Okay, so have we mentioned just how cool it is to see past wedding clients with their children? We documented Anne & Todd’s wedding back in fall of 2003 in Lynchburg, and even after they moved to Atlanta, Anne returned to Virginia with their toddler Grady to see family and of course get in a portrait session while he’s still just crawling. We met on the grounds of the University of Virginia and wandered around the historic parts of the school, looking for and finding great light and of course, great architecture. Grady couldn’t have been more curious, and happy to explore his environment and everything in it. He was such a delight (except for this one moment below where perhaps he wasn’t as happy) and generally content to just hang out and play with his toy and make googly eyes at his mom and grandma. It was wonderful, and I was glad to see them. Thanks, Anne, for making the trek! It was great seeing you again.

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