Trips to the park with kids are so therapeutic! Such was the activity we had with Natalie, Allison and Tim’s little girl, when I went to visit for the second session of their Watch Me Grow series. She’s very nearly walking on her own already, so next time you see images of her in this space, she’ll be taking me by the hand and showing me around her new digs in the back yard (a sneak peek below). Despite the clouds that day, everyone had a great time, mostly chasing after Natalie (she can scoot and crawl like nobody’s business–if there was a baby crawling race she’d win!) before wrapping up and heading back home to greet her grandparents, (Allison’s mom and dad) who came out to celebrate the second of her two birthday celebrations. Now that’s how you do it–who wants just one birthday party when you can have two? Such fun.

Also a short note that their cutie-pie dog Scout has been in the animal hospital on a couple of occasions recently and is thankfully home and recovering. We wish you guys all the best and Scout a speedy recovery!








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  1. Fabulous photos — so full of life!

  2. Love these first few photos and can’t wait to see the rest. You got some great smiles!

    Also wanted to pass along that Scout is doing MUCH better these days. We’re super happy to have her home and healthy. 🙂

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