One of the reasons we love shooting at Keswick is the gorgeous views and  as it turns out, is one of the reasons Monica & Glenn chose this lovely locale here in Charlottesville for their recent wedding celebration. They’ve had a habit of choosing picturesque locations for important moments in their lives, as Glenn had proposed to Monica at nearby Barboursville Vineyards, the two wine enthusiasts’ favorite C’ville vineyard. This fun, spunky, and very effusive couple were up for anything following their ceremony, which had elements of humor as the slight afternoon breeze was sufficient to extinguish repeated attempts by their respective moms to light individual candles prior to the unity candle lighting, followed by their own attempts. Everyone laughed and clapped heartily when they at long last succeeded.

Monica had arranged for a beautiful monogrammed runner spread along the length of the ceremony site on the patio facing toward the gardens, infinity pool and the nearby woods, which offered amazing views to all. Monica’s mom also had a reading for the couple, and it was wonderful witnessing the endearing glances they gave each other throughout the ceremony.

Once we finished with their portraits, they were announced to their reception to an energetic series of high- and low-fives with their wedding party in Keswick’s ballroom. The ballroom looked stunning with some gorgeous table settings put together by the talented team at Floral Images. Monica and Glenn put on a great show for their guests with a first dance whose energy matched the mood of the day. It was so much fun! After some incredibly funny and heartfelt toasts by not just Monica’s maid-of-honor and Glenn’s best man, but his entire cadre of groomsmen, everyone got up and dancing, staying that way through the end of the evening. They and their guests were enjoying themselves so much, they redefined dancing as a contact sport! It was a blast for all involved, including us, and we were thrilled to be a part of the day. Thanks, Monica and Glenn, for having us out, and congratulations to you both!

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  1. Glenn

    Great Job!!! I cannot wait to view the rest of them.

  2. Jennifer White

    OMG, what an amazing sneak peek for my wedding coming up on the 8th! These are awesome!!!

  3. Monica

    I LOVE THEM…and this is only a sneak of what we are about to see, I can’t wait!!! Anne and Bill you are the BEST!! We are so happy to have had you be a part of and capture our special day.

  4. michelle degradf

    OMG these are amazing and you guys look so happy it’s incredible the shots are breath taking!

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