It’s been the season for great light and wonderful moments! Like Amy & Erik’s wedding about which we just blogged below, I had some wonderful afternoon sunlight with which to do the third portrait session with James and Claire. The twins are now walking and gurgling and making all sorts of cute moves (and sounds). We all met up at Carter Mountain, where families for years have converged to pick peaches, apples, and pumpkins while in-season. Fall is especially popular for the farm’s warm, fresh apple cider and their apple donuts which, when served warm, are unrivaled. We played and explored in one of the nearby peach groves for a bit before returning up the hill to explore the pumpkins which compared in size to James and Claire themselves. To warm ourselves from the cool fall temperatures and blustery wind, we retreated to the barn for a quick donut treat. Yum! It was so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to see the twins grow over the year and love seeing them so playful and their personalities really starting to shine through. Thank you, Lacy & Josh, for bringing your family out for the session! It was great spending the afternoon with  you.













Here’s the view from the barn of Charlottesville down in the valley.


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  1. Lovely autumnal photos! I went back to look at the twins’ second portrait session and wow, they have grown so much!

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