Maggie and Okan contacted us some time ago to document their wedding, and while sadly we were already booked on their date, they wrote us later to inquire about a day-after session at Maggie’s parents’ home in Northern Virginia where they originally had their wedding ceremony. It was so cool! They were relaxed and easy-going, and we spent a good bit of time just hanging out and workin’ it. They were the sweetest couple, and I really enjoyed the time spent with them. Thanks, you two, for the opportunity to shoot your portraits!

This first frame is where the two of them said their vows.

We loved shooting in the woods just outside her parents’ back yard. They had an antique cast iron white bench already on woods’ edge for periodic contemplation, so we moved it further in where the canopy created a dark environment, and sat them in it. A contrasty B&W image immediately came to mind with this, and of course the awesome subjects really made the image.

Inspired by an image Anne had captured a couple of years ago, we made our own twist on it to capture the innate intimacy between these two.

One of my favorite lenses is an 85mm f/1.2. When shot wide open, it creates beautiful bokkeh and is the perfect portrait lens. Our brides usually get this during a bridal portrait, with only their eyes and lips in focus, but this time Okan got the full open aperture treatment. Lookin’ good!

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