Congratulations to Alina & Justin, who married one year ago today at Justin’s mom’s house near Richmond. It was a beautiful affair to be sure, but the best part for Bill and I was seeing and feeling the love Alina and Justin have for each other. Their personally written vows are some we won’t soon forget. We wanted to celebrate their first anniversary with a few words from them about their favorite images from their wedding day. Congrats on your first anniversary as Mr. & Mrs. you two!

Alina’s:  The father-daughter dance was one of my favorite moments.  My father and I have not always had the easiest relationship, but during the wedding festivities we were both very open and tender with one another.

Justin’s:  I loved how after the ceremony, Alina switched to her Uggs and ran around with those under her big poofy wedding dress. It was so her.

Together favorite:

Justin: “This is so Alina”

Alina: “I was very nervous for the ceremony and have always found comfort in animals. Little Luna helped calm me down before one of the biggest moments of my life.”

We’ve always found it fun and interesting to learn what our clients’ favorite images are, not necessarily because of the content of the image, but because of the emotional connection they have with that moment in time. We are so honored to be a part of that connection.

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  1. Alina Pescini

    Just stumbled across this on the internet… My name is Alina and I am married to a Justin. A small world… but a good match! Hope these two are half as happy as ourselves 🙂
    From NZ.

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