It’s with very heavy hearts that we write today and let you know of our dear cat, Maggie’s passing. Although she was 14, it was still very sudden and unexpected. It was less than two weeks ago we took her to the vet to check on her lessened, but typically voracious appetite. We believe in the end she suffered from some form of bone marrow disease.

After long days in the office and frequent out of town travel for work, Maggie’s favorite time of day with us was the evening. She would often jump up on the couch and perch on the back of the headrest while we watched TV. But the highlight of the evening was when we’d be getting ready for bed. While brushing our teeth, she’s get under the bed and bat her paw at us from behind the bed skirt as we walked by. Then one of us would proceed to bat back and this back and forth game could continue for several minutes. It was always such a joy to go to bed laughing and with a big smile on our faces. As for her, we never knew for sure, but we suspected she was having a good time as well. You know how cats can be.

We will certainly miss her but hold dear the memories we do have of her.

Here she is, a photo Bill took a few days ago under our not-yet-decorated Christmas tree…


Another one from many years ago, that Anne took of her when she was about two.


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