Now that Angela & Webster recently celebrated their wedding (more on that to come soon!), we can finally post images from Angela’s bridal session! We were like kids waiting for Santa to arrive with wanting to blog about her awesome session. Despite the heat, we all had a great time, and as you can see, Angela was just beaming that day.  We did the session in the beautiful garden at the home of Webster’s department chair, Dr. and Mrs. Jane. They and their family were so gracious, and afterwards we all sat down and chatted for a short while and sipped champagne to cool down. Angela’s mom Jill, was in town from Texas to help with some of the wedding planning, and helped too with the easy-going session. We have to give a shout out too, to the good folks at Farmington Country Club, who were happy to accommodate a rain plan and have us do the session there if need be. Thankfully the expected rain that afternoon never had the nerve to show up!

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