It’s not often we get requests for senior portraits, as most of our portrait work is with babies and little children. But it was a delight to work with Margot, who is in her senior year up in Northern Virginia. We all met up locally at the Clifton Inn for a relaxing afternoon and finding great color with the fall leaves as well as wonderful light. We really couldn’t have asked for a better afternoon. Margot, a serious Washington Capitals hockey fan, was eager too to get a few shots with her favorite jersey, so of course we had to oblige. Here are, of course, a few faves from the session.






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  1. Yeah!! We’ve been so excited to see the photos of our great afternoon with you last month! We love the shots — the Hockey Girl one, of course, is the favorite so far! Janet, Scott and Margot

  2. Love ya, Margot! Good to see the pics.

    Uncle Bo

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