We finished up 2008 with one of the most emotionally rewarding weddings we’ve ever been witness to. Lora and Eric were married locally at the beautiful Clifton Inn on a cool Sunday afternoon just after Christmas. Longtime friends of Holland Photo Arts might recognize Eric as our former associate shooter! He started out with us as a production guru in 2005 before beginning to assist us at weddings and eventually shoot some of ours as an associate for a year in 2007 before branching out on his own as Eric Kelley Photography. While he was with us, he and Lora began dating, and it was clear even then that something really special was going on between the two, and while we’re lucky enough to see incredible loved shared between couples on their wedding day, it’s rare to see it shared with such intensity, intimacy and faith.

On the wedding day, while Lora was having her hair done in the lovely Carriage House, Eric and his groomsmen and ushers sauntered down the gravel path toward the outdoor hot tub for a quick dip before getting ready for the day’s festivities. Of course they couldn’t help jumping first into the frigid waters of the adjacent pool for what seemed like milliseconds to me and probably hours to them before immediately heading into the enveloping waters of the hot tub. The couple chose to see each other before the ceremony to share some private moments and to invite their entire wedding party down to the city’s Downtown Mall and follow-up at Farmington Country Club for some fun group portraits while it was still light out. While the skies were gray and rain threatened, mere drops fell and it certainly wasn’t enough to dampen the spirits of the couple who couldn’t wipe away the smiles on their faces.

They celebrated their commitment to each other at their spacious church, Trinity Presbyterian, along with a great number of their close friends and family members. The kids involved all had their own things going on before and during the ceremony, which was amusing to watch. And anyone who has ever doubted the intensity of  watching one’s bride walk down the aisle after already seeing her, need only see Eric’s reaction as she approached, who had to take a moment before taking it all in. The entire congregation enthusiastically sang hymns and listened to their pastor’s detailed and heartfelt homily before applauding as they recessed. All then returned back to the inn for drinks and dinner followed by some crazy dancing to the tunes of Class Act Band. The transparent tent on the back terrace enabled guests to watch twilight change the sky’s colors as it darkened and the hanging lanterns helped add ambiance to the patio. Everything was decorated just so by none other than Pat’s Floral Designs of course, and we were thrilled to once again be working with Jessica from The Event Company. She has a knack for keeping things running smoothly and even when they don’t, no one ever knows (even us!) because she’s that on top of it. It’s difficult putting into words what we witnessed that day, so we’ll just have to refer you to the images (and a special slide show for one of our favorite couples) below. We just couldn’t narrow our favorites down anymore! Thank you, Eric & Lora, for entrusting us to document your wedding celebration for you. We could not have been more thrilled or honored and we hope you absolutely adore your photos.









































Want more? Why not? Watch a Quicktime slideshow of our favorite moments from Lora & Eric’s wedding!

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  2. Tammy Keefer

    I completely understand how emotionally rewarding photographing a friend’s wedding can be. This past May, Jason and I photographed our best friends getting married.

    These images look absolutely amazing! Eric and Lora are a beautiful couple, and they are so fortunate to have such talented photographers embed their most happiest day. Oh, I had a good laugh at the photo of Aaron running alongside with the guys by the hot tub! Oh, happiness!

  3. Kate Triano

    OH MY GOSH!! These photos are amazing! The one of her praying, it is so moving! You guys rocked it as always!!

  4. Miranda

    What an equisite wedding this looks like….. Absolutely beautiful. Thanks for posting the slideshow!!!!

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  6. Lora

    Such a gift, thank you again and again. xoxo

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