Next up in our series of four baby portraits this spring is from our dear friends Marcy and Barrett, who married in 2005 down in Lynchburg. Their little boy Trent, just a tiny little one so far, had big expressions the day I visited for his first portrait in their Watch Me Grow series. Look at this space in about four months for the next series of images, when he’s more mobile and can easily crawl away from Mr. Nice Photographer Guy. But first, thank you Marcy and Barrett, for having me out that afternoon! I really enjoyed seeing you both again and look forward to the next visit!








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  1. Thank you so much for the sneak peek! We enjoyed seeing the pictures – they turned out great! I can’t wait to see the rest! The photoshoot was so much fun – it was a blast seeing what a ham Trent was with you! We’re looking forward to our summer session!

  2. That Trent is certainly a cutie. I love the photo where he is sitting on the blanket looking away 🙂 Too Cute

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