’re professionals. We’re far from Luddites, yet when we look at imagery, we like it on our walls, on our desks, and of course, in an album. It’s tangible, durable, beautiful, and holds reminders of all the great memories from our wedding in one spot.

Sure, it’s a gift for yourselves. But your album is really
a gift you give your children, your grandchildren, even your great-grandchildren…

Talk with us about how we can create a custom wedding album for you and your future generations.