We’ve gotten such lovely and kind feedback on our recent holiday card, that we thought we’d share a few more of our favorite images from our fun photo shoot with Katrina Wallace and Andrew Mejia of Sedona Bride.

Back in the Spring of last year, we traded portrait sessions with Andrew and Katrina and we photographed them and their adorable son, Kaiden,  in their venue of choice – a cool old laundromat! (Photos from their session follow below.) Our venue of choice was the gorgeous Red Rocks of Sedona and they were kind enough to honor our request to do a shoot where they are always shooting!

We stopped briefly at Tlaquepaque, a beautiful little shopping area modeled after a Mexican village, which is also a popular spot for weddings, but soon headed out to the main attraction: the stunning red rocks! We had so much fun walking around in our bare feet and pretending to be sexy models for them. It’s always a bit uncomfortable for us (read: me, Anne) to be in front of the lens, but Katrina and Andrew made us feel incredibly at ease and their amazing images make us feel like we were sexy models! We had so much fun with them – it was often hard to keep a straight face, hence lots of great laughing shots!

Thank you, Katrina and Andrew for your amazing talent, but also your warm and generous friendship. We are so blessed to be able to call you friends and we can’t wait to see you again soon!











And a few of our favorites from our fun session with the three of them!








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  1. Beatiful couples and beautiful imagery.

  2. These are great and it looks like you guys had so much fun together. Love the one of Kaiden in the dryer! Hope to see you soon!

  3. Really, thanks to you two for taking time out of your road trip to stop here in lousy old Sedona and hang with us! 😛

    Really, we couldn’t be more honored to call you friends! We love you two!


    ps> you’re next!

  4. Nice, I do love the old laundry. How cute!

  5. omg – love the laundomat ones!!! but especially the 3rd one! :)))

  6. What a sweet post…you all are truly beautiful…inside and out!!! and I am loving the laundrymat images…to cute!

  7. Great session. These ones in the laundry are my favorite. Congrats for the ISPW contest!

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