Last week we were back up in Arlington to spend time with our resident cutie pie, Opal, and her mom and dad Heather and Brad. Frequent blog readers will remember Heather & Brad’s wedding back in 2004, and our prior to sessions with Opal shortly after she was born and then again a few months ago. It always amazes us how much kids grow in the short time between visits, and our time with Opal was no exception. She now has four teeth coming in (two on top and two on bottom), is very expressive, and just loves to hang out with mom and dad.

She changed clothes, with mom and dad’s help, and is currently at a stage where she’s diggin’ her belly button. Anytime she has good access to it, she’s poking and prodding and, well, just being a cutie-pie. It’s fun to watch. We then we all walked to the neighborhood park for some outdoor shots while playing on the swings and slides and whatnot. This is the last of the three sessions for Watch Me Grow, so we’re bummed about that, but will have to go back up periodically to see everyone anyway. We had a great time together!

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