A hearty congratulations go to Carrie & Ryan, who recently tied the knot at The Mill at Fine Creek, a gorgeous venue set into some remote woods west of Richmond. While it rained earlier in the day, effectively moving the ceremony from the lawn in front of the mill to the in-laid stone area adjacent to it, we couldn’t have asked for a nicer day for it. Ryan started off the festivities by delivering his wedding gift to Carrie, a beautiful diamond necklace, via their new puppy Steve for her. We loved it–the necklace and the picture of the puppy were the first things Carrie showed us when we arrived that afternoon.

We had met the couple as well as Carrie’s parents about a year ago at The Mill to talk about their ceremony and immediately fell in love with the entire family. They’re just so much fun and gracious, so we thought it apropos when Carrie told us her mom Pat would serve as both mother-of-the-bride as well as her maid-of-honor. She gave the most touching, tearful toast later that evening that everyone alternately laughing and wiping away tears. But first things first. We did some quick portraits individually with them and their wedding parties and was about ready to wrap up prior to the ceremony when the first of the busses carrying guests arrived early! We’ve never seen a bride run so fast, in Jimmy Choo heels no less.

Their pastor talked a lot about the characteristics of love during his homily in the ceremony, really getting the guests to think about their own relationships and setting the tone for Carrie & Ryan’s marriage. Afterwards we did a few more portraits with their families and entire wedding party out at the mill, plus a few of them, before the party started in earnest. Some weddings are very high energy, and some are slightly more subdued, and this was a high-energy wedding, with some crazy dances we captured along with David and Anwar from Blue Sky Films (we love these guys!) who were there to capture the motion and sound from the day. Al, of FloraCulture (those loyal blog readers will remember him from Alina & Justin’s wedding last October) set up elaborate table centerpieces for dinner, atop a lighted base that lit the flowers from the bottom at night. Alas though, the party had to end at some point, but the happy couple left amid enthusiastic family and friends blowing bubbles and throwing rose petals! This was our first spring wedding to kick off the season, and what a great way to do it. Thank you, Carrie & Ryan, for providing such great moments for us to capture! We had a great time with you all.

Now that Ryan’s seen Carrie in her dress, we can show a few from her bridal portrait session with us a couple of months ago (yes, it was quite cold! She was a real trooper getting outside for some of these). Can you figure out which one she chose for the framed portrait for display at the wedding?

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